->'''Elder Toguro:''' So let me get this straight... you're paying us... out of your own pocket... to make a little girl cry?'''
->'''Tarukane: '''Correct.
->'''Elder Toguro: '''('''{{beat}}''') I F**KING LOVE BEING A DEMON.'''

An AbridgedSeries based on ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'', by Creator/{{Lanipator}}[[note]]It's pronounced lan-ee-pah-''tor'' (emphasis on the last syllable), not lan-ee-''pay''-ter.[[/note]]. His Website/YouTube account can be found [[http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Lanipator here]] This set itself apart from other abridged series by focusing more on playing around with the characters rather than mocking the tropes of the shows. It has plenty of the latter kind of humor, though.

Lanipator also snubbed Creator/LittleKuriboh in the famous incident that triggered JustForFun/TheWarOfTheAbridgedSeriesCreators.

Has been on hiatus for a while its creator is preoccupied with [[Creator/TeamFourStar higher matters]].

!!This show provides examples of:

* AlternateCharacterInterpretation: Practically everyone.[[invoked]]
* ArsonMurderAndJaywalking: In the movie.
--> '''George the Ogre:''' Lord Koenma, we have a big problem.\\
'''Koenma:''' I'll say we do, dude. The power went out and now the only TV that's working is this one, and I can't change the friggin channel, man. I can't get anything. No topless car washing, topless volleyball, Creator/{{PBS}}, nothing!
* AwesomeButImpractical: Kuwabara's "Spirt Sword Monster Beast Donut" move. It is, of course, lampshaded by Yusuke:
--> '''Yusuke:''' How often could you ''possibly'' have a use for that technique?\\
'''Kuwabara:''' More than you, you son of a bitch!
* BatDeduction: Kurama gets interrupted while he's in the middle of an especially insane one while trying to figure out the proper door to enter in Maze Castle. Kuwabara just picks the one with the strongest energy behind it, which is apparently the same door Kurama was building up to.
* {{Beat}}: Used by Kuwabara against himself
--> '''Kuwabara:''' ''(After seeing Kurama use his rose whip for the first time)'' Now that's what I call flower power. [...] Shut up Urameshi.
* BewareTheNiceOnes: Kurama obviously, but he does have less patience for stupidity than in the normal series.
--> '''Kurama:''' Kuwabara?\\
'''Kuwabara:''' Yeah?\\
'''Kurama:''' If you say or do anything to annoy me in the next 24 hours, I swear to Koenma I will cut you in half with a fucking ''rose!'' Or do I need to remind you I have that capability?
* BookDumb: Kuwabara is even dumber than in the series, to the point that ''he doesn't even know what a book is''.
--> '''Kuwabara''': What the hell are these things?
* BreakingTheFourthWall: The characters have referred to Lani by name several times, and also frequently lampshade the show's ScheduleSlip, such as wondering if Kuwabara will be able to hold onto a ledge for the the year or so it'll take for the next episode to come out.
* BrickJoke: Koenma looking like a bad carnival prize.
* ButtMonkey: Kuwabara, Chin-Po, and [[strike: maybe Keiko]] '''''[[EspeciallyZoidberg especially]]''''' Keiko.
* BystanderSyndrome: Episode 19 has Keiko, as far as Yusuke's concerned:
--> '''Yusuke''': (called by Botan) What is it?\\
'''Botan''': Yusuke, we have a problem. The Makai-\\
'''Yusuke''': HA HA! You're stuck with Keiko! (hangs up)
* CallingYourAttacks: Kuwabara PUUUNCH! (And also nearly everyone else.)
* CatchPhrase: "Dude, ''Franchise/{{Halo}}!''" as an excuse not to do anything important.
** "Shut up, Yusuke."
* ClingyJealousGirl: Keiko.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}}: Hinageshi. (I drawed a squirrel! It goes "Peep! Peep! Peep!")
** [[TheDitz "Or she could just be ass-retarded."]]
* CompensatingForSomething: Koenma's castle. [[LampshadeHanging Yusuke calls him out on it.]]
** But given how short Koenma is, it's probably a more innocent compensation.
* ComplimentBackfire:
--> '''Suzaku''': You and I seem to be of an even intemellect, detective.\\
'''Yusuke''': You take that back right the [[PrecisionFStrike fuck]] now.
* CurseCutShort: "You know what, Botan? You can suck my co--!"
* ADateWithRosiePalms: Yusuke.
--> "My alone time hand is falling asleep."
* DeadpanSnarker: The butler Giles.
--> '''Giles''': Oh joy. It's nice to know we keep such fine company around here, sir.
--> '''Giles''': Oh snap, sir.
