''[[http://kirbysadventure.smackjeeves.com/ Kirby Adventure]]'' is a ''{{Kirby}}'' SpriteComic on SmackJeeves about Kirby and his squad, a unit of the Kirby Adventure Squad, as they solve various tasks from the residents of Dreamland, while occasionally meeting an angry ex-member of the KAS named Talzo, and many other strange villains along the way.

!!Tropes that appear in this work:
* ArtShift: The third-to-last panel of the finale of "Jetting Across The Ice" shifts to drawn artwork.
* BloodKnight: Kaxo.
* BreakingTheFourthWall: Shat'l has done this, once to allow the readers a look in on Shadik's thoughts. [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment This never happens again.]]
* TheChick: Hali.
* ColourCodedCharacters: And thank god for it, most of the characters are based on kirby PaletteSwap options, though even the more unique characters have their own colours as well.
* CrossOver: Kirby's Dream Adventure, another popular ''{{Kirby}}'' SpriteComic on SmackJeeves, and Kirby Adventure. Notable in that the crossover happened in both comics at the same time. There's another one going on right now, this time with the comic "20 Times Kirby," which is done in the same fashion.
* TheDragon: Talzo, though he initially appeared to be the BigBad.
* TheDitz: Caiya (half of the time).
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The first two segments ("The First Mission" and "Unaverage Days for Unaverage Puffs") are chock-full of it, with King Dedede making a very brief appearance in "First Mission," (no bosses from the Kirby games make any appearances later, though a few mini-bosses do) and "Unaverage Days" being full of bizarre gags that are rarely, if ever, brought up again.
* EpicFail: Vezo and Fanhal get into this every now and then. In "Jetting Across the Ice," Vezo backed off a cliff. ''TWICE.'' In [[CrossOver "For Dream Adventures",]] Fanhal ends up planting [[DemonicSpiders Rosies]] instead of the Mega Tomato, resulting in him ending up in the hospital room with severe mental scarring.
* TheHero: Kirby.
* KillItWithFire: [[SociopathicHero Kaxo's]] preferred method for dealing with... well, anything.
* TheMedic: Saia.
* MysteriousPast: Vezo. So far, we've met two Gims from his past. [[spoiler: One of them currently works for the bad guys, and does not remember him.]]
* OriginalCharacter: Quite a few; Fusion Kirby, Jarkes, Falcon Pawnch, Ignus Unis, Jet, Satomi, Gigi, and Kiblar (some not made completely for comic) appear in the comic. Author appears as Ultimate Kirby.i
** Technically, most of the characters are {{Original Character}}s. The above characters are characters submitted by the fans as minor characters that show up at different points, either as clients for the KAS (Jet, Falcon Pawnch, Jarkes, Kiblar), or minor villains (Fusion Kirby, Ignus Unis). Two of them (Satomi, Gigi) are instead minor characters who got in due to winning an art contest.
* PosthumousCharacter: [[spoiler: Keeby, after saving Kirby's life]].
* PyroManiac: Kaxo.
* PointyHairedBoss: Fanhal.
* ScheduleSlip: The comic had this at the beginning of 2012, due to the author losing Photoshop after getting a new computer. It continued once he got it back.
* ShoutOut:
* TheSmartGuy: Shat'l and Caiya (half the time).
* TagalongKid: Vezo.
* TheVoiceless: Shadik.