[[caption-width-right:285:''No, '''Froh'''man.'']]

''[[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/ Concerned: The Half-Life and Death of Gordon Frohman]]'' is a {{Machinomic}} by Christopher C. Livingston based on VideoGame/HalfLife2. An AffectionateParody, it blurs the line between {{machinima}} and {{webcomics}}: all images are in-game screenshots taken from ''VideoGame/GarrysMod'', which allows the user to pose ragdolls and play around with the scripted events of the game, that have had speech bubbles and whatnot added. The name of the strip comes from a letter from "A Concerned Citizen" read in the game by the administrator of Earth, Dr. Breen, which [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-07 the comic provides an explanation of]].

The story follows the misadventures of Gordon Frohman, [[DumbIsGood happy-go-lucky if none-too-bright resident]] of City 17 and former file clerk at Black Mesa, as he precedes/follows in Gordon ''Free''man's footsteps and attempts to ingratiate himself to the Combine overlords, catch Dr. Breen's latest show, cleanse the city of evil Vortigaunts, find an apartment, survive the horrifyingly friendly residents of Ravenholm, get his trans-human surgical upgrade, and stop that crowbar-wielding jerk from ruining everything. [[ForegoneConclusion As the comic's name suggests, Frohman dies at the end.]]

If you're at all familiar with ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'', or even if you're not, you may want to [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-01 check it out]]. Expect some spoilers, though.

Despite the fact that Frohman did [[KilledOffForReal actually die]] at the end, an unofficial sequel titled [[http://aconcernedrip-off.webs.com/ ''Concerned 2: A Concerned Rip-Off-The Continuing Adventures of Gordon Frohman'']] by Norman N. Black demonstrates that our loveable dumbass survived due to [[GameplayAndStoryIntegration Frohman reloading a save point from before he died]]. Unfortunately, the unofficial sequel has gone without update as of late 2010.

!! ''Concerned'' contains examples of:

* AccidentalAimingSkills: Frohman manages to take out three metrocops early on with three shots from a pistol, blind-firing from behind cover. He also manages to accidentally kill all three of the rebels in his squad at one point with a single launch of the pulse rifle's secondary fire.
* ActionGirl: Sandy, Frohman's unfortunate temporary traveling companion, who wisely decides to abandon the sole being who might get them both killed in bouts of stupidity.
* AffablyEvil: Subverted. A Elite Combine soldier sits behind a desk while he interviews Frohman for a job, with questions like [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: What is your ''worst'' quality? ]]
and [[/folder]]

[[folder: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? ]]
However, he's looking for answers like [[/folder]]

[[folder: That I am a disgusting, pathetic human, barely evolved from ape level ]]
, and [[/folder]]

[[folder: In an off world combine enslavement colony, or dead. ]]

* AmbiguouslyJewish: Frohman calls himself a "more synagogue kind of guy" when the fisherman from ''Lost Coast'' tells him about the church atop the cliffs, but otherwise shows no real signs or makes any mention of being Jewish; for all we know, it might simply just be an aversion to churches after the annoyance Grigori put him through telling him to meet up at the one in Ravenholm without actually telling him ''where'' it was.
* AmusingInjuries: Happens a lot, although it's still usually fatal to people besides Frohman.
* AndThatWouldBeWrong: Right after Frohman's [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-28 detailed fantasy about turning on his Strider]].
-->'''Frohman''': Heh heh. That'd be awesome. (''{{Beat}}'') I mean '''bad'''! That'd be '''bad'''!\\
'''Ravenholm Resident''': Good save. But we gotta trim those pauses down a bit.
* AnimalAthleteLoophole: In a flashback to the first ''VideoGame/HalfLife1'', for Frohman's pet [[MiniBoss Gargantua]]:
-->'''Frohman:''' [[Film/AirBud There's no rule against having a Garg play soccer!]] This is gonna be the best season ''ever''!
* AntiVillain: Frohman is [[SlidingScaleOfAntiVillains type 4]] - no one really notices he ''is'' a villain [[MinionWithAnFInEvil because he's so incredibly terrible at helping the Combine]]. Anyone he does manage to kill is usually an accident... and more often than not a member of the Combine rather than the resistance.
** Well, the citizens of Ravenholm [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-12-09 eventually do]].
--->'''Ravenholm Citizen''': My god. You... you're worse than the Combine!\\
'''Frohman''': Oh! [[InsultBackfire That is SO sweet]]!
* AnyoneCanDie: Well, almost everyone.
