[[caption-width-right:350:She's got super-electric dreams.]]

'''[[http://www.bvbcomix.com Band Vs Band]]''' is a webcomic by Kathleen Jacques. It follows [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin two bands]], [[TastesLikeDiabetes The Candy Hearts]] and [[ForTheEvulz The Sourballs]], and the mutual rivalry slash attraction between their leaders, cheerful do-gooder Honey Hart and dark troublemaker Turpentine. Currently updates once a week.

!! This comic provides examples of:
* BoldInflation: Speech bubbles often include varied typefaces and other effects.
* BattleOfTheBands
* BelligerentSexualTension: Honey and Turpentine, not that either one would ever admit it.
* CastFullOfGay: Played with. Of the main band members; four are gay, two are bi, one is straight and one is transgender
** Everyone in Venus and the Angels is gay.
* ClueFromEd: In [[http://bvbcomix.com/bandvsband/honey-hart-vs-self this one]]...in reference to the page immediately before it.
* DragQueen: Markus "Venus Destructo" Martinez, fronting one of the secondary bands that sometimes appears.
* EveryOneCanSeeIt: Averted with Honey, while the audience is fully aware of her massive crush, only one of her bandmates is even aware she has a crush. Coco is unsure though, if it's Turps or Arsenic that Honey is crushing on.
* FourthWallMailSlot: Real letters from readers but the fourth wall part is ambiguous in-universe, since the characters seem to interpret it as mail from fans of the bands.
* HeartSymbol: Constantly.
* {{Gayngst}}: Thanks to her [[InnocentlyInsensitive grandmother]], Honey Hart has a stigma that won't allow her to admit, even to herself, that she is gay. It's [[EveryoneCanSeeIt pretty obvious she is though.]]
* GoshDangItToHeck: Is not something Honey Hart would say, it's way too vulgar.
* LipstickLesbian
* MusicStories
* OddNameOut: The Candy Hearts: Honey, Coco, Cherry, and ...Zero.
* OralFixation: Arsenic.
* RainbowLite: Rainbows appear entirely in shades of blue and pink.
* RainbowSpeak
* RetroUniverse
* ShipTease: Honey and Turps.
* StageName: Almost everyone.
** OnlyKnownByTheirNickname: The Candy Hearts and The Sourballs all have real names, but their stage names are what they go by.
* TransparentCloset: While never doing anything to indicate she is in the closet, Turps is rather shocked to find out that it is obvious that she's gay.
* ThePowerOfRock
* UnrequitedLove: Stacy, a reoccurring side character, is in love with her male best friend, [[IncompatibleOrientation but he's gay.]] Doesn't help that they first met during a threesome.
** Coco, Candy Heart's [[NobodyLovesTheBassist bass player,]] has a crush on Honey, but knows Honey is in love with someone else. Coco takes it in stride if a bit sad that she lost before she got to try.
* VisibleSilence
* WingdingEyes: There have been both hearts and spirals.
* YouGottaHaveBlueHair: Arsenic, Coco, Soda, and several extras.