[[caption-width-right:335:Crime pays.]]

''[[http://www.brendanmcginley.com/heist/heist-plus-ultra-1-homeland-insecurity/ Heist]]'', a webcomic by [[http://www.brendanmcginley.com/about/ Brendan McGinley]], is the story of the world's greatest (and thus [[PhantomThief least known]]) super-criminal. Geist (real name unknown) is a hedonistic yet professional PhantomThief whose only confidant is Jin, a sapient magic ring with the power to make him a living ghost: Invisible. Intangible. [[GameBreaker Unstoppable]].

And bored out of his mind.

[[BeCarefulWhatYouWishFor Fortunately]], he’s hired for the most challenging crime ever: to break into the SpaceStation headquarters of the most powerful SuperTeam on his earth and steal an [[TheOmnipotent omnipotence]]-granting artifact known as The Halo. HilarityEnsues.

[=#=]1 "Homeland Insecurity" can be found in a more bandwidth-friendly format [[http://www.brendanmcginley.com/%20/comic/heist-comic/plus-ultra/1-homeland-insecurity/ here]].

!!Tropes used:

* BigBrotherIsWatching: Patriot and Pax Americana were about to implement this in the first three pages of #1 with a device called the Omnoculus. Geist stole it of course.
* TheCape[=/=]CaptainPatriotic: Patriot looks the part ... right until he opens his mouth and reveals his [[{{Jerkass}} true colors]].
* ChekhovsGun: the hard light technology in #1.
* DaddysLittleVillain: Badoura to Lord Hish.
* DynamicEntry: and how!
* EvilOverlord: Lord Hish.
* EvilSorcerer: Kahin Al’Maghrebi
* {{Expy}}: quite a few. Hish in particular seems to be a close Doctor Doom cognate.
* HardLight
* HumanCannonball: used for a particularly sublime DynamicEntry. A HardLight projector in orbit around Mercury is involved.
* {{Intangibility}}
* {{Invisibility}}
* {{Jerkass}}: most of the characters including the protagonist despite his [[TheCasanova superficial]] [[TheCharmer playboy charm]].
* LaserHallway: his very first appearance in costume. Subverted in that he doesn't need the usual fancy gymnastics and just waltzes through intangible, invisible and untouchable.
* LogicalWeakness: his combination of intangibility ''and'' invisibility would be a GameBreaker if it weren't for the two-minute time limit ... which exists not because he's forced to recoalesce but because that's how long he has before it becomes ''permanent''.
* PhantomThief: Geist is so good at his job that the only people who know he exists are his previous clients.
* RingOfPower: the secret of Geist's success is a sentient magic ring that lets him go invisible ''and'' intangible.
* [[SmugSuper Smug Supers]]: Pax Americana are somewhere between this and BewareTheSuperman. While the rest of the team is closer to the former, Patriot is one bad day away from the latter.
* SpaceStation
* StockSuperpowers
* SuperTeam: Pax Americana
* TalkingWeapon: Jin is not a weapon but it's the source of his powers and it talks to him.
* VillainProtagonist