-->Her tale is one of liberation. Her tail is pink.

''[[http://www.bladekitten.com Blade Kitten]]'' is a webcomic by "Space Captain" Steve Stamatiadis and a 2D sidescrolling platformer developed by Krome Studios, whom Stamatiadis is co-founder and Creative Director of. It follows the adventures of a CatGirl BountyHunter named Kit Ballard.

The game starts off with Kit taking a bounty on Hollow Wish only to have her breaker key (needed for her bounty work) stolen and her ship blown up.

Not to be confused with Webcomic/BladeBunny.

* ActionGirl
* AllJustADream: One level takes place in a nightmare Kit has.
* AndYourRewardIsClothes: 100% completion in the game earns you a costume that turns Kit into "one of the most wanted Felions in the galaxy".
* {{Animesque}}: Has a Japanese-influenced art style and uses several Anime and Manga tropes such as LuminescentBlush, HairColors, and of course, cat girls.
* [[BountyHunter Bounty Hunters]]: Known as Breakers in the Blade Kitten universe. Kit herself is one.
* CatGirl: Kit Ballard and all Felions.
* CatsHaveNineLives: As a reference to this trope, you get an Achievement if Kat bites the big one nine times in a level.
* CutsceneIncompetence: A lot of the early stages could've been avoided if Kit had just tackled Justice to the ground.
* DoomedHometown: [[spoiler: The Felion homeworld Midsun.]]
* EvenEvilHasStandards: [[spoiler:After Lucy sells out and betrays Kit to Axael, she's called scum and told to get out after getting her cash.]]
* FacelessGoons: The [[{{Mook}} mooks]] on Stage 1 resemble ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' rejects.
** Or [[VideoGame/{{Borderlands}} The Crimson Lance]].
* GroundPound
* GogglesDoNothing: Kit's goggles.
* KillerRabbit: Skiffy
* LeetLingo: "OMG" and "Noob" frequently appear in the webcomic.
** "Win get!"
** [[VideoGame/{{Borderlands}} The Crimson Lance]]... err, Sollers use this a lot in the game. See 'Situation Oscar Mama Golf' and the similar 'Code: Sierra Oscar Lima'. Around the middle of the game, [[spoiler:a Sol commander issues a 'Code Whiskey Tango Foxtrot' to his men after receiving a message Kit delivers.]]
* MoodWhiplash: In the game. One moment you're [[StormingTheCastle storming a colorful castle]] and the next [[spoiler: you are in [[LovecraftCountry Lovecraft Country]]]]. The level after is like this as well, featuring [[spoiler: Kit within a nightmare involving fighting and surviving against an endless horde of Darques]]. Then it's right back to being colorful.
* NonStandardGameOver: In episode 2, [[spoiler:getting latched onto by a Draug parasite and failing to get it off in time results in you becoming a mindless Draug soldier. You even get an achievement for it!]]
* PardonMyKlingon: "Falterdan" is apparently a very naughty word in the Blade Kitten universe.
* PettingZooPeople: The Felions.
* PlatformingPocketPal: Skiffy.
* RegeneratingHealth: You'll appreciate it, since there aren't any healing items.
* RidiculouslyCuteCritter: Skiffy.
* SamusIsAGirl: [[spoiler: Axael is actually Kagemusha's daughter.]]
* SkinshipGrope: [[http://www.bladekitten.com/comics/blade-kitten/9/page:5 Yup.]]
* TeamPet: Skiffy
* UnusualEuphemism: Falterdan and NOINK (NOINK stands for NO Idea [[LeetLingo Noob]] Kid.)
* WallCrawl: Kit can scale most walls and even "walk" (with her forelimbs) along ceilings. While she can't climb metallic walls the normal way, she can combine it with jumps to compensate.