[[http://www.inktank-studios.com/ [=InkTank=]]] is the blog/webcomics site of ex-{{Creator/Sierra}} cartoonist Barry T. Smith. [=InkTank=] is also the name of the current (since 2008-04-01) webcomic on this site.

Former strips hosted at this site are:
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* ''Angst Technology'' (2000/08/282005/06/20), the goings-on at a software company.
* ''Weak-End Warriors'', concerning Pollock's Ranch, a paintball field.
* ''Sorry We're Open'' about The Citadel, a comics/gamers' store.

All four of these strips [[WordOfGod take place in the same "Inkyverse"]].

Smith has sometimes been offered money for the domain (by ink-cartridge suppliers, of course), but he's not selling.

!![=InkTank=] contains examples of:
* AuthorAvatar: Barry appears in the strip as a fictionalised version of himself.
* KlatchianCoffee: Dante's tipple.
* LastNameBasis: With the exceptions of head programmer Dante Mengotto, and [[strike:hacker]] security expert Salvadore Dali Llama (a literal llama who hasn't yet appeared in the present strip), we only know characters by one name. Dante's wife is known to us only as "Mrs. Mengotto", most of the characters on a first-name basis only, and Webmonkey and the IT Ninjas appear to be anonymous (as far as we're concerned anyway).
* MeaningfulName: See under "Web Comics" on that trope's page. Some of these may be accidental; there has been much speculation in the [=InkTank=] forums that Yaz (the contraceptive) may have been named after the character.
* SeriesHiatus: Seemed to go on one largely unannounced for a time, the strip's page being replaced by a badly-spaced graphic of the tech ninjas peeking out at the viewer. The site now asks for a username and password, indicating it's been abandoned.
** The site is back at [[http://www.inktank-studios.com InkTank Studios]].