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: Frohman quit his job at Black Mesa because ravenous creatures from the Xen borderworld invaded, killing nearly everyone in the complex. Soon the military arrived and they killed everyone else. [[UpToEleven Then the facility got nuked.]] "Plus, they were dicks about paying overtime."
* ArtShift: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-07-28 When Frohman has a flashback of the good ol' days back at Black Mesa]], everyone and everything - except for Frohman himself - is using a model from the first ''Half-Life''.
* AssShove: After Frohman tries to get Kleiner arrested by the Combine, Barney knocks him unconscious, and implies he's going to stick the stun-stick up his ass when he awakens.
-->'''Barney''': Okay, Frohman. Get ready to start a new chapter in your life. It's called "Point Insertion" and it features this stunstick in an unforgettable starring role!
* AuthorAppeal: The reason the strip exists is precisely because the creator loves a great deal of the things ''Half-Life 2'' does. Read his notes for more in-depth information.
* BadLiar: Frohman, in spades.
* BattleCouple: Frohman thinks of Sandy as his girlfriend. Sandy thinks of Frohman as [[TheLoad a liability]].
* BeenThereShapedHistory: Nearly everything that Gordon Freeman has to deal with in ''Half-Life 2'' was directly or indirectly caused by Gordon Frohman. [[spoiler:It turns out he's also directly responsible for the events of the first game, as he delivered a piece of cheese to the Black Mesa lab instead of the Xen borderworld sample.]]
* BerserkButton[=/=]TranquilFury: "He's... got... ''my''... gravity... gun."
* BilingualBonus: Froh means happy in German.
* BlackComedy
* BlackComedyRape: Frohman [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-10-24 reminisces]] about a creepy old guy giving him the "Buddha" code, then having Gordon take off his pants.
-->'''Gordon:''' Huh! Also forgot that guy totally molested me! Boy, was ''that'' awful!
** According to the comic note:
--->I had no intentions of including a joke about Frohman being molested in this comic until after I'd posed it and was putting it together in Photoshop, when it suddenly seemed a little creepy that some dude on a train was offering the glassy-eyed bumpkin a cheat code. If I'd planned it from the start I'd probably have use the old wrinkly guy model, 'cos he looks kinda weird (apologies to the actual human being the old wrinkly guy is based on).
* BlackShirt: Frohman is staunchly pro-Combine and an avid fan of Dr. Breen, but is fortunately such a screw-up that he ends up helping the good guys by accident. How big of a screw-up? He's so terrible at being pro-Combine that he's one of the Resistance's best assets.
* BlatantLies:
** Used frequently by Frohman. See SuspiciouslySpecificDenial, below.
** Also in [[PropagandaMachine "The Combine Advisor" newspaper]]:
--->NOVA PROSPEKT - Everything is fine here in Nova Prospekt, according to everyone here in Nova Prospekt, sources inside Nova Prospekt said today. There is absolutely nothing about the situation in Nova Prospekt that is anything but totally fine. "There have been no unusual events or circumstances inside the former prison, now a theme park for humans, with rides and candy and cute puppy dogs and soft pillows," said Doctor Breen, the very handsome, smart, and kind administrator of City 17 and Nova Prospekt. "Really!"
*** Of note is that the obituaries run from pages 14 to ''38''.
* BondOneLiner: You got Frohwned!!!
* BossRoom: Confused for "a perfect place to rest" by our hero.
* BrickJoke: In the very first comic, two members of Civil Protection comment that the train is running late. In the very last comic, the rebels comment that the train to Episode Two is running late, with one of the group commenting "again?"
** Lampshaded in TheRant of [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-07 this strip]], where he manages to go three-for-three in six panels.
** [[spoiler:The T.G.I. Friday's is turned into one with the unofficial sequel.]]
* CallBack: A lot, but especially [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-07 #073]], calling back to Frohman's continued shoot-on-sight response to Vortigaunts, his adventures teleporting into ''Counter-Strike'', and ordering 100,000 of something all at once.
** Don't forget how at the beginning when Frohman leaves the train station, he cannot find any TGI Fridays. Then, in the sequel, he passes by a TGI Friday's as he's evacuating the city. Too bad it would explode even if Frohman got to stop in.
* CallForward: In Half-Life 2, Barney implies that when they first tested the teleporter with a cat it...didn't go well. In ''Concerned'', Kleiner tell Barney to get the cat for the test, insisting it will be fine.
* CardCarryingVillain: Wallace Breen fulfills this role basically.
* ChekhovsGun: Described [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-24 here]]. Or lampshaded. Or both.
* CigarFuseLighting: When Frohman meets his squadmates at the start of the revolt (who all introduce themselves by their character archetypes), one of them claims to be a demolitions expert who'll do exactly this. Not that he gets the chance before Frohman accidentally vaporizes the entire rest of the squad.
