Galacticus is an ongoing BoysLove SliceOfLife webcomic which is written and drawn by Gemma R. with art assistance done by Yeaka R. It used be found [[ here]], but is now offline.

[[WholesomeCrossdresser Luke Springer]] a friendly, sweet teenage boy with a love for making teddy bears and new arrival to Galacticus, a BoardingSchool for orphaned or impoverished children. He manages to quickly enter into a relationship with the kind and handsome, [[ChivalrousPervert though somewhat lecherous]], Jason Loche who is equally interested in Luke.

Their budding relationship is complicated somewhat by Jason?s best friend [[JerkAss Jake Flakes]], who is extremely jealous and possessive of Jason?s attention. In spite of his [[HoYay behaviour]], Jake is insistent that he and Jason are JustFriends and he isn?t about to let some new kid break them apart.

The story follows the ups and downs of Luke and Jason?s attempts to preserve the feelings of Jake while still advancing their own relationship and dealing with their own [[BackStory sordid pasts]]. This is mostly facilitated by their inactions with the rest of the cast, including Jake?s little brother Trey, [[LonelyRichKid Scott Galacticus whose family owns the school]], and [[InnocentFanserviceGirl Kira Wymer]] who acts as Scott?s maid and the only person he can really get along with. Both the humour and the drama of the comic come from the various characters playing off each other and generally getting into [[HilarityEnsues interesting situations]].

Galacticus? art is good and even while attention paid to highly detailed expressions and fluid motions. The overall pacing is light, focusing on character interaction and relationship defining rather than an overarching plot. It is highly recommended to fans of the [[YaoiGuys attractive boys with other attractive boys genre]] and to those looking for a slightly different take on the [[BestYearsOfYourLife high school period]].

The webcomic contains examples of following tropes:
* AgeAppropriateAngst- The story focuses on common teenage worries such as the opinion of your parents, homosexuality, and changing friendships.
* {{Animesque}}
* AuthorAppeal
* {{Bishounen}}- Jason, Jake, and Heffner, so far?
* BoysLove
* CastFullOfGay -
* ComingOutStory ? Luke has to deal with his homosexuality and desire to wear lady?s clothes.
* DeadpanSnarker- Scott
* {{Dramedy}}
* DisappearedDad- Most of the cast are orphans after all.
* FieryRedhead- Fred
* HalloweenCosplay-
* JerkAss - Jake
* JustFriends- Jake and Jason?s relationship.
* MissingMom ? See DisappearedDad.
* MoralityChain- Trey is this for Jake
* MsFanservice- Kira
* TeenDrama ? Though not as dark as one might expect
* {{Tsundere}}- Jake and Fred
* WebcomicTime