"The Universe is a dangerous place. Bring a Friend."

''[[http://EgestaComics.com/ Dressed For Success]]'' is a webcomic by Chris Howard and Jeff Wasson that originally started as a black and white mini-comic in 1991. It was brought back in web form in 2009. It originally published a page a week, but has recently shifted to every other week. The original black and white mini-comic stories are being posted weekdays at ''[[http://EgestaComics.com/ Dressed For Success Retro]]''. The first storyline of the new webcomic was an ''[[http://egestacomics.com/2009/12/03/but-seriously-dfs-mississauga-jay-and-the-lost-shrine-of-the-osars/ Indiana Jones parody.]]'' The second storyline, ''[[http://egestacomics.com/2012/02/28/dressed-for-success-ghosts-of-hunters-past/ Ghosts of Hunters Past]]'' picks up on stories and characters from the original comics.

The series is a science-fiction comedy, satire, parody, buddy, road movie comic about a drifter and an accountant who become friends by chance while both fleeing the intergalactic mob.

!!Provides examples of:
* ArtEvolution: The art quality increases over the original series, most strikingly when the same scene from [[http://dressedforsuccess.smackjeeves.com/comics/1266586/dressed-for-success-issue-1-page-9/ the first issue]] is re-visited [[http://dressedforsuccess.smackjeeves.com/comics/1489126/dressed-for-success-issue-12-page-16/ in issue 12.]] The new webcomic stories have added colour which has moved from flat to more detailed shading with the new story.