-> ''"Let's find out what's wrong with Pinkie's brain."''
-->-- '''Twilight Sparkle'''

Twilight once more decides to examine Pinkie ForScience. This time, she tries to figure out just what's wrong with Pinkie's brain. Unfortunately, something goes wrong. Now Pinkie Pie's alter egos have been set free from her mind and are runing amok throughout Ponyville. Worse yet, the original Pinkie Pie has been rendered -- {{GASP}} -- normal! Now her friends have to track down the pieces of Pinkie Pie's mind and put them back where they belong before things get too out of control.

''A Piece of Pie'' is a ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' fancomic posted on Website/DeviantArt by [=MohawkRex=]. The original can be read [[http://mohawkrex.deviantart.com/gallery/32065871# here]] and a colored version by whysoseriouss can be found [[http://whysoseriouss.deviantart.com/gallery/33362747 here.]]
!!Tropes In this {{Webcomic}}:

* AxCrazy: Punky Pie, who loves pranks, but her preferred prank is launching missiles full of itching powder all over the city not caring if anyone gets hurt or not.
* AmazonianBeauty: While Rarity is still Rarity, she looks decidedly more buff in [[http://whysoseriouss.deviantart.com/art/A-Piece-Of-Pie-p7-258624904 on this page]] when dealing with Golden Pie.
* BerserkButton: [[spoiler:Punky Pie should ''never'' have tried to hurt Fluttershy in front of Rainbow Dash.]]
* BrokenBird: Poor little Pinkamena.
* DancePartyEnding: [[spoiler:The fic ends with all of Pinkie's personalities, minus an annoyed Golden Pie and Punky Pie, and [[FunnyBackgroundEvent Discord]] having a big party inside Pinkie's head.]]
* GreatGazoo: The Amazing Pinkie Pie is this, having RealityWarper abilities far above Pinkie's and using them to fool around with AJ and Big Macintosh in hilariously over the top ways.
* GoneHorriblyWrong: Twilight's experiment to figure out what's messed up with Pinkie's mind sets off the plot.
* LiteralSplitPersonality: The plot of the story has four emerge from Pinkie Pie; Golden Pie, the Amazing Pinkie Pie, Pinkamena, and Punky Pie. [[spoiler:TheStinger reveals she has quite a few more.]]
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: Twilight is rightly worried that Pinkie is making perfect sense with her other four personalities gone.
* QuipToBlack: Rainbow Dash drops one after knocking out Punkie Pie.
-->Rainbow: "That wasn't funny."
* RealityWarper: The Amazing Pinkie Pie, much to Applejack's annoyance.
* RightHandCat: Golden Pie uses Opal like this.
* SadisticChoice: Golden Pie gives Rarity one; steal Twilight's balloon for her so she can escape or she'll set off a custard bomb in her shop and ruin all her dresses. [[spoiler:Rarity just yanks her off her seat, setting off the bombs, because she cares about Pinkie Pie more.]]
* [[SealedEvilInACan Sealed Evil]]/[[SealedGoodInACan Good]]/[[SealedBadassInACan Badass]]: Pinkie's personalities run the gambit of all of these.
* ShoutOut: Punky Pie's cutire mark is the "A" symbol for anarchy
** The Amazing Pinkie Pie's looks like the Happy Bunny from ''David and Goliath'' shops
** Golden Pie's is an eye similar to those associated with the Stonemasons or Illuminati
* SweetTooth: [[spoiler:Applejack exploits this to capture the Amazing Pinkie Pie with a ''lot'' of pie.]]
** Also counts as [[ThroughHisStomach Through Her Stomach]]
* UseYourHead: [[spoiler:Rainbow Dash knocks out Punky Pie like this.]]