[[caption-width-right:350:Superheroines with a sense of fashion...]]
''[[http://m9girls.com/webcomic/en/about/ M9 Girls!]]'' is a webcomic by Rulopótamo, first drawn by Kanela and later by Séreméla.

The M9 Girls are Any, Pato, Claudia, and Karla. They are a team of college researchers who gain the ability to tap into the primordial power of the universe and become endowed with superpowers as a result. The current story arc is the [[SuperHeroOrigin origin story]], with the girls discovering the implications of their transformation. Although the girls dress up in attires closer to MagicalGirl looks, their story is more of a SuperHero one with MadScience overtones. The comic has been updating since 2011.

!This comic provides examples of:
* AfraidOfNeedles: Pato apparently hates getting shots.
* {{Animesque}}: Both the story and the art are Manga-influenced.
* ArtEvolution: Séreméla is the artist as of Chapter 5.
* ArtShift: Artist Kanela was fond of using [[SuperDeformed chibi]] versions of the characters for reaction panels, in contrast to her more realistic manga style. Artist Séreméla goes back and fort between a semi-realistic approach and a classic manga look.
* BareYourMidriff: Any's costume reveals her slender midriff.
* BodyHorror: The cyborgs look like a cross between robots, zombies, and torture victims.
* BlatantLies: Vero's excuses when she's caught sneaking into the lab are...less than convincing.
* BrokenPedestal: All of the girls are pretty disillusioned by [[spoiler: the Prof]] at this point, though the revelation hits a particular emotional nerve for Any, considering her obvious admiration of him early on.
* CheekyMouth: Frequently.
* ColorCharacter: All the M9 Girls hero names.
* CrossOver: Several, particularly members of Website/WebcomicUnderdogs. To date the girls have met Webcomic/TheDemonArchives, Webcomic/PrincessChroma, Webcomic/RubyNation, Webcomic/{{Cesium}} and Webcomic/GroovyKinda among others.
* CrucifiedHeroShot: When Any is given her second dose of radiation, the platform she’s on strongly resembles a cross.
* CurseCutShort: Pato, when she realizes she possesses absorbent powers.
* DramaticIrony: Vero is laughed at for thinking the lab is involved in some kind of conspiracy. [[spoiler: And it is.]]
* ElementalPowers: The abilities that the M9 Girls possess seem to be connected to the universe's own inherent power.
* EverythingsBetterWithSparkles: Karla can produce colorful sparkles.

* FormFittingWardrobe: Blame Karla. [[quoteright:350:http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/costumepinupsmall_5394.jpg]]
[[caption-width-right:350:...you can't deny they look the part.]]
* FourGirlEnsemble: Obviously. Any is the quiet one and TeamMom, Pato is the DeadpanSnarker, Clau is the GenkiGirl and Karla is the sexy and [[ObfuscatingStupidity not so dumb]] one.
* FourTemperamentEnsemble: Any is melancholic, Pato is phlegmatic, Clau is sanguine, and Karla is choleric.
* GenkiGirl: Clau is the most energetic of the four, though Pato is also very plucky.
* GotVolunteered: Pato gets shoved to the front of the line for radiation treatment, despite her marked reluctance to go.
* HalloweenCosplay: Bubbly Clau did it for the [[http://m9girls.com/webcomic/en/2014/10/30/happy-halloween-2014/ 2014 edition]].
** Doubling as a CosplayFanArt when the Girls donned [[http://m9girls.com/webcomic/en/2013/10/30/happy-halloween/ high school uniforms]] to dress-up as the ''Webcomic/DoodlingAround'' cast.
** ... while the ''Webcomic/VaticanAssassins'' dressed-up as [[http://www.vaticanassassinscomic.com/vatican-assassins/the-fantastic-v-9-girls-halloween-2013/ the Girls]] for the same event.
* HowDoIShotWeb: The third chapter has the girls experimenting with their powers, and the fourth chapter features a training sequence under Professor T.X.
* IdenticalPanelGag: Every now and then. For example, [[http://m9girls.com/webcomic/en/2012/07/08/busted/ this page]] depicts how exciting is the actual work at a genetics lab, and [[http://m9girls.com/webcomic/en/2013/10/20/time-in-a-bottle/ this page]] uses it to convey Any's [[TimeMaster time-freezing]] powers.
* InSeriesNickname: All of the girls are known by their shortened nicknames.
* KnewItAllAlong: Vero thinks the girls are part of a conspiracy. [[spoiler: She finds out she's right]].
* LEGOGenetics: A combination of this and radiation are what give the M9 Girls their powers.
* LuminescentBlush: Any blushes quite a bit around the professor early on.
* MadScientist: [[spoiler: Professor T.X.]] does not seem to have problems with a complete lack of research ethics for human experimentation.
* MagicalGirl: The M9 Girls are the mad science-version of the trope.
* ManipulativeBastard: [[spoiler: Professor T.X.]] uses his [[spoiler: ridiculously good looks]] to manipulate Any, Pato, Claudia, and Karla into becoming subjects for his mad experiments.
* MindOverMatter: Claudia is a telekinetic.
* MiniDressOfPower: Lampshaded. Karla reasons that, since they are becoming super heroines, they should all wear pretty costumes.
* MySignificanceSenseIsTingling: Any realizes that she is able to read minds and becomes disappointed in her choice of crushes.
* NervesOfSteel: Purple Space is the first to act when a threat comes up. Just don't give her [[FearOfNeedles a shot]].
* NinjaPirateRobotZombie: The cyborgs have a little of everything in their design, not always for the better.
* OnlyKnownByTheirNickName: Professor T.X.
* OperaGloves: All girls wear gloves, though probably Any qualifies better.
* PowerGlows: Using cosmic powers results in a purple aura.
* QuirkyCurls: Pato, the most contrary of the group.
* RageAgainstTheMentor: The Prof may be the one who gave them their powers and started them out learning to use them, but Pato did not take kindly to finding out [[spoiler: they were being used as counterweapons all along]] and has no qualms about calling him out on it.
* ShyFingerTwiddling: Karla does this when the Professor points out the unaccounted expense on the costumes she has made for the Girls.
* SourSupporter: Pato is the least enthusiastic member of the group. She’s also prone to teasing from the others as a result.
* SpandexLatexOrLeather: Technically, [[http://m9girls.com/webcomic/en/2013/08/26/went-too-far/ "an unaccounted expense on high-resistance polymer fibers"]]
* SpeechBubbles: Each character gets a different font in the early chapters. Apparently the authors got tired of keeping track of the fonts, because they have dropped it in later chapters.
* SuperHeroOrigin: The webcomic itself is an origin story.
* TimeMaster: Any can create a bubble inside of which time is slowed down.
* TheEmpath: Any's other main power.
* TomboyAndGirlyGirl: Vero and Karla.
* TranslationConvention: The M9 Girls actually speak Spanish. The English version of the comic is there only for readers' convenience.
* WillTheyOrWontThey: Any and Professor T.X.