* ContinuityNod: Several jokes in ''Concerned 2.''
* CompanionCube: Gordon's *ahem* ''forward'' relationship with the gravity gun, coming to a head *ahem again* in strip #77.
** [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Boy, that's a pretty bad cough. Hope you get better!]]
** In Concerned 2, a "Breen Idol" and a Lawn Gnome play this role.
* CoolShip: G-Man's magical hovercraft, apparently.
* CrapsackWorld: It wasn't great to begin with, and then Frohman helped make things worse. ''Especially'' Ravenholm, which, before our hero got there and told the Combine where it was, was nicer than most of the real world.
* DeadlyDoctor: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-06-28 When he starts impersonating one]], Frohman ''definitely'' is.
* DemotedToExtra: While Frohman quickly falls in love with Judith Mossman and a random female rebel, he casually pushes past Alyx Vance, who almost never appears for the rest of the series. Of course, when she does next appear, [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-08-09 she gets caught by the Combine]] and it's Frohman's fault. The notes for that comic make note of this, saying that Livingston had originally planned for the final panel to be reversed - Alyx in the foreground and Frohman plus captors far off in the background - but then realized that it would make no sense to do so considering Alyx's complete lack of involvement in the rest of the comic.
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: "Medical Doctor of Medicine".
* DidWeJustHaveTeaWithCthulhu: Frohman is not the least bit intimidated while making sure he got the [[EldritchAbomination Combine Advisor's]] [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-07-18 orders right]].
* DownerEnding: Read the title. Although, given [[TheQuisling Frohman]] and [[spoiler:Dr. Breen]] both pretty well deserved to die, the ending could be seen as a subversion.
* DressingAsTheEnemy: Frohman gets tired of getting shot at by the Combine, so disguises himself as one to get them to back off. [[FriendOrFoe This simply causes the rebels to start shooting him]], so he switches ''back'' to a rebel disguise and promptly gets the Combine shooting at him again.
* DumbIsGood: ...Sorta.
* DumbassHasAPoint: Used [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-10 here]], [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-10-10 here,]] [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-02-06 and here]]. Made all the more jarring considering Frohman's utter stupidity.
** And Frohman lampshades it [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-11 here]], when he's first given the Gravity Gun.
--->'''Frohman''': Man. Even '''I''' know this is a bad idea.
* EleventhHourSuperpower: The truth behind the blue gravity gun [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-09-12 revealed]]!
* EverythingFades: Lampshaded with the first medkit Frohman stumbles upon, which has a disclaimer claiming it is "eco-friendly and will completely and instantly biodegrade upon use".
* EvilLaugh:
** Grigori loves these so much he even puts them in a roommate-wanted ad:
--->Roommate wanted for 2 bedroom, 2 bath home. Hardwood floors, tool shed. Close to church, schools, and public teleportation. Cats, robotic dogs okay. $325 a month. Ravenholm area. Contact F. Grigori.\\
Note: Non-smoker preferred. Must enjoy sermons and shotguns.\\
PS: Heh heh! Hah hah! '''HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH-HAH!'''
** An earlier example, followed by IsThisThingStillOn:
---> Welcome. Welcome to City 17... also known as... '''HELL! HELL! YOU'RE ALL GONNA DIE! YOU'RE ALL ''DEAD!!!'' HA HA HA HA HA HA!'''
* EvilTwin: Subverted with Norman Frohman, a former special ops agents working for the Resistance and who is actually effective in combat -- the total opposite of his twin. The subversion is that, if anything, ''Gordon'' is the evil one given his love for the Combine.
* ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin[=/=][[WhatDidYouExpectWhenYouNamedIt What Did You Expect When I Named It _____?]]: There was a big outcry by fans when Gordon was KilledOffForReal. Christopher C. Livingston pointed out the name of the comic was ''Concerned: The Half-Life and '''''Death''''' Of Gordon Frohman''.
* ExplodingBarrels: And Frohman, being Frohman, is the reason there are so damn many of them all over the game.[[note]]One of the notes alongside an early comic noted that, after the one where Frohman accidentally ordered 100,000 of them, Livingston had planned to [[RunningGag dump a ton of them in the background of every comic afterward]], though it was only a matter of days before he started posing comics in such a way that they were rarely visible, and only a few more before he stopped remembering to put the barrels in.[[/note]] Then there's [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-10-17 Frohman's hilariously-inept attempt]] at one of the early physics puzzles involving barrels in Water Hazard.
* TheFaceless: The shots are always taken so that Gordon ''Free''man's face is never seen, to the point where his picture on the character page is a broken jpeg.
