Long before the "I'm a Mac. And I'm a PC" commercials came out (it's been running since 2003), '''''Applegeeks''''' was promoting the agenda of switching to Mac. A college-based SliceOfLife comic with a few surreal elements, it's utterly filled with ProductPlacement -- and Apple isn't paying a thing for all the advertising. Its co-creators are writer [[Webcomic/JohnnyWander Ananth Hirsh]] and artist Mohammad F. Haque.

It can be found [[http://www.applegeeks.com/index.php here.]]

As of October 25, 2010, Haque has placed the comic on indefinite hiatus.
!!''Applegeeks'' provides examples of:

* ArtEvolution: [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=195 This]] is #195, and the style of any non-guest comic before it. [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=196 This]] is #196. It then gets even DarkerAndEdgier just a few comics later before reverting to something similar to the second style as of [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=219 #219]], only to change styles again later--right around #300 or so. Also, starting with [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=380 #380]], Yuko Ota became part-time artist, causing yet another ArtShift. Officially, [[strike:his]] [[{{Bifauxnen}} her]] name is only on #380-382, #485, and #493-496 (current), although shortly after the first guest appearance, the difference between Haque's style and Ota's narrowed quite a bit, for one final art shift (thus far).
** Heck, even the character's skin tones have shifted (most evident in Hawk, who now looks much more like Haque, [[AuthorAvatar on whom he's based]]).
* AuthorAvatar: Hawk/Haque
* BSideComics: AG Lite, a newspaper-style comic updating three times a week, in contrast to the full-color, continuity-based main comic.
* {{Crossover}}: A few times, both with ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel'' (Hawk beats down Buckley with his laptop) and ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}'' (Piro just...[[OneSceneWonder pops up out of nowhere]], but doesn't directly interact with Hawk)
* FaceHeelTurn: Frost - after being absent from the comic for over 150 issues.
* FunnyBackgroundEvent: Twice, one when Hawk begins work on Eve (before she got a human body) and when Hawk returned home to eat a bunch of donuts.
* KissingInATree: Hilariously demonstrated in number [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=181 181]]
* LampshadeHanging: On the rampant ProductPlacement
* {{Masquerade}}: Pushed to breaking point with Eve - She largely avoids attention despite her [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair bright blue hair]], [[PowerGlows glowing parts]], [[LaserBlade energy blades]], facial markings and body armor as people believe her to be a cosplayer. ''Who'' exactly they think she's cosplaying as is never mentioned. This gets played with in [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=497 #497]] where Gina's friend thinks Eve is in costume, and, when Eve says she's actually a robot, doesn't believe her.
** At least some think she's cosplaying Gunnm, according to [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=320 #320]].
* OohMeAccentsSlipping - Gina originally had a fairly [[{{Narm}} Narmy]] irish accent, but this was quickly dropped after a couple of issues.
* OrphanedSeries: In the middle of a time travel arc, no less.
* ProductPlacement: Unsurprisingly, dude really loves his Apple products.
* RealityEnsues: One of Hawk's inventions is a set of PoweredArmor that increases his strength and durability for use in combat. The trouble is he's still has the physique of a average strength person who's never had combat experience or taken a self-defense class. So any time he does use it, his much stronger and more experienced foes kick his butt until somebody else solves the problem.
* RobotGirl: who, of course, is built using apple hardware.
* ScheduleSlip: ''AG Lite'' updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday without fail (though it was only Wednesdays and Fridays at first, the first Monday comic being #49). The main ''[=AppleGeeks=]'', however, updates erratically at best - and has been recently reduced to only a single issue per week. As a result, despite AG Lite beginning in 2006, ''three years'' after the main comic, the thousandth overall comic was AG Lite 476 (Wednesday, June 24, 2009)--almost half of the overall output. In fairness, a black-and-white comic ''strip'' is considerably easier to make than a full-color, full-page comic. In late 2010, updates started to become sporadic at best until Haque finally put the comic on hiatus.
* ShipTease: Gina/Hawk looked like it was going to happen for awhile, but that's changed. Also occurred earlier with [[HeroesWantRedHeads Naku]]/Hawk, though this subplot abruptly vanished along with both [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome Naku]] and her [[WriteWhoYouKnow real-life counterpart.]]
* ShowSomeLeg: Gina distracts her foe by flashing...[[LesYay her.]]
* ShutUpKiss: Issue [[http://www.applegeeks.com/comics/viewcomic.php?issue=496 496]].
* TalkingAnimal: It's actually just a figment of Hawk's imagination.
* TokenMinority: Hawk may or may not qualify as a TwoferTokenMinority, as he a Bangladeshi American and Muslim (as evidenced by his honoring Ramadan), but the "Token" part is misleading as he is modeled after the original artist.
* TheVerse: Part of a pseudo-canonical "Macverse" comprised of it, ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}'' and ''Webcomic/MacHall''.
* VictoriousChildhoodFriend: After a lot of "WillTheyOrWontThey", Jayce and Alice are finally dating.
* WebcomicsMultiverses: Takes place in the same multiverse as ''Webcomic/{{Megatokyo}}'', ''Webcomic/CtrlAltDel'' and ''[[http://www.comedity.com/index.php?strip_id=86 Comedity]]''.