''[[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/ Amazing Super Powers]]'' is a [[BlackComedy dark and terribly]] humorous gag per (update) day webcomic by [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/AboutUs.htm Wes and Tony]]. Occasionally the comics are part of a mini-story, though usually they are able to stand on their own.

Compare ''Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal'' and ''ComicStrip/ThePerryBibleFellowship''.

!!''Amazing Super Powers'' contains examples of:

* AltText
* BestialityIsDepraved: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2013/07/girls-brunch/ I'm married to an actual tortoise]].
* BlackComedy
* BlankWhiteEyes: All human characters have these as an artistic choice.
* BonusMaterial / DeletedScene: A hidden '?' outside the upper right corner of the comic often shows a bonus comic that continues the joke in some way.
** The older ones don't have this, however, so, by clicking the '?', you get to hang out with a smelly caveman.
* DatingCatwoman: Has downsides after [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2013/11/how-did-you-meet/ you get married]].
* FingerInTheMail: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2009/01/kidnapping/ One strip]] makes a gag out of reassembling a kidnapped child as detectives are delivered more and more severed appendages in the mail.
* FourFingeredHands: Actually, ''three'' fingers.
* FridgeHorror: [[invoked]] [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2007/12/telephone-call/ in-comic example]]
* InvisibleJerkass: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2007/11/invisible-man-convention/ This one]] but to ''another'' invisible person.
* LetHimChoose: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2010/02/here-boy/ This comic]].
* MagicMap / RealityChangingMiniature: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2008/10/magic-map/ This map]] leading to tragic consequences.
* Nepotism: A [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2012/06/merit/ decidedly clear-cut example]].
* NonindicativeName
* OneTwoPunchline: the bonus panel.
* OnionTears: subverted [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2008/07/onions/ here]].
* PokeInTheThirdEye: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2007/12/third-eye/ Literally]].
* {{Pun}}: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2007/11/oh-well/ Here]].
* RecurringCharacter: The grumpy fish named [[PunnyName Wade]], most noticeably.
* RefugeInAudacity
* SplitScreenPhoneCall: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2007/12/telephone-call/ Here]], [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]].
* ThoughtBubbleSpeech: Used by fish, [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2011/10/return-of-the-fish-2/ here]].
* UncattyResemblance: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2007/09/people-and-pets/ This]] man and his cat.
* WheresWaldo: [[http://www.amazingsuperpowers.com/2007/12/where-is-he/ Here]].