* FaceFramedInShadow: Invoked by Frohman [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-05-31 here]].
-->'''Dr. Kleiner''': No, but you '''are''' [[LampshadeHanging making spooky shadow faces with your flashlight]], and it's a bit troubling.
* FauxtivationalPoster: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-29 Frohman made a few in an attempt to liven up the Combine Citadel]]. Incidentally, if you save the comic JPG and crop them right, you can make some kickass custom sprays.
* FelonyMisdemeanor: "There's nothing worse than having to pose the same scene twice. Well, maybe genocide. But posing the same scene twice is pretty lame, too."
* {{Flashback}}: Nicely {{lampshade|Hanging}}d, as seen on this trope's page.
** He later proves [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-04-03 less than adept in relaying these, though]].
--->'''Laszlo''': Uhh... Frohman? If you're having a flashback you've got to narrate it for us. We can't just see it in your head. I... I don't think he can hear me.
* FourthWallObserver: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-10 Early on]] in the comic, Frohman occasionally makes it clear that he's aware he's in a video game.
-->'''Civil Protection Officer''': Pick up that can.\\
'''Frohman''': How the heck do I do that?\\
''[Hot-tip appears: "'''E''' Pickup object"]''\\
'''Frohman''': Oh. Whoah! [[WreakingHavok I can pick up things in this game]]! [-I mean world.-] [[LampshadeHanging It's a little odd that I don't actually have to use my hands, though]].\\
'''Civil Protection Officer''': I was just thinking that myself.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-03 #120 will leave you in tears.]]
* GeniusDitz: When Frohman suddenly comes across something that does not make sense in terms of game logic, [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-02-06 he suddenly launches into a long-winded explanation of what is wrong and how it could be fixed,]] and goes back to picking his nose in the next comic. {{Author Filibuster}}s [[SarcasmMode have never been so subtle.]]
** He also once built a fully-operational Strider (though he never turned it on) because he didn't have enough dystopian oppression in his life in Ravenholm. Which doesn't even make sense as Striders are modified alien creatures, and probably don't exist in their natural form on earth.
* HeIsNotMyBoyfriend: A literal example, as [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-09-16 Frohman is convinced that Sandy is his girlfriend]], when she can't ''stand'' Frohman's idiocy.
* HealThyself: Medkits are capable of not only healing everything and anything, but also instantly removing any blood stains from clothing. They are also Eco-Friendly and will completely and instantly biodegrade upon use. This doesn't stop Frohman from trying (and failing) [[DeadlyDoctor to use surgery instead]], only giving out medkits when he gets impatient because his favorite show is about to start.
* HellishCopter: Some time in ''Bike Lane 17'', Frohman attempts to discreetly dispose of his Combine disguise by tossing it off a cliff. The body [[ContrivedCoincidence gets caught in the rotors of a passing Combine Gunship]], which then proceeds to cause a [[CrossesTheLineTwice hilarious]] case of DisasterDominoes.
* HereWeGoAgain: The series' bookends are snide comments on Valve's missed release dates.
* HopeSpot: In the final comic, we watch from first-person as a pair of medics find someone at ground zero and manage to get medical aid to them just in time - and it turns out it's not Frohman. He's lying dead on top of Dr. Breen.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Frohman has a kill-on-sight response to the friendly Vortigaunts and wants to join the Combine.
* ICallItVera: Gordon becomes quite... ''[[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-16 attached]]'' to the Gravity Gun.
-->'''Frohman:''' There ''is'' no Gordon, Judith...There is only...''The Claw.''
* ImagineSpot: Frohman imagines himself killing hundreds of the Combine, ''him'' abandoning Sandy, and later him carrying Judith Mossman. In reality, she's carrying him.
-->'''Judith:''' He just staggered in, crying and bleeding, and fainted.
* ImpaledWithExtremePrejudice: Norman.
* ImprovisedWeapon: As Freeman had his crowbar, Frohman wields a shovel.
* InformalEulogy: "I'll never forget the day I met him. It was today. About a minute ago, when my head collided with his neck, breaking it. His ''neck'', I mean. Not my head. My head is fine, not that anyone asked. Anyway. He seemed like a great guy with a lot of strong traits. Except for his neck, which was as brittle as glass. Amen."
* InsurmountableWaistHeightFence: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-07-17 Lampshaded, of course.]]
* IsThisThingOn: See Evil Laugh above.
* {{Jerkass}}: Gordon Freeman ends up looking like this, mercilessly killing an innocent Combine soldier, and later [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-07-24 taking all his fellow rebels' ammo]] because he [[OnlyMostlyDead assumed they were dead]].
