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->''"Broken Lines: An Illustrated Novel."''
-->-- Page Title

''[[http://www.broken-lines.com/ Broken Lines]]'' is a hybrid of prose, spot illustration, and comic art by Tom Pappalardo. It is a comedy/non-adventure story about a cowboy, a spaceman, and a waitress travelling cross-country fighting evil in a stolen rental van. Pappalardo has been publishing the story a few chapters at a time in 8"x8" black & white comic book format since 2007, and online since 2010. Pappalardo is also the author of ''ComicStrip/TheOptimist'', a weekly comic strip.

!!This comic provides examples of:
%%* AmusingInjuries
* BeatPanel - An often-used device in the comic, as seen [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=6 here]],
%%* BlandNameProduct
%%* CharacterOverlap
* ComicBookTime - The timeline of events in the story are left intentionally vague.
%%* DeadpanSnarker
%%* DeathGlare
%%* DoubleEntendre
* EyesAlwaysShut - Cowboy is almost always [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=10 scowling]].
%%* FacePalm
%%* FourFingeredHands
* {{Homage}} - Scenes from several movies are referenced, quotes and reenacted throughout the story: Blade Runner, Magnificent Seven.
%%* LawOfDisproportionateResponse
* LazyArtist - Artwork is often re-used with slight tweaks, for example, two panels on [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=18 this page]] followed by [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=19 this page]]. Or this series of pages: [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=34 1]], [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=35 2]], and [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=36 3]]
%%* RubberHoseLimbs
%%* SelfDeprecation - The entirety of Chapter Seven.
* SeriesHiatus - Broken Lines is published somewhat sporadically both in print and online.
* StripBuffer - Pages currently being published online were originally published in print approximately three years earlier.
%%* TakeThat
* UnsoundEffect - [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=26 STRETCH]], [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=6 SIT!]], and [[http://read.broken-lines.com/?paged=8 CENSURE!]]
* UnwantedGlassesPlot - Chapter Seven involves an unfortunate pair of eyewear.
* VitriolicBestBuds - The cowboy and the spaceman are an ill-suited match for close-quarters travel.
%%* WithFriendsLikeThese