''[[http://mangapark.com/manga/girl-in-my-dream Girl in My Dream]]'' is an online manwa with a different take on the usual TG TransformationComic.

OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent Ji-Hoon is practically delirious with the heady feeling of young romance with his first real girlfriend, shy and reticent {{Meganekko}} Ji-Soo. So delirious, in fact, that he heedlessly walks out in front of a bus on their very first date, leading Ji-Soo to sacrifice her own life pushing him out of the way.

Inconsolable with grief, Ji-Hoon withdraws from his friends until he starts dreaming of a beautiful girl named Yuna who promises that someday they will meet for real. Unfortunately, it's soon apparent that disturbing changes are occurring in Ji-Hoon's body as he dreams - He's slowly [[GenderBender becoming female!]]. Confronted on this, Yuna eventually reveals the truth: she is a vengeful aspect of Ji-Soo's spirit, intent on [[GrandTheftMe stealing Ji-Hoon's body]] so she can have a relationship with his best friend, the handsome Ji-Young. Confronted with the fact that he's become fully female, Ji-Hoon's mind retreats, leaving behind a confused amnesiac female personality who calls herself Ji-Hyun. Eventually, Ji-Hoon, Yuna, and Ji-Hyun end up in a three-way battle for control over Ji-Hoon, body and soul.

!! Has examples of:

* AmnesiacDissonance
* AttractiveBentGender
* BittersweetEnding: [[spoiler: Ji-Hoon is back in control of his body, has a loving and understanding family, and the friendship with Ji-Young remains solid. Yuna and Ji-Hyun are still around, but their appearances are becoming less frequent as Ji-Hoon's memories and sense of self get stronger, and it's implied that, in time, they'll eventually fade away. However, he is still stuck as a girl and he has lost Miya.]]
* BodyHorror: Ji-Hoon doubling over in pain and coughing up blood as he feels his internal organs rearranging and changing to become female.
* FirstLawOfGenderBending
* GenderBender
* GrandTheftMe
* GirlOfMyDreams: Subverted. Yuna wants Ji-Hoon's body in every sense except the one implied by the trope.
* HeroicBSOD: Ji-Hoon is so traumatized by being betrayed by Yuna and his physical transformation that he withdraws and creates Ji-Hyun as a coping mechanism.
* HighSchool
* IfItsYouItsOkay: Miya feels this way towards Ji-Hoon/Hyun.
* JumpingTheGenderBarrier: Played with regarding Ji-Young. He acknowledges that Ji-Hyun is beautiful, but also his best friend and not in full control of himself. Yuna is banking on this as part of her plans.
* LossOfIdentity: This happens gradually as Ji-Hoon becomes female. Even in the end, he's still permanently a girl.
* ManicPixieDreamGirl: the Ji-Hyun personality.
* ManipulativeBitch: [[spoiler:Ji-Soo never had any feelings for Ji-Hoon. She just went out with him to try and get closer to Ji-Young. When she dies, she uses him more.]]
* OrdinaryHighSchoolStudent
* PutOnABus: Miya leaves the school when her advances towards Ji-Hyun fail, and she believes Ji-Young is romantically involved with her.
* RedHerring
* SecondLawOfGenderBending
* SplitPersonality: Ji-Hyun is one created by Ji-Hoon to cope with his gender change and not be fully taken over by Yuna. She eventually fades away as he has time to mentally come to. Even then, Yuna is still residing in his head and has a tendency to act up.
* SplitPersonalityMerge: Ji-Hyun is an amalgamation of Yuna and Ji-Hoon, with the former's love towards Ji-Young, and the latter's naivete towards being a girl, mixed with near-complete amnesia and childlike maturity levels.
* ThirdLawOfGenderBending
* TransformationComic
* TransformationOfThePossessed
* WhatTheHellHero: As one final effort to bring her boyfriend back, Miya starts molesting Ji-Hyun in the bath, and forces herself on her. Ji-Hyun is very naive and doesn't even know what a lesbian is, or much about sex at all. It doesn't end well.