* JerkassHasAPoint: Frohman [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-07-24 was more than a little miffed that Freeman had left him and an NPC for dead]], prompting the NPC to try shooting him for insulting Freeman.
-->'''Frohman''': Let me rephrase that... he took all our ammo and '''then''' left us to die.\\
'''NPC''': [[WhatTheHellHero What a dickweed]]!
* LampshadeHanging: Damn near everything.
-->'''Frohman:''' [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-09-21 Glad I waited until I was fully in uniform to finish that sentence, even though it took several minutes to get dressed.]]
* LethallyStupid: Frohman demonstrates his lethality in the Bike Lane 17 chapter, where he stumbles into the lost ''VideoGame/CounterStrike'' server. He injures a teammate while adjusting to the most powerful weapon, pushes another into the line of fire, guns down the hostages, and frags his own team.
* LockedDoor: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-07-17 Lampshaded.]]
--> '''Frohman:''' He's using my Gravity Gun to punt a ''car'' out of our way. But a wooden door, ''well''. Let's just run 8 miles through soldier infested, mine-littered streets to avoid it.
* MagicallyRegeneratingClothing: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-09-07 Lampshaded.]]
* MajorInjuryUnderreaction: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-09-28 Currently provides the page image]], and is the last straw for Sandy.
-->'''Sandy''': I'm ditching you, idiot, before you get me killed.\\
'''Frohman''': At least I ''think'' it's broken. Or did it always bend this way?
* TheMillstone: Frohman tries to help the Combine at every turn, but fails at all of said turns - and ''more besides''.
* MyEyesAreUpHere: Frohman is fascinated by the Combine Elite outfit that somehow renders everything in 2D. He then exclaims things are 3D again when he stares at Judith Mossman's breasts, causing Judith to state the trope.
* MythologyGag: Frohman, at the beginning of Sandtraps, states that "jumping puzzles are for effeminate [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Italian plumbers]]". This is a reference to the author's original site, Not My Desk, where he once [[http://www.screencuisine.net/nmd/features/vision/donkeykong.html wrote an article suggesting that Mario was gay]].
* NamesTheSame: [[invoked]] Not ''quite'' the same, but almost every time Frohman's last name is brought up, at least one person thinks he's claiming to be Freeman.
** Conversely, once Freeman actually does show up, the first time anyone mentions this causes someone else to think they're talking about Frohman.
* NewAbilityAddiction: When Frohman gets hold of [[WreakingHavok the Gravity Gun]], he starts using it for everything (parodying the way a lot of players became obsessed with it). Eventually, everyone at Black Mesa East gets sick of this and takes it away. [[spoiler: This becomes a BrickJoke when it turns out that he was the one who caused it to become the dark gravity gun near the end of the game (because he tried to stop a confiscation field from deleting it).]]
-->"There is no Frohman, there is only...THE CLAW!"
* NiceJobBreakingItHero: Where to begin...?
** Ravenholm. It used to be a peaceful sunny community, with only one whackjob priest who is ignored as a loon. Then Frohman comes by...
** Frohman gets rebels killed by ignoring the radio cry for help, and then proceeds to broadcast their hideout to all rebels. Not only are the combine listening in, they approve of some ideas for weapons that Frohman mentions.
-->'''Dr Breen:''' Headcrab Rockets? Now ''there's'' an idea.
** He takes a short break from thoroughly screwing up the world of Half-Life to [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-02-13 ruin the only good Counter-Strike server.]]
* NoAnimalsWereHarmed: Subverted.
-->''"[[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-29 Working with live seagull spawns]] is no picnic, either, as they're very fragile. [[OneHitPointWonder Brush them with the physics gun beam or an object and they squawk and die immediately.]] Many, many seagulls were killed in the making of this comic."''
* NoBikesInTheApocalypse: Averted. Frohman uses a bike more than any other vehicle. Even when he's disguised as a soldier.
* NotTheFallThatKillsYou: It's evidently [[spoiler: the ruptured organs and internal bleeding]].
** Although {{Justified|Trope}}, as [[spoiler:Frohman saved himself from the fall due to having [[NighInvulnerability Buddha Mode]] enabled, but due to [[TooDumbToLive inadvertently disabling it]] he ends up suffering CriticalExistenceFailure due to his injuries from the fall]].
* OfCorpseHesAlive: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-09-05 Well, he tried.]]
* OneParagraphChapter: ''No Prospekts'', a parody of the chapter ''Nova Prospekt'' is one strip; Frohman finally arrives at Nova Prospekt to get his Combine surgery. He is denied access because he does not have an appointment, and promptly leaves.
