[[http://tapastic.com/series/Girls-in-Space Girls in Space]] by James Spence is the story of two girls having space adventures in a converted VW Camper Van, trying to find their way back to Earth.

The Plot: A spacecraft on a delivery mission is forced to make an emergency landing on the backwater planet of Earth, specifically in Edinburgh, Scotland. The crew, two space girl sisters by the names of Zoe and Faye Strider hide out in a local Classic Car Dealership belonging to a down-on-his-luck gambler called Fergus Macrumble. He and his sister Scarlet (better known as Red) help the girls. However, things don't go to plan and instead of using their technical equipment on the spacecraft, Red's VW Camper Van is accidentally upgraded and launches into space carrying Red and Faye away from Zoe and Fergus.

Girls in Space is the story of Red and Faye's adventures trying to return to Earth.

Girls in Space is split up into individual stories of 34 pages:

# [[http://tapastic.com/episode/93340 The Prototype]]
# [[http://tapastic.com/episode/93364 Push the Button]]
# [[http://tapastic.com/episode/93366 The Pickled Past]]
# [[http://tapastic.com/episode/93368 Around the Universe in a Bath Towel]]
# [[http://tapastic.com/episode/93369 Hell Creek]]
# [[http://tapastic.com/episode/93370 Colourblind]]
# [[http://tapastic.com/episode/93371 A Drop in the Ocean]]

The site also contains amusing classic Star Trek reviews in a weekly feature called [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/category/reviews/st-ost/ Silly Trekker]], weekly pin-ups of the characters and the author contributes to the weekly Podcast/TheWebcomicsCompany podcast.

!!This series provides examples of:
* AlienAmongUs: Zoe Strider is an alien on Earth
* AltText: Every page has an additional joke by hovering over it. In addition, the Star Trek Reviews on the site have images with AltText
* ArtEvolution: Spencey's artwork improves throughout the run of adventures
* BigRedButton: The VW Camper has one.
** WhatDoesThisButtonDo: No one knows what it does in Push the Button. However, its purpose is later revealed.
* BlankWhiteEyes: The Henchbot is upgraded [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/2010/03/15/one-for-one-page-21/ example]]
* BountyHunter: A Bounty Hunter and her Henchbot receive the girls' distress call in The Prototype
* CensorSteam: Red's modesty is preserved by it in [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/around-the-universe-in-a-bath-towel-page-05/ this]] strip.
* CensorSuds: Red's modesty is preserved by them in [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/2010/06/03/push-the-button-page-09/ this]] strip.
* ChekhovsGun: Frequently used in ''Girls in Space''. Examples include: [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/push-the-button-page-10/ The Big Red Button on the Bus]], [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/the-pickled-past-page-03/ the sink plunger Faye carries in the Pickled Past]] and [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/around-the-universe-in-a-bath-towel-page-07/ Red's bath towel in Around the Universe in a Bath Towel]].
* ClothingDamage: There is a RunningGag that Faye's dress is [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/hell-creek-page-08/ lost, damaged or left behind]] in each story.
* CoolCar: Red's VW Bus is cool although somewhat unlikely as a spaceship
* CoolStarship: As above, Red's VW Bus is cool although somewhat unlikely as a spaceship
* DeliberatelyMonochrome: After an explosion in the 'Greyverse', all colour is drained from the normal universe making the [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/colourblind-cover/ Colourblind]] story appear in Black and White.
* DistressCall: Zoe Strider places a distress call in the opening scene of Girls in Space
* FieryRedhead: Scarlet 'Red' Macrumble is a Scottish Red-haired hothead
* FlowerInHerHair: Faye in [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/the-pickled-past-page-11/ The Pickled Past]]
* HandOrObjectUnderwear: Red wears a 'hand bikini' in this shower scene which sets up the Across the Universe in a Bath Towel storyline. Also an example of CensorSuds.
* InfiniteSupplies: The girls live on a Space Station called The Sanctuary. This is an enclosed ecosystem with fields, cattle and recycled water.
* ItRunsOnNonsensoleum: The girls travel through space in a VW Camper Van. This was converted into a spaceship when the Universal Upgrader (a prototype made by an intergalactic electronics company) was fired at it.
* IThoughtEveryoneCouldDoThat: [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/2010/08/16/push-the-button-page-30/ "I speak ALL of Earth's languages. Doesn't everyone?"]]
* [[{{Hammerspace/Webcomics}} Hammerspace]]: A "strippotamus" produces a gun from nowhere in [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/2010/07/15/push-the-button-page-21/ this]] strip.
* {{Loincloth}}: The girls are marooned on Prehistoric Earth and [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/hell-creek-page-19/ wear Loincloths]] as part of their Cavegirl costumes.
* MsFanservice: At various stages the female characters appear in short skirts, underwear or in cheesecake poses. The fourth story Around the Universe in a Bath Towel sees Red having an adventure wearing only a towel.
* MeanwhileInTheFuture: The Pickled Past is set in two time periods
* ModestyTowel: Red spends almost the entire fourth story wearing only a towel
* {{Omniglot}}: Zoe.
* OutrunTheFireball: When Red fails to defuse a bomb a gateway between universes is opened, exploding colour back into our universe. Red is forced to [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/colourblind-page-26/ run for her life.]]
* PeopleJars: In The Pickled Past
* RunningGag: Faye's Dress is ripped, lost or destroyed in each story.
* ScienceFiction: Girls in Space is a Science Fiction story.
* ShoutOut: Around the universe in a bathtowel.... hmm, always know where your towel is. And you can always change into a dressing gown, ScarletMacrumble...
** And the pyschotic killer robots. Anyone for Krikkett?
* TimeTravel: The Pickled Past is set in the year 1644. Hell Creek is set in Earth's Cretaceous Period.
* TransformationRay: The VW Bus was converted into a spaceship in the first story, when the Universal Upgrader (a prototype made by an intergalactic electronics company) was fired at it. The Protoype also transformed character Fergus Macrumble from a fat gambler into a muscular hunk and a horse called Asthmatic George into Athletic George.
* UnfazedEveryman: Red is a normal human travelling the universe, surrounded by aliens.
* UpgradeArtifact: the Universal Upgrader [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/one-for-one-page-21/ instantly cures Fergus's gambling addiction and gives him enormous muscles]]. There are also Infobadges, which are Upgrade Artifacts used to teach the characters [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/one-for-one-page-09/ language]] and [[http://www.girlsinspace.co.uk/comic/colourblind-page-11/ other skills]].