[[caption-width-right:300:These four things make the world go round.]]

[-"Move in day at Bosley Hall. Pandemonium reigns."-] \\
[- -A caption from the [[NewFirstComics first comic]]-]

''Khatru'' began in April 2008 and stopped in March 2013. It is set in an American college administration building that has been converted into student housing. The 16 residents of Bosley Hall House 4 have the dubious honor of living in the building's basement. A lot of strange people live in House 4, or "The Hidden House" as they call it, and this comic is the chronicle of their stories.

It can be seen [[http://www.shastrix.com/khatru/index.php here]].

This webcomic has a [[Characters/{{Khatru}} list of characters.]] It has nothing to do with the Music/{{Yes}} song Siberian Khatru besides the name, which sounded like a good Webcomic Nonsense Title.

Khatru also features occasional BSideComics and FillerStrips. These take the form of random DadaComics (Real and True Adventures of Driving Through Wisconsin One Time) and CutAndPasteComic (the upcoming Gordon Knot strips).

!!This [[LifeEmbellished comic]] provides examples of:
* AbandonedInfoPage - On the comic's original hosting only.
* AlienAbduction - Ranger believes he was abducted when he was younger. The drive for the truth is what motivates him to this day.
* AllLoveIsUnrequited - Evidently, Lindsey has a thing for [[http://www.shastrix.com/khatru/index.php?comic=74 Ross]].
* AllThereInTheManual - Character background information is hidden on the Cast Page of the new site the creator is building.
* ArtEvolution - It's getting better. More or less.
* ArtShift - Occasionally used to do visual gags, like [[http://www.shastrix.com/khatru/index.php?comic=81 stained glass shots]].
* AuthorGuestSpot - On the strip's One Year Anniversary special.
* BSideComics - One comic (''Khatru Gaiden'') and a series of text pages.
* ChildProdigy - Kira was one of these when she was younger. She stabilized into her current status as OmnidisciplinaryScientist.
* {{Determinator}} - [=McKaela=] in high school, while attempting to become a member of a NebulousEvilOrganization. Unfortunately it ends up with her almost becoming a {{Stripperiffic}} VirginSacrifice for them, until she mysteriously obtains magic powers, and [[OffWithHisHead decapitates]] them all.
* DisproportionateRetribution - After being slighted, Gwendolyn vows to ruin Ross and Ranger.
* TheFettered - Kira was ok with pure research. When she discovered her think tank was involved with sinister CloakAndDagger activities, she wanted to blow the whistle. Unfortunately [[UsefulNotes/JimmyCarter a certain signature]] granted the them ProtectionFromEditors.
* FillerStrips - The creator doesn't do these as often anymore.
* FiveManBand
** TheHero - Flynn
** TheLancer - Ranger
** TheSmartGuy - Kira
** TheBigGuy - [=McKaela=] (nebulous magical powers? Sounds big to me)
** TheChick - Ross, a minor character that almost made it into the major leagues.
* LifeEmbellished
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters - Four main characters, twelve (and counting) minor ones.
* Muggles - Half the cast.
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent - Half the cast, except that they're in college.
* RealPlaceBackground - Minneapolis, MN [[http://www.shastrix.com/khatru/index.php?comic=66 apparently]]
* ShoutOut -
** ''Webcomic/ItsWalky''. A [[http://www.shastrix.com/khatru/index.php?comic=34 couple]] [[http://www.shastrix.com/khatru/index.php?comic=91 times.]]
** Kira's three mentors are [[{{Expy}} expies]] of Series/{{House}}, [[Series/GreysAnatomy Mc Steamy]] and [[Series/{{Scrubs}} Dr. Cox]]
** ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' - Apparently, [=McKaela=] was something of a fighter of the good fight in her high school days.
** Gwendolyn shows a film version of [[ComicBook/ChickTracts Jack Chick]]'s "Dark Dungeons". The cast is suitably [[TakeThat horrified]] at having to watch it. Interesting enough this is being [[defictionalized defictionalized]] as [[http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/295102457/rpgs-are-evil-dark-dungeons-the-movie "Dark Dungeons: The Movie!"]] is currently being made. Debbie ends up summoning Cthulhu by playing too much D&D and in the end she defeats him through the power of prayer.
** Kira's origin story references all sorts of [[CloakAndDagger dirty laundry.]] Some of them are real CIA programs, and some were made up by the author. [[ParanoiaFuel Probably...]]
* SnarkyNonHumanSidekick - Averted, with the Magical Chicken.
* SocialServicesDoesNotExist - Averted with Flynn's unpleasant childhood in the foster system.
* StoryArc - Most are divided in half but each leads into the next.
** 1. Intro - Some characters are introduced, but mostly this was a pitch to the webcomic hosting site.
** 2. House Meeting/Spooky Room - As college students, the characters have to sit through an abominable meetings where everybody has to introduce themselves. Ranger wanders off and runs into some trouble in the Spooky Room.
** 3. For Science!/[=FrankenRanger=] - Kira talks Ranger into testing a new gizmo, and things go a little bit wrong.
** 4. Gwendolyn Rising - House 4's resident [[ObstructiveBureaucrat]] moves to consolidate her power.
** 5. Come Clean - [[{{Flashback}} Flashbacks]] tell the story of the Main Four's early lives.
** 6. Laundry Quest - The B-Team fights Gwendolyn for control of a valuable House 4 resource.
* ThereAreNoAdults - In the cast, at least.
* TheOmniscientCouncilOfVagueness - [=McKaela=] dealt with one of these in her high school days, which resulted in her obtaining magic powers.
* WackyCollege
* WebcomicTime, ScheduleSlip: The Headless Ranger storyline, for example, took from January 9 through December 7, 2009 (real time) to finish producing.
* WorldOfWeirdness - So, [[LanguageOfMagic magic]] is real, as is [[OmnidisciplinaryScientist super-science]], a guy [[HealingFactor can't die]], and another guy [[PlayingWithFire controls fire]]. Not to mention the mysteriously blocked off room at the end of the hall, and the [[OurGhostsAreDifferent pirate ghosts]].
* [=Youngsters=] - We've seen the four main character's early lives:
** Flynn was a DirtyKid from fighting TheBully (s), and a FosterKid.
** Ranger was a MrImagination when it came to astronomy.
** [=McKaela=] was a CheerfulChild until she got to HighSchool and turned into a {{Goth}}.
** Kira was a super smart ChildProdigy.