[[caption-width-right:321:Shogun has no need for personal space!]][[http://www.harkovast.com Harkovast]] is a traditionally drawn fantasy webcomic which has been hosted on Website/TheDuck since the 16th October, 2008.
The races of Harkovast are embroiled in a bloody and bitter battle against The Nameless, a force made of literally {{faceless goons}} intent on destroying the rest of the world. While the races struggle to overcome deeply entrenched hatred of one another, a lone group set off in search of the Shogun, who may be the only hope they have.

Also, it's a {{Furry comic}}!
!!Other tropes associated with Harkovast-
* AbandonedInfoPage
* ActionGirl: Chen-Chen can hold her own in a fight. Very well.
* AlienBlood: Nameless have green, filthy-looking slime for blood.
* AllThereInTheManual: A VERY hefty amount of backstory for the world, characters and cultures is posted by the author on the webcomic's forums, and is yet to be mentioned in the story proper.
* BadassBoast: Shogun:
-->"Fight me or flee; it makes no difference now. All of you are going to die."
* ClingyCostume: The Nameless have their armor fused to their bodies.
* CompellingVoice: The Speaker can make people drown themselves by ''asking them nicely''.
* TheChessmaster: Quinn-Tain, and probably all other Wizards -- with practically no resources of their own except for knowledge, they resort to employing other races to fight the West, and aren't afraid to make sacrifices or morally questionable alliances.
* CrouchingMoronHiddenBadass: Sir Muir, the mildly senile Darsai Knight, can kick ass like the best of them when he remembers to.
* FacelessGoons: The Nameless have no personality, will, or even basic instincts.
* FantasticRacism: Every race is even a different species and generally mistrust the other races. Sometimes they can have children between them, and the "half-caste" offspring are left with the [[http://www.drunkduck.com/Harkovast/index.php?p=531094 dilemma]] of following one side or the other's culture, where they might not be accepted in either.
* FantasyCounterpartCulture: All of the races seen so far, though it's subverted at times -- it's usually very easy to tell which of the real world cultures a given nation mimics visually, but their actual beliefs and customs may be warped or mixed with a different culture.
* FantasyGunControl: Averted, however, only Golta can use them.
* FeetOfClay: A weird case with Shogun, who as far as anyone knows did commit all the heroic deeds he's renown for, but when enlisted by the heroes to help with a relatively unimportant rebellion, he turns out to be all but useless. This didn't go unnoticed by other characters.
* FlamingSword: The Darsai summon energy weapons created by the power of their faith. According to the info page, the color is different depending on which god they worship in the Thanic pantheon. The inquisitors who worship Thane's wife Hellava get red ones, and the heretics who worship her mother Ashal get grey ones. The Knights of Thane get bluish-purple ones.
* ForeignQueasine: When Shogun offers Sir Muir Tsung-Dao food. And vice versa, when Chen-Chen explains Darsai food to the Tsung-Dao.
* FurriesAreEasierToDraw: Implied by the author that thats why the various races are anthropomorphic animals.
* FurryComic: Open and shut. See also FunnyAnimal.
* HairRaisingHare: The rabbit-like Tolpish are evil to such a degree that they drove the Golta into isolationism, and have a VestigialEmpire that spanned much of the world. The ones alive now? [[SlaveryIsASpecialKindOfEvil Nobody wants to buy slaves off them because their slaves are always half dead-they have way too much fun breaking them.]]
* ImprobableWeaponUser: Apparently, Sir Muir was forced to battle a serpent using a toasting fork, although as it was one of his rambles it may be in part to him being a {{Cloudcuckoolander}}.
* KatanasAreJustBetter: Shogun's "hidden fang" sword is a katana.
* LittleKnownFacts: Sir Muir with his very strange stories.
* LizardFolk: The Tsung-dao and Brorg-dao.
* NakedOnRevival: Ki, in the first scene he appears.
* NightmareFace: Black River has half his face rotted off; and arcane sigils carved into the bones. He also has RedEyesTakeWarning-or he would, but [[EyeScream one's missing.]]
** The tsung-dao mercenary from ''Judging character'' has [[spoiler: blue tentacles pop out of his face and wave one of his eyes around on a stalk.]]
* NonhumanHumanoidHybrid: Most races can crossbreed; what exactly the offspring will be like is governed by a [[FunctionalMagic magical system]] that seems to run on RuleOfDrama.
* NonMammalMammaries: Actually [[HandWave explained]] as [[AWizardDidIt caused by the same magic]] that enables wildly different races to crossbreed. It's notable, that races which can't crossbreed with others do not have those.
* OlderThanTheyLook: [[spoiler:Scatterpod]], due to the nature of Ano-Chee magic used to resurrect her, turned up physically younger than her adult son-and turned her marriage into a MayDecemberRomance. Her husband's a doddering old fool and she doesn't look a day over 20.
* OurZombiesAreDifferent: Black River. In control of himself, but clearly rotten. Also said to be cursed in some way; everyone forgets him as soon as they loose sight of him (unless they're special in some way, such as Scatterpod or the Wizard).
* PsychoForHire: As Ki explains in his own words;
--> "I'm not here to make friends. I show up to kill people...and look good while I do it."
* RebelliousSpirit: Junlocks are so free-spirited and strong willed that they can resist the brutal methods Tolpish use to break their slaves. Ferrix was able to resist long enough that his master considers it better to just leave him to die of thirst than put up with him-at least until he unloads him on the Wizard.
* ThirdPersonPerson: Black River.