[[caption-width-right:300:The gang's all here.]]
''[[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/ Froot Bütch]]'' is a four panel, twice-weekly webcomic written by Brendan Albetski and drawn by Brendan Nicholas. It deals with the (largely) fictional characters of RJ, his best pal Davis, his ex-girlfriend Rose and their blonde friend Celia, who live together in an undefined space that when viewed from the outside appears as a suburban home. The four compose one of the arguably most unbalanced group of college students ever to have their activities documented. Long since jaded to the strangely convenient degree of wish fulfillment that exists in [[WorldOfSnark their world]], the four rocket back and forth between unbelievable windfalls and hilarious catastrophes. For example, during the fiftieth update to the comic, RJ defied all odds and put on pants before noon, only to be struck by a bus and break his arm.

The four characters represent the four cardinal types that you'd expect to find in a college student's webcomic: RJ, the snarky one with a heart of gold, is your typical [[TheSlacker slacker]]: just trying to get through the day without dying, failing out or reminding Rose that she still technically pays his rent. Davis, the snarky one with a heart of coal, is the straight man, [[NotSoAboveItAll when he's not reaping gooseflesh with his ungodly scythe]]. But underneath his ever-present jacket lurks a dark past... a past of chain wallets... and trumpets. Rose is [[TallDarkAndSnarky that girl that isn't the blonde one]]: you know, the strong female type, self-supporting and self-sufficient, who likes dyeing her hair and shadenfreüde as much as the next girl. Celia is the girl next door, or the girl next room in this case: an [[DumbBlonde airhead]], [[AllGirlsLikePonies a lover of all things ponies]], and a cold-blooded anarchist who can never go back to Mexico.

The plot lines are your standard fare: mainly one-shot events in their life with some longer, two to three comic arcs for special occasions, like Christmas or getting laid. The characters go about their daily lives: they feed the dog, they chat with their eerily similar doppelganger neighbors, they go shopping, and they clean up the messes left by that crazy foreign exchange student, Tengu Frank. Culture shock=many laughs.

The comic also features a small collection of secondary characters, who return semi-frequently to force the gang to deal with their problems and come to a deeper understanding of themselves. For example, Jeff Goldblum appears every now and again to teach RJ about the burden of public life, the meaning of friendship, and the word "no." This is where the comic really earns that [[LifeEmbellished "Embellished Webcomic"]] title, as the secondary characters tend to be anything from dream state canine body builders to the aforementioned Tengu out of water, Tengu Frank.

!! This comic provides examples of:
* CelebCrush: Seems like every character in this comic has a celebrity to obsess over, whether it be [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=51/ Jeff Goldblum]], [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=19/ Megan Fox]] or... [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=202/ George Hamilton?]]
* ComedicSociopathy: Everyone in this comic, with maybe one exception, is either a sociopath, wants to be a sociopath, or becomes a sociopath when the time is right. Seriously, why are these people allowed weapons?
* ImGoingToHellForThis: All of these characters are going to some iteration of hell. You too, probably; just for reading it.
* JerkJock: His name is Clutch Jabroni. [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=77/ And he slays dragons in real life.]]
* TheDitz: The recurring character of Mark, too inept and bewilderingly creepy, [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=23/ gets his head stuck in a pipe]] despite his claims of being [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=28/ a master of illusion]].
* SociallyAwkwardHero: I don't know that you'd really call him a hero, but Davis is painfully awkward. So much so that he rather [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=61/ kill a man than look him in the eye.]]
* StraightManAndWiseGuy: Davis and RJ certainly fit the bill, though who's wearing what hat changes as the situation warrants.

!! Instances of this series provide examples of:
* AcidRefluxNightmare: During one of the strip's first multi-comic arc, RJ consumes a [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=75/ twenty-pound bag of cheese]] which results in an extended romp through the [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=72/ character's nightmares.]]
* AmazinglyEmbarrassingParents: Davis' dad likes ska... [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=174/ a LOT]].
* AnimalsHateHim: Davis [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=79/ hates geese.]] And geese hate Davis. Their blood feud is eternal.
* AsymmetricDilemma: Finally addressing how RJ apparently lives like a king without a friggin job, RJ informs his girlfriend that [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=26/ he can either never see her again, or be forced to get a job]].
* BalloonBelly: The characters are so excited, 'cause [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=31/ the McRib is back]]. And boy is it ever.
* BurgerFool: In one of Jeff Goldblum's extended appearances, the gang visits that new theme restaurant that just opened up: [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=45/ A Poetry of Steak]].
* CallingMeALogarithm: During the Devil's Highway arc, the characters travel to visit a friend in [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=213/ Fukoph, Kentucky]]. Needless to say, [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=223/ this gets them into trouble]].
* CatsAreMean: Their neighbor's cat, Chumbuck? [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=38/ It named itself]]. How...?
* ConvenienceStoreGiftShopping: A character receives [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=49/ Smart Guy Season 3 on DVD]] for Christmas. Need I say more?
* DoubleEntendre: This is used repeatedly, [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=33/ most notably]] by one of Froot Booch's neighbor Clutch Jabroni, number one bro.
* TheGrinch: [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=50/ Of course Rose doesn't like Christmas]]. What do you think she is, blonde?^
* HalloweenCosplay: During Halloween of the first year's run, characters showed up as fictional favorites like [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=66/ Commander William T. Riker and Seth Brundle.]]
* HilariouslyAbusiveChildhood: The [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=173/ ska thing]] rears its ugly head again. Whether this is hilarious depends on who you ask (not Davis).
* NewJobEpisode: In the strip titled [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=14/ "On Faith"]] RJ actually charms his way into a job as a short order cook at "Poetry of Steak," which has never been referenced again.
* NoodleIncident: Apparently Davis and RJ [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=65/ beat up the Wolf Man and pissed in Frankenstein's mouth.]] Would've been awesome to see that, huh?
* NoSenseOfDirection: During the Devil's Highway arc, the characters are instructed to keep going until they hit [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=219/ mile marker "triangle."]] Oh, and if they pass the rhombus, they've gone too far.
* PreAsskickingOneLiner: Davis [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=70/ strikes fear]] into the hearts of those geese. You'd think the battle axe would be sufficient for that.
* SickAndWrong: RJ... RJ finds [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=64/ Zootube.]] [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=63/ And he will never be the same.]]
* WrongTurnAtAlbuquerque: The Devil's Highway arc has the characters passing through [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=217/ "Ost Wondsor"]] and ending up at a [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=222/ gos station]] run by [[http://frootbutch.terrorblot.com/?p=223/ Gary Numan]].