[[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/index.html Coach Random]] is a completed webcomic consisting of 360 strips of life in a college dorm. The characters are almost all dogs.
!!This Webcomic contains examples of:
* ArtifactTitle: Inverted, Coach Random himself made his only appearance in the [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-354.xml penultimate regular comic.]]
* ButtMonkey: Dork Boy.
* DrunkDriver: Bud is this from time to time.
* EntendreFailure: [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-327.xml Comic 327]] shows Dorkboy having shaved and licked a beaver, and wondering how you're supposed to get sexual enjoyment from doing this to [[LiteralMinded a large rodent.]]
* [[EveryoneCallsHimBarkeep Everyone calls Him Dork Boy]]: His real name is never mentioned.
* FurriesAreEasierToDraw: He can draw humans, but they're much more detailed than his dog characters, [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-189.xml as]] [[http://coachrandom.furtopia.org/Chronological/comic-257.xml a]] [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-259.xml number]] [[http://coachrandom.furtopia.org/Chronological/comic-273.xml of]] [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-354.xml strips]] [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-360.xml show]].
* GaleForceSound [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-020.xml Comic #20]]: where Bud doesn't check the bass volume before turning on the stereo, and is sent flying.
* JerkJock: Jeff fits this to a T.
* LaxativePrank: [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-226.xml Coupled with some Prozac]].
* ThePreciousPreciousCar: [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-315.xml The Corvette Storyline.]]
* {{Prison}}: [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-070.xml Bud has indeed ended up in the slammer]], thanks to [[MeAndMyBigMouth his big mouth.]]
* TakeThat: Many of the strips were meant as such, especially towards those Scott Ruhl knew.
* WhatsAHenway: [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-043.xml What's updog?]]
** Later on, [[http://coachrandom.zzl.org/Chronological/comic-058.xml the joke falls flat.]]