[[center:''"I made a paper airplane out of one of the comics and it still hasn't come down. I made that airplane 7 years ago." - Christa Beau-Bista'']]

Can be found [[http://follyandinnovation.com/ here]]

A webcomic started in 2010 by Tom Sexton. It's a gag-a-day webcomic that exhibits science, observational, pop, and nerd culture style humor. Despite there being a few main characters, there is little continuity between comics.

!! This website contains examples of:

* EarthShatteringKaboom: used with [[http://follyandinnovation.com/2010/10/going-out-with-a-bang/ hilarious effect]]
* EvilGenius: This trope is used [[http://follyandinnovation.com/2010/08/facebook-a-devious-scheme-nah-theres-no-way/ here]] to speculate Website/{{facebook}}'s origins
* {{Set Right What Once Went Wrong}}: Doc Brown creates a future [[http://follyandinnovation.com/2012/08/dont-you-talk-to-me-about-grammar/ we can all be happy with.]]
* {{Sistine Steal}}: God [[http://follyandinnovation.com/2012/08/pretty-sure-this-is-how-it-went/ invents the internet]] slightly before Adam.