** Yusuke, Hiei, and Kurama, too.
--> '''Kurama:''' I'd say I'm disappointed, but in order for that to be true I'd have to be surprised.
* DescriptionCut: Episode 15
--> '''Hiei''': Kurama's a ruthless fighter, and he's even more cutthroat than I. I doubt that thing will even touch him. ''(Kurama gets stabbed)'' Oh, son of a whore!
* [[DeusExMachina Deus Ex Go F*ck Yourself]]: Where Yusuke got all that power in episode 20.
* DoubleEntendre: Kurama and Kuronue's fight is full of 'em. Which doesn't sit well with Kuwabara.
* DudeShesLikeInAComa: "Attention everyone! This is the neighborhood watch committee reminding everyone that necrophilia is still illegal. Thank you and have a pleasant day."
* EleventyZillion: Subverted.
--> '''Sakyo''': $20 billion on the intruders.\\
'''Tarukune''': Sakyo, quit bustin' my balls. Stop makin' up numbers.\\
'''Giles''': A billion ''is'' a real number, sir.\\
'''Tarukune''': I've just been informed that a billion is a real number.
* EnemyMine: Yusuke and Kuwabara.
--> '''Yusuke:''' That was for Kuwabara. Nobody breaks his bones but me.
* EnragedByIdiocy: Hiei.
-->'''Yusuke''': See? We went the whole episode without making a [[ItMakesSenseInContext dickhead]] joke!\\
'''Kurama''': Yes, providing as much high-brow entertainment as possible is our duty.\\
'''Kuwabara''': [[HehHehYouSaidX Heh heh... he said 'duty' again.]]\\
'''Hiei''': May I please kill him now?!
* FantasticRacism: Yukina. Technically. She was a demon, but still hated humans that weren't white. Also Genbu, who hates humans and human lovers.
* FauxAffablyEvil: Elder Toguro who, much like [[WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries Melvin]] and [[WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged Freeza]], takes his despicableness UpToEleven and flat out [[CrossesTheLineTwice annihilates the line]].
* FauxToGuide: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN7W08iE8to&t=4m58s Five tips for a better, and safer, Halloween.]]
* FillerVillain: The TropeNamer. What Yusuke called the king of the Underworld in TheMovie.
* FoeYay: Parodied.
--> '''Kuwabara:''' Please, Urameshi, you're my only reason to live! [...] I'm not gay!
** Don't forget Botan's fanfiction.
* ForTheEvulz: The older Toguro brother isn't far off from [[Manga/YuYuHakusho his canonical personality]].
--> '''Elder Toguro''': So LetMeGetThisStraight. You're paying us, out of your own pocket, to make a little girl cry.\\
'''Tarukune''': Correct.\\
'''Elder Toguro''': *{{beat}}* [[CardCarryingVillain I F**KING LOVE BEING A DEMON]]!
* {{Foreshadowing}}: Botan mentions a spirit detective that went insane, and [[TemptingFate says they probably won't have to deal with him]]... [[spoiler: She's talking about Sensui, who becomes a future BigBad]].
** Upon meeting Botan for the first time, Kuwabara asks her out. Yusuke makes a joke about him actually hitting on a girl, to which Kuwabara replies with "I just have a thing for girls with blue hair." [[spoiler: Yukina.]]
*** Made even [[HilariousInHindsight more hilarious]] by the fact that Chris Sabat voices [[Anime/DragonBallZ Vegeta]], [[FridgeBrilliance who ends up being with a certain blue-haired woman...]] And just to add further similarities, Lanipator voices Vegeta in ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'').
* GenreSavvy: A number of characters, but no one more so than Kurama. He lampshades tropes and genre conventions left, right, and center.
* GilliganCut:
--> '''Koenma''': Something about terror and discord and the Makai whistle... just put Yusuke on the case. ''(cut to Yusuke)''\\
'''Yusuke''': What the hell is a Makai whistle?
* GoddamnBats: Invoked by Yusuke in Episode 9.
* GoLookAtTheDistraction: Zig-zagged:
--> '''Yusuke:''' Alright, plan B. Look! A distraction!\\
'''Rando:''' What? Where? Man, what the hell you talking about? There ain't nothing there.\\
'''Yusuke:''' Really, I could've sworn it was right there, wait a minute I was supposed to do something. Run that was it. Aw f$%k. I don't suppose you'll fall for that again, would you?
* {{Gonk}}: Yusuke describes Tarukane as a walking ballsack.
--> '''Kuwabara:''' Dear ''god'', that is the fastest I've ever lost a boner!
* HulkSpeak: "'''Mummy Cyclops MAD!'''"
** "Kuwabara SMASH!!!"
* HuskyRusskie: This series' take on Gouki.
* IHaveTheHighGround: Parodied. In the movie, Hiei stands on top of a tree in a training montage. Cut to Kuwabara punching a tree down. [[HilarityEnsues Guess which one he punched]].