* OrphanedPunchline: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-08-29 "So anyway, I said to Tony, 'Strider? I hardly KNOW 'er!'"]]
* OwMyBodyPart: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-12-19 Ow! My health points!]]
* PaperThinDisguise: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-03 A Combine soldier sees a fellow soldier]] ''on a bike'' talking about rebels as very suspicious. Somehow this doesn't blow Frohman's cover.
* PatrickStewartSpeech: Gordon's brother Norman [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-08-16 is an expert]].
-->'''Gordon:''' ''(thinking)'' Same old Norman, still thinks he's some bitter, world-weary action hero, spitting out sardonic, overly dramatic responses, and acting like a camera is doing close-ups on him. Hm... bet I can trip him up. ''(aloud)'' Golly! I've got terrible hemorrhoids! All up my butt! What say you?\\
'''Norman:''' You think it's painful sitting down? '''''Try taking a stand.'''''\\
'''Gordon:''' ''(thinking)'' Damn he's good!
* PerfectlyCromulentWord: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-08 When Frohman's applying for a job at the Combine tower]].
-->'''Guard''': "[[BuffySpeak Stick-to-it-iveness]]" isn't a word.\\
'''Frohman''': Irregardless, can I set up an interview?
* PreMortemOneLiner: Frohman ''nearly'' succeeds in [[spoiler: assassinating Gordon Freeman and saving Dr. Breen]], but takes so long coming up with one of these that their battle is over by the time he's ready.
* ProductPlacement: Parodied in the notes for [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-23 this comic]].
* PunchClockVillain: Most of the Combine. As is Gordon while he's working for them.
* QuipToBlack: Gordon's brother Norman is fond of doing these.
* RedemptionEqualsDeath: The rebel Clay introduces himself thusly:
-->I'm shifty-eyed and untrustworthy. I'll probably ditch you guys when the combat gets too intense, which is in keeping with my selfish, cowardly nature. Of course, I'll redeem myself later, after being wounded, and telling you to go on and leave me behind. Then I'll detonate a grenade, killing myself but taking out some Combine soldiers too, allowing you to escape safely.
** Being a squadmate of Frohman's, naturally he doesn't make it long enough to do either of those things.
* ReliablyUnreliableGuns: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-20 Mr. Henderson's pulse rifle.]]
** [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-06-12 Frohman's, too.]]
* RunningGag: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-24 Whenever Frohman orders in bulk,]] [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-07 he ends up ordering]] [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-05-12 far more of the item in question than needed,]] [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-12-14 usually 100,000.]] He blames the keys being stuck.
** Also how his NamesTheSame (almost) as Gordon Freeman.
--->'''Frohman''': I said '''Froh'''man.\\
'''Bystander''': [[LampshadeHanging Do I detect the birth of a recurring gag]]?\\
'''Frohman''': [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-06 I'm sure it won't come up again]].
* ShootTheMedicFirst: Tired of being shot at by both sides, Frohman attempts to adopt neutrality by dressing as a medic, figuring that the Rebels will love him for his healing skills and Combine won't shoot him due to the Geneva conventions. [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-06-23 He takes a shotgun blast to the gut almost immediately]].
* ShoutOut: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-07 To]] ''Film/FerrisBuellersDayOff''.
-->'''Townsperson''': You're not Gordon Freeman.\\
'''Frohman''': No.\\
'''Townsperson''': You're... Gordon Frohman.\\
'''Frohman''': Yes.\\
'''Townsperson''': The Sausage King of Chic--\\
'''Frohman''': '''''No.'''''
** [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-03 Another one]]:
-->'''G-Man''': Look out! An Archvile!\\
'''Frohman''': Archvile? Where? Where? Wait, an ''[[VideoGame/{{Doom}} Archvile]]''? [[BreakingTheFourthWall They aren't even in this--]] [[StealthHiBye hey, where'd you go?]]
** Gordon Frohman's grandfather, who fought in UsefulNotes/WorldWarII, was apparently named [[Creator/MorganFreeman Morgan Frohman]].
** Also, a ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' reference [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-01-16 in #100]] and a ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' one referencing the cuccoo catching sidequest in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime Ocarina of Time]]'' [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-11-30 in #82]].
* ShovelStrike: Frohman's trusty shovel.
* SophisticatedAsHell: Frohman's [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-07 letter to Breen]] about the Combine's anti-reproduction field is filled with excessively casual language, idioms, and slang, up until he actually asks the question, which is exactly as it appears in-game: "Why has the Combine seen fit to suppress our reproductive cycle?"
* SpannerInTheWorks: From the abundance of medpacks to aid the resistance, to the surplus supply of ExplodingBarrels the Combine is forced to take cover behind, Frohman is his enemies' greatest ally.
