Daily SliceOfLife WebComic created by James Kochalka, it follows his eponymous character's daily interaction with his family (wife Amy, sons Eli and Oliver and very old cat Spandy) and the outside world.
As of December 31, 2012 Kochalka will no longer be doing the strip but it will remain archived indefinitely at http://www.americanelf.com/ and is available in book form.

Contains examples of:
* AltText
* ArtEvolution
* TheDanza: Kochalka uses his own name as well as those and his family members.
* DarkerAndEdgier: [[http://www.americanelf.com//comics/americanelf.php?view=single&ID=43265 Sometimes]].
* FacelessMasses
* HollywoodNewEngland: Set in Burlington, Vermont.
* LongRunners: Since 1998.
* MenaceDecay: Avoided, partly because Kochalka canceled the comic long before his real kids grow up and partly because they weren't characterized as "menacing" in the first place.
* OurElvesAreDifferent: The main character is an "elf" only in how he's drawn, his wife is human and his sons not only are human, but the most realistically drawn characters in the whole series.
* ShownTheirWork: Almost every place, music venue or institution he mentions really exists.
* TheCatCameBack: Inverted - Spandy's the only character other than the AuthorAvatar who's been there since the beginning.
** Kochalka posted a series of strips [[SpiritualSuccessor in the style of these]] on his Website/{{Tumblr}} about Spandy's death at age 20.