Story: In 1862, a small and overlooked battle was fought at Dovecote Crest in Arkansas. Today, a small and overlooked company of Civil War reenactors fights the good fight once more. Charlie Grant, alongside her friends Tess and Ben, finds herself temporarily employed at Dovecote Crest as a Union soldier – a position she finds frustrating in the face of her desire to be a “real historian”. But even as she finds herself being offered a museum job, Jeremy Lee, the director of the reenactment, begins to show her a very different way of seeing and understanding history, the Civil War, and perhaps their own relationship…

You can read the comic [[ here]].
!!Provides examples of:
* ArtEvolution: So much. If you don’t like the art at first, stick with it. It’s well worth your time.
* CanNotSpitItOut
* DescriptionCut
* IfIDoNotReturn: Not played straight. Jeremy (the Civil War reenactor) just thinks this will add to the verisimilitude.
* ImportantHairCut: Lampshaded.
* ISeeThemToo
* PlayingCyrano: Ben decides to try this out, but is only partially successful.
* SweetPollyOliver: Conversed briefly.