* SpeakOfTheDevil: Subverted.
--> '''Kleiner''': What choice do we have? I hardly expect some dim-witted dolt will show up and volunteer to test our highly unstable teleporter!\\
'''Kleiner''': Hmmm. I was sort of expecting some dim-witted dolt to show up and volunteer to test our highly unstable teleporter.
* SpringtimeForHitler: When ordered by Barney to order a shitload of guns online for the Rebels to use in their uprising, Frohman attempts to fake said order and surreptitiously send a distress call to the Combine... only to accidentally place a real order for guns. A [[RunningGag hundred-thousand]] of them, even.
-->'''Frohman:''' '''Why''' oh '''why''' can't I ever do anything '''wrong?'''
* SprintMeter: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-22 Lampshaded]] along with the TenSecondFlashlight.
* StealthHiBye: Sometimes Frohman [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-05-22 gets the better of the G-Man]], and [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-06-03 sometimes he doesn't]].
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial
-->'''Judith:''' What? What? I don't know Dr. Breen! Who told you I know him? I don't! I've never met him! I've never even heard of him! I don't sleep with a picture of him under my pillow!
** Frohman does this. [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-06-09 A lot.]]
--->'''Frohman:''' No need to come here and look over my shoulder or anything! Even though it looks like I'm just slapping my hands randomly on the keyboard, I'm actually placing the order! For GUNS! You're not being duped or lied to like you might think! Ha ha! Hey, everyone, I think Barney here thinks I'm not actually placing the order for guns! Okie dokie, the real order is placed and isn't fake at all! If the guns never show up then I don't know who to blame except that it's not me because I ordered them and didn't fake-order them like you seem to think for some reason!\\
'''Computer:''' [[/folder]]

[[folder: Your real order for guns has been placed. Thank you for using Citadel purchasing. ]]
'''Barney:''' Wow! Sorry I doubted you, Gordon!\\
'''Frohman:''' '''Why''' oh '''why''' can't I ever do anything '''wrong?'''
** And Frohman [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-03 again]].
--->'''Frohman:''' At any rate, I'm definitely NOT a rebel in a combine uniform, if that's what you're accusing me of!
* SuspiciousVideogameGenerosity: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-24 Lampshaded]].
-->'''Rebel:''' And if you come across a huge cache of ammo, weapons, health packs, and armor chargers, what does that mean?\\
'''Frohman:''' That I'm about to get my ass kicked?\\
'''Rebel:''' Bingo.
* TakeThat: Chris made more than one jab at ''Film/DonnieDarko'' during the comic's run, both in-comic and in the [[TheRant notes]].
** The entire ''VideoGame/CounterStrike'' arc is one giant one at CS:S and its players - who, ironically, [[MexicansLoveSpeedyGonzales were among the arc's biggest fans]].
* TemptingFate: When Frohman leads a CP to Kleiner's hideout.
-->'''Frohman''': Now if you'll excuse me, I believe I hear a stun stick warming up...\\
''(CP removes helmet, revealing himself as Barney)''\\
'''Frohman''': And for once, ''I'' won't be the one getting hit by it!
** Narrowly averted by Dr. Breen [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-09-07 rejoicing over Freeman's capture]].
--->'''Dr. Breen''': Then it's over. Sheez, that was easy. Take the men off high alert.\\
'''Henderson''': Is that such a good idea, sir?\\
'''Dr. Breen''': Freeman is clearly an idiot, Henderson. How long do complete idiots usually survive? ''({{Beat}} as both look at [[IdiotHero Frohman]] babbling semi-coherently about nicknames for things)'' ...Keep the men on high alert.
* ThatCloudLooksLike: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-10-14 Hmm, that thing in the canal looks like a guy in a little boat.]]
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: [[http://aconcernedrip-off.webs.com/apps/photos/photo?photoid=28580413 Referred to by name.]]
* TooDumbToLive: Frohman, who [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-10-17 bypasses a puzzle by flinging him and his boat over an obstacle by shooting exploding barrels]], [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-04-05 nails boards to his feet to cross sandtraps without alerting antlions]], and [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-09-23 gets the "take pictures of you" and "chop you up with a whirling blade of death" flying drones mixed up at every turn]]. Also done with the first ''Counter-Strike'' server Frohman's accidentally launched into. And again, surviving zombification by having the headcrab starve to death on his head. He only stays alive due to [[spoiler: a cheat code.]] He even ''literally'' fulfills this trope [[spoiler:by being so dumb he turns off the code because he thinks "Buddha" is a funny word. And even that wouldn't be enough if he hadn't screwed his last chance by shooting at the Vortigaunts, who quickly give up on saving his life. Frohman dies soon after]].
