''[[http://balls2that.com Balls 2 That]]'' is a WebComic created by Luke [=McKay=] as a side project, his main focus being Webcomic/RoosterTeethComics. Updating three times a week, the comic is based around the wacky, utterly [[RandomEventsPlot random]] adventures of the eponymous Balls and his female companion, Mustard.

The comic is also notable for the unique coloring style - the original blue-colored pencil sketch of each panel is still visible behind the black outlines.

!!This comic provides examples of:

* CatSmile: Balls in Luke's special hand-painted ValentinesDay comic.
** Also, a very strange CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming.
* EyepatchOfPower: Balls sports the boring, medical kind.
* ForTheEvulz: Many of Balls's antics stem from this.
** [[http://balls2that.com/p/c/00236.htm This]] comic directs it at Luke's native people, the [[CanadaEh Canadians]]!
* GagBoobs:
** [[http://balls2that.com/p/c/00093.htm Balls grows a pair]]. Needless to say, they're more nightmare-inducing than anything else.
** And of course, Mustard's breasts are used for comedy often enough.
* HelloNurse: Mustard's nurse uniform is, well, [[{{Fanservice}} pretty appealing]].
* LoyalAnimalCompanion: Balls's pet camel.
* MsFanservice: Mustard, again.
* MyBrainIsBig: Parodied [[http://balls2that.com/p/c/00240.htm here]].
* NoodleIncident: Plenty of them. For example, [[http://balls2that.com/p/c/00243.htm here]] and [[http://balls2that.com/p/c/00081.htm here]].
* RaisingTheSteaks: [[http://balls2that.com/p/c/00235.htm Zombie camels!]]
* SeinfeldianConversation: Much of the humor is derived from this.
** [[GagPenis If you had to suck a bag of]] [[http://balls2that.com/p/c/00237.htm dicks]]...