-> '''Question:''' What does ?Lacryment? mean? \\
'''Answer:''' Look it up. Ok, ok. It actually doesn't mean anything. It's basically a fabricated word modified from ?Lachrymate?, which means "to weep". It's a hybrid of "Lachrymate" and "lament", both which mean very similar things. The title "Elven Lacryment" is supposed to give the impression of deep grief, as felt by elves alone. My, I bullshitted that one good. No one will know it was a type-o.\\
-->--''From the Elven Lacryment FAQ''

''Elven Lacryment'' is a [[NotableFantasyWebcomics high fantasy]] webcomic full of blood and gore. It centers around a young elf named Shadow Wolf and her friends as they try to get revenge on the orcs that razed her village.

It can be read [[http://elvenlacryment.com here]] and is currently being re-drawn.
!!This webcomic has examples of:

* BigNo
* BigBad: One can assume that the Orc Leader is this.
* ConvenientlyAnOrphan
* GottaKillThemAll
* HighFantasy
* IntellectualAnimal
* ItsPersonal: All over the place.
* RoaringRampageOfRevenge
* SpeaksFluentAnimal: Shadow Wolf can talk to her wolf and the wolf talks back in her head. Her mother might have been able to do this as well.
* TranslationConvention: We assume.
* YouKilledMyFather: In this case it's the mother.