Michael Poe's (''Webcomic/ExploitationNow'', ''Webcomic/ErrantStory'') new gag-a-day webcomic, starring Francesca (a college age wizardess) and her roommate, Naga (a, er, Naga).

Started at the beginning of 2011. Signs so far point to it being closer in tone to the first rather than the second of his previous series. Can be found -- surprisingly -- at http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com

!!This comic provides examples of:

* AccidentalMisnaming: Craig admits to Janis that he calls the Artificer "Tekmage" because during their first fight he was so nervous he couldn't remember the real name, so he just made one up on the spot. [[MaliciousMisnaming He kept doing it because he saw how much it annoyed him]].
* AltText: Generally containing commentary and alternative punchlines or continuations on them.
* BarbieDollAnatomy: Amusingly justified ''and'' lampshaded. See NippleAndDimed. Comes full circle to an aversion in later comics, after the webcomic moved to it's own domain name: Naga loses her shirt in an OutOfClothesExperience and both SceneryCensor and BarbieDollAnatomy are averted. Amusingly, the nipples go from a dot, to a undefined circle where the areola are, to being fully detailed over the next few strips.
* BookDumb: Craig fully admits to being barely literate ("I spent my teenage years on a planet two hundred light years away fighting a robot overlord"), but he tends to play up his stupidity, and is actually rather clever when it comes to things that directly relate to his job as a superhero. For example, he has an excellent memory, recalling a random friend Janis made up to explain her absence one time, and later instantly recognizes "Ann" as a robot.
* DatingCatwoman: Falchion and Tekmage are archenemies, but are dating. Not that Falchion is aware of this; he thinks that Tekmage is male, and his girlfriend is Tekmage's daughter.
* DarkAndTroubledPast: To varying degrees, mostly played for laughs. Naga is a constant disappointment to her family. Francesca's mother is a "dance naked under the moon" style Wiccan, with such charming parenting tactics as sleeping with her daughter's first boyfriend to make sure he knew what he was doing (which Francesca walked in on). Seth is an orphan elf raised by Jews who has been persecuted for being an elf, being Jewish, and being gay ([[{{Elfeminate}} which he's not]]). Nikki became a vampire after her mother died of breast cancer. Craig is a superhero with an abusive father who used mind-control pheromones to make the rest of the world see him as a selfless hero, and spent his formative years on the other side of the galaxy fighting various evil overlords. Craig's sister, though not seen, has it worse, as until their father sacrificed himself to save the world, her boyfriends tended to disappear under mysterious circumstances. Janis hasn't gone into much detail, but her parents are conspicuously absent and she's missing an arm, not to mention the times she's muttered about not being able to go to school as a child. For added humor, the one with the worst past by far is a random member of Nikki's blood stable, who tells a story about how her parents were murdered and she and her little sister had to prostitute themselves to survive.
-->'''Francesca:''' IT'S NOT A COMPETITION!
* EvenEvilHasStandards:
** Inverted. Falchion finds [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0157 one of Tekmage's schemes]] to have [[PokeThePoodle such a low "evil" content]] that he just can't bring himself to foil it.
--->'''Tekmage:''' [-Mheh... I knew there was a reason I let you fuck me on the first date.-]\\
'''Falchion:''' Hm?\\
'''Tekmage:''' I said, I knew there was a reason my ''daughter'' let you fuck her on the first date.\\
'''Falchion:''' Okay, that's not weird and awkward ''at all''...
** During the 2012 elections and American government shutdown, Tekmage can't bring herself to do anything particularly destructive, comparing it to kicking retarded puppies.
* FlyingBroomstick: Fran's transportation method of choice. [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0029 she doesn't find it all that comfortable.]]
* IdiotHair: Naga's old design.
* ImAHumanitarian: Naga. It's ok, though, as she eats [[PedoHunt pedophiles]] she meets online.
* InnocentFanserviceGirl: Naga again -- she has no nudity taboo, is actually outright opposed to the idea of wearing clothing, and only wears shirts because [[BreakingTheFourthWall her contract includes royalties]] on any shirt designs they help sell.
* {{Irony}}: There are apparently countless in-universe Falchion/Tekmage fanfics portraying them as in a gay relationship ([[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne with Falchion as the bottom]]). They actually ''are'' dating... but Tekmage is a girl.
* IThoughtEveryoneCouldDoThat: See NippleAndDimed.
* {{Jerkass}}: Par for the course for a Micheal Poe comic. Naga's the worst offender of course.
* MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter: Janis poses as this when Falchion catches her outside her Tekmage armor.
* NippleAndDimed: Naga's are retractable!
* NotSafeForWork: Heavy profanity, some nudity, violence, sacrilege....
* OnlySaneMan: Seth, most of the time.
%%* OutOfClothesExperience: Naga.
* PayEvilUntoEvil: Naga eats people. This is played up for horror... until she reveals she's been eating pedophiles she meets online and tricks into meeting up with her. That doesn't exactly make it ok, but the other characters can't bring themselves to get her to stop.
* PleasePutSomeClothesOn: Francesca to Naga over the course of the first few strips.
* PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad: The comic takes numerous potshots at the perpetually offended [[StrawFeminist social justice warriors]] that Website/{{Tumblr}} has become known for.
* RapeAsDrama: {{Discussed|Trope}} [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0050 here]].
* SamusIsAGirl: [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0110 Tekmage]] uses a voice changer to sound male and disguise her identity.
* SarcasticConfession: Quite knowingly used [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0084 here]]. And the AltText is related to a [[GirlfriendInCanada another trope]]...
* SceneryCensor: The original filler comics from ''ErrantStory'' used this and lampshaded it. Later strips avert it.
* SwearJar: Fran and Naga have a "Bullshit Tumblr/SJW Words Jar", seen being used in [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comic/pwc-0223 this strip]].
* UnsoundEffect: John Johnson, the muscle wizard, [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0169 attacks]] with a ''Ka-Fist!''
* UrbanFantasy: Major characters include a Wizard, a Naga, a Vampire, an Elf, a Superhero, and a group of alien geeks.
* VillainHasAPoint: On at least [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0157 two]] [[http://www.doesnotplaywellwithothers.com/comics/pwc-0165 occasions,]] Falchion has found Tekmage's goals so sympathetic that he didn't really want to stop him. On one of them, he actually did take a dive and let Tekmage succeed.
* WellIntentionedExtremist: Tekmage's actual ideology seem to be nothing more sinister than mainstream American liberalism. It's just that she pursues it by means of [[KillSat killer satellites]] and mind control rays...