[[quoteright:200:[[caption-width:200:Nadia, on entering the "inbetween" world.]]]]
->''"Riiiight. I tripped. Hit my head. And fell into a Disney movie."''

''[[http://www.kukuburi.com/ Kukuburi]]'' is a {{Webcomic}} by Ramón Pérez. It follows Nadia, a spiky-haired, goggles-wearing, scooter-riding delivery girl whose life is disrupted one day when she steps through the white picket gate and ends up somewhere else, "inbetween", in a bizarre, surreal world of a child's imagination -- playful at first, but soon turning into not just dream but nightmare. Danger and wonder lurk around every corner.

The comic has been on a long hiatus with occasional updates.
!!This work displays examples of:
%%* BareYourMidriff: Nadia.
* DemBones: The entity known as "Him" [[spoiler: until Nadia names him Mr. Bones]] is a skeleton in a black suit with red shirt and accessories, and red square glasses. He denies being the GrimReaper when she calls him that.
* GogglesDoNothing: Averted; Nadia uses her goggles when riding her scooter, and since she ends up in the other world while on a delivery run, it makes sense that she's wearing them.
%%* HartmanHips: Nadia, clearly.
%%* RebusBubble
%%* ScheduleSlip
%%* ShoutOut: To Film/BillandTedsBogusJourney.
* SpaceWhale: Or air-whale, at least, including the battleship whale ''La Brigade du Chapeau'' ride to rescue Nadia from "Him".
* SurrealHorror: Half the time, surreal wonder the other half.
* TalkingAnimal: In the "inbetween" surreal world, most animals talk, including animals brought from our world; Nadia's pet chameleon, Mister Bojangles, talks to her immediately. In a stuffy British accent, no less.
* TheUnintelligible: Zomgz speaks in electronics symbols, but doesn't have trouble being understood.