[[ Between The Lines]] is a comic about a group of transgender teens. Main characters, Shay and Dani must simultaneously navigate the challenges of adolescence, while also dealing with complicated issues related to gender and identity.

The author has decided to discontinue the webcomic, but will be publishing the series on paper. The webcomic pages can be found on their Website/DeviantArt.

''For the British InternalAffairs police procedural of the same title, see Series/BetweenTheLines. For the comic strip of the same name, see ComicStrip/BetweenTheLines''


* AbusiveParents: Danny/Dani has some. Kevin/Shay's father is more "an ass" than outright physically abusive.
* AllThereInTheManual: several characters not yet introduced have art with names tagged to them on several extra areas of the comic site.
* NotSoDifferent: Nicholas/Nikki and Kevin/Shay.