-->'''Sandy:''' I feel like every time I turn around you're doing something stupid, like holding a live grenade while standing knee-deep in radioactive sludge and setting yourself on fire.\\
'''Frohman:''' [[ITakeOffenseToThatLastOne For the record]], I'm only ''ankle'' deep.
** Lampshaded [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-24 here]].
--->'''Rebel:''' Well, I spent the morning lugging a chest of infinite rockets up these stairs. Do you have any idea how much those things ''weight?''\\
'''Frohman:''' I don't have any idea about a lot of things.
** If someone unironically [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-10-10 praises Frohman for his insight]], they likely qualify as this too.
** At Ravenholm, [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-01-04 Frohman was too dumb to DIE]], with the poor headcrab eventually dying of malnutrition.
* TranquilFury. "[[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-07-12 [Freeman]'s got. My. Gravity. Gun.]]"
* UnhandThemVillain: In Concerned 2, Frohman threatens a barnacle with a lawsuit unless it lets go of his [[CompanionCube Breen Idol]]. Upon finding out that it's inedible, the Barnacle complies by dropping the bust...on Frohman's head.
* UnsympatheticComedyProtagonist[=/=]VillainProtagonist: It's easy to forget because he's such a lovable goofball, but Gordon Frohman is actively trying to be the best traitor-to-humanity he can be. He's just ''[[MinionWithAnFInEvil terrible]]'' at it.
** Though he's managed to cause just as much of a mess for the other side as well, also through sheer incompetence.
* UnwittingInstigatorOfDoom: ''Constantly'', though of particular note is the fact that Frohman [[spoiler: http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-08-04 caused the events of the original, and by extension, second Half-Life]].
* VerticalKidnapping: [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2005-09-30 Poor Sandy.]]
* VoiceoverLetter: Frohman "voice overs" his various letters to Dr Breen (if you consider writing outside of the letter to be a voice over). He doesn't seem to realise Breen's the bad guy.
* WalkingDisasterArea: Gordon, in spades. Everyone, ''everyone'' who comes in contact with him ends up ruined or killed. A rebel he's interested in, the entire town of Ravenholm, ''his brother''...
-->'''Laszlo''': [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-03-29 No, it isn't]]... it can't be. It '''couldn't''' be! It '''might''' be! '''''IT IS'''''! We can't go with ''him''! There's gotta be someone else!
* WebcomicOfTheGame: Though according to the comic, the events of ''Half-Life 2'' are happening in Frohman's wake.
* WhatMeasureIsAMook: [[AccidentalAesop Unintentionally]] {{deconstructed|Trope}} with the [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-05-17 "Frank Tangent"]] quartet of comics. Giving a faceless mook a life, family, goals and dreams, and a sympathetic point-of-view was intended for comedy, due to "the ludicrous concept of it all". It, uh, [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes didn't really work out as expected]]. The [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-05-22 final strip of the tangent]] doubles as a MookHorrorShow.
* WreakingHavok: There's a reason Frohman loves the Gravity Gun so much.
* YouALLLookFamiliar: Lampshaded repeatedly, [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-07-31 especially in Frohman's flashback]].
** In a meta-example, the same character model used for Frohman (male_07) was also used in the machinima of [[FanFic/HalfLifeFullLifeConsequences Full Life Consequences]] as John Freeman who was Gordon Freeman's brother.
*** ''And'' as the AuthorAvatar of Das Bo Schitt, the creator of ''Machinima/TheGModIdiotBox''.
*** As well as the recurring citizen in ''Machinima/CivilProtection''.
* YouHaveFailedMe: As much as Dr. Breen ''wants'' to, [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-09-05 he doesn't actually have this power]].
-->'''Frohman:''' Well, ''my'' throat is sorta scratchy. [[ItMakesSenseInContext But it could be all those SunChips I just ate.]]
* YourBrainWontBeMuchOfAMeal: After Gordon walks away with a headcrab on a head for the better part of a chapter, it eventually [[http://www.screencuisine.net/hlcomic/index.php?date=2006-01-04 falls off]], having died of malnutrition. Gordon provides a {{Lampshading}} in the background.
* ZombieApocalypse: The idea of shelling beautiful, isolated Ravenholm with headcrab-filled artillery came from, you guess it...
* ZombieInfectee: Frohman actually becomes one, but survives thanks to [[spoiler: Buddha mode]], so he just waits till the headcrab dies of Malnutrition and heals himself with health packs
** He also suggests using a headcrab to revive a patient he killed.