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''Cosmic Hero'', [[VaporWare originally planned]] as a {{video game}}, but then continued as a {{webcomic}}, was created by [=AceSpark=] (the hoster of Sprites-inc), which ran from 2004 to 2008 (even though it suffered from major ScheduleSlip).

It tells the adventures of Jet, an average guy who suddenly finds himself involved in [[SciFiWebcomics intragalactic issues]] due to finding a weird alien artifact he is forced to wear [[note]]Any similarity to [[WesternAnimation/{{Ben10}} anything else]] is [[HilariousInHindsight purely coincidental]][[/note]]. He must now join an army of intergalactic police officers (similar to GreenLantern), which mostly consists of [[FurryWebcomics furry people]].

These series works as AlternateUniverse of another webcomic hosted by [=AceSpark=], ''Webcomic/MangaGaga''. As a matter of fact, the [[GoldFishPoopGang Fish Poop]] [[TheDragon Dragon]] from this series is no other than an EvilCounterpart of Gagaman.

The first page is [[http://sprites-inc.co.uk/cosmichero/comics/00000001.jpg here]] ('''NotSafeForWork'''). In 2012, the site was hacked, but the comic was later archived [[http://sprites-inc.co.uk/cosmichero/ here]].
!! Provides examples of:
* ArtEvolution: The comic moves from black and white scribbles to block colour and finally ends with fully shaded pages.
* AuthorAvatar: One of Jet's partners is no other than [=AceSpark=]. [[EvilCounterpart Evil]] Gagaman also fits somehow.
%%* TheDragon: Gagaman
* FurriesAreEasierToDraw: Take one look at the human characters and this will [[ArtisticLicenseBiology soon become apparent]].
* FurryWebcomic
* TeenyWeenie: The protagonist is constantly mocked due to his small penis size.
* MeaningfulName: One of the lead villains is named "[[IntangibleMan Ghost]]".
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