''[[http://www.wearethelayabouts.com/sites/john/ John]]'' is an MSPaint StickFigureComic by Jack Saint. It tells the story of a stick figure [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin named John]] who has disturbingly inane adventures with his [[HeterosexualLifePartner friend Larry.]] Whilst appearing occasionally to resemble a SliceOfLife comic, it then decides to throw in a [[CoolPet pet]] dinosaur named [[WeNamedTheMonkeyJack John Jr]]. Keep in mind that totally makes sense because in the previous chapter John was suffering from Heroin Withdrawal and [[SlidingScaleOfRealisticVersusFantastic had halucinations]] that another pal of his, [[TheSmartGuy Reggie]] built a time machine and they changed time and became Dinosaurs, but it was of course [[AllJustADream all just a withdrawal-induced dream]].
!!This webcomic provides examples of:
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs - The Recovering Dinosaur chapter. Keep in mind it's all a dream. Well unless you count the pet Dinosaur.
* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood - Well his mom is a hooker, and his Dad is [[TooDumbToLive kinda special]], so I guess John had it pretty rough. He's also a failed abortion.
* TheSmartGuy - Reggie.
* HeterosexualLifePartner - John/Larry, Reggie/Kevin, Alec/Ralph
* TooDumbToLive - An accurate description for most John characters, most notably John, Kevin, John's Dad and Doctors A & B
* CoolPet - John Jr
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin - It is about a guy called John.