[[http://www.thelaserfeet.com/ Laser Feet]], the "Modern Perambulation Solution" is a weekly webcomic created by one Carefree J. “Disco Al” Shadow, Esq. Features include: puns, eyebrows, bears, cheese, puns, explosions, monocles, puns, etheric-ray feet, and bad puns. It updates fridays, except when it doesn't.

It may also (if the author's claims are true) deodorise one's dog.

!!Laser Feet contains examples of:
* AbsurdityAscendant: Most things happen without reason: Faces explode, people go to pieces, signal drums are employed, and one man [[http://www.thelaserfeet.com/comic/009/ eats cheese]].
* AntiquatedLinguistics: The Amazing Dr. Carefree's [[http://www.thelaserfeet.com/comic/010/ Etheric-Ray Feet]]
* AuthorGuestSpot: He has the tituar laser feet, but mainly uses them for getting around.
* BearsAreBadNews: The test pattern that is comic number 3.
* ButWaitTheresMore: The about page is written as an infomercial, and includes the line "but that's not all!"
* DadaComics
* DontAsk: [[http://www.thelaserfeet.com/comic/017/ ...Yes]]
* IncrediblyLamePun: These appear regularly.
* LazyArtist: According to the creator, one of his flaws is that he "can't draw."
* MeditationPowerup: In comic [[http://www.thelaserfeet.com/comic/005/ number five]].
* RuleOfFunny
* UnreadableDisclaimer: On the about page - "Terms and conditions liable to sudden, inexplicable, possibly illogical change." (Among other things).
-->May cause spontaneous combustion in lab rats.