[[caption-width-right:350:The first [[WhamLine Wham Line]] in the comic.]]

A webcomic written by Creator/{{AzuriteReaction}} with art by [[http://evilapple513.tumblr.com EvilApple513]]. The webcomic's story is currently in the prologue, with the actual central storyline of the comic not revealed yet. Currently, Alex, [[SwitchingPOV one of the protagonists of the story]], has come into contact with a genuine alien artifact, found by Quinn's dad, Garvey. Said contact has caused Alex to suffer some severe [[EnemyWithin personality changes...]]

The story itself has been in production for well over 8 years now, with Azurite constantly re-writing and refining the story.

Creator/{{AzuriteReaction}} is primarily known for doing comedic, very non-serious gaming commentary videos with the occasional serious vlog/opinion piece, so this comic is a large departure from his previous content in general due to the serious, dramatic tone of the series.

The comic takes place on modern day (2014) Earth in California, and generally has a realistic tone to it. One of the goals of the author is to use real-world, cutting edge science as much as possible within the plotline, with the occasional exaggeration here or there for aesthetic/storytelling purposes.

It has also been stated many times by the author that storytelling elements using ChekhovsGun will be extremely prevalent in this story; things that seem inconsequential at one point may (and often will) turn out to be much more important later on, and things that seem illogical or improbable at one point will often have a logical explanation at some point within the story.

Read it [[http://eraoferrors.com/eoe-web-comic/chapter-1-cover/ here!]]


!! WebComic/{{Era Of Errors}} contains examples of:
* AmuletOfDependency / ArtifactOfAttraction: The tetrahedron looks to be this, despite being early into the series.
* MohsScaleOfScienceFictionHardness: About a 4.5-5. Azurite had/has numerous problems during his childhood (and adult life) involving a wide range of medical and health issues. Due to this, he's spent countless hours researching and reading about various fields of science and health, knowledge which has been woven into the story to provide a partially "Hard SF" feel to the story, with some exaggerations here and there for storytelling advancement/aesthetic purposes.
* RippleEffectProofMemory: A result in using the tetrahedron. Best example being when [[spoiler: Alex got punched by Meredith.]]
* SplashOfColor: The whole comic is in black and white, except for [[spoiler: when characters use their innate traits or powers.]]
* TriggerPhrase: How the tetrahedron works. A person sets a save point, then chooses a word that will return them to their check point.
* YearZero: The storyline starts in the year 2014, at the end of the California school year (May/June).