* IncrediblyLamePun: Why does Seiryu sound like [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]]? [[spoiler:Because he's a dealer in ''strict and cold pain.'']] [[note]]A case of AuthorAppeal as mentioned by Lanipator on a few convention panels he loves horrible puns.[[/note]]
* InsaneTrollLogic: Yusuke hits himself with this.
--> '''Yusuke''': I'm not stupid like Kuwabara. I'm a whole different kind of stupid. {{beat}} Wait a minute...
* InsultBackfire: Kuwabara is too stupid to get it.
--> '''Hiei:''' I'm trying to insult you, you stupid [[CurseCutShort fu-]]
* InterspeciesRomance: Suzaku and Miruku (A redneck demon and a bird, respectively) are married. [[spoiler: [[MermaidProblem He has a microsized penis.]]]]
* IsThisThingStillOn: Koenma doesn't notice that he continued recording after outlining Yusuke's mission, so it also has him talking about sucking in his gut and the itch you always get once you can't scratch it.
* {{Jerkass}}: Many of the CharacterExaggeration aspects of the series turns the characters into even bigger jerks than they originally were. ''Especially'' [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Yusuke]], who wanted to watch his [[OfficialCouple canonical girlfriend]] be hunted down and killed by Suzaku's insect-human army.
--> '''Suzaku''': As we speak, the horde of all the-\\
'''Yusuke''': Shh! I'm trying to watch the movie.\\
'''Suzaku''': But I-\\
'''Yusuke''': Shh!
* LampshadeHanging: Many, surprisingly often by Yusuke.
** "Well that was oddly relevant."
** "His pants sure know just where to stop ripping."
** Kurama seems to have a lot of knowledge of "Anime Law".
* LarynxDissonance: Necessary, since Lanipator does virtually all the voices.
* LaserGuidedAmnesia: Kurama had a case of this in TheMovie in relation to what happened with [[spoiler: his old partner Kuronue for no adequately explained reason. He was better by the end]].
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall: In regards to the series' ScheduleSlip.
--> '''Yusuke:''' Hey, Kurama, how's [[PreviouslyOn that wound]] treating you?\\
'''Hiei:''' It's been almost a [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] year; I'm sure he's fine!\\
* And later...*\\
'''Yusuke:''' So how long do you think Kuwabara can hold like that?\\
'''Kurama:''' Well, knowing Lanipator, let's hope he can hold on for a year or so.
* LeeroyJenkins: Kuwabara in both rounds of his fight with Byakko. Causes normally calm Kurama to scream "Oh for F*** sake!!!"
* LeftTheBackgroundMusicOn: "This is The Neighborhood Watch Committee, playing the best hits of Billy Joel, all day!"
** Ch-ch-ch: "[[WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries Gaara Of The Funk!]]"
** In a possible homage to ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'', Kuronue's theme music is "Sexy Back" (just like Duke Devlin's.) He was called out on it by Kurama:
--> '''Kurama:''' Hold on, where the hell is that music coming from?\\
'''Kuronue:''' Oh, that? It's just my...iFog.
* LockAndLoadMontage: Lampshaded in TheMovie.
--> '''Genkai:''' Anyway, you realize there's only one way for you to win?\\
'''Kurama:''' Of course; [[GenreSavvy a quick preparation montage]].
* LockedOutOfTheLoop: Yusuke often is the only one who isn't told important information, especially when the information is relevant to his own survival. Lampshaded in Episode 15 where Yusuke angrily tells Botan to fellate him for not giving him intel on Maze Castle that she and Koenma clearly have.
-->'''Kurama''': ''(after Yusuke gets hung up on)'' I take it that didn't get many positive results.\\
'''Yusuke''': You think you'd get used to it after a while, but... you really don't.
* LookBehindYou: Parodied
* ManOfAThousandVoices: Again, Lani does virtually all the voices. Most of which are actually quite good. His Kuwabara and Yusuke are notably spot-on.
* MediumAwareness: Kurama is quite versed in "anime law".
* {{Metaphorgotten}}: "Rubber is like...anti-lightning."
* MirrorCrackingUgly: Torukone so much so that Kuwabara and Yusuke can't help but mention it the first time they see him on video.
-->'''Kuwabara:'''(Seeing Torukane after seeing Yukina) Dear GOD that is the fastest I've ever lost a boner.\\
'''Yusuke:''' He looks like a walking ball-sack.
* MistakenForGay: Kuwabara. It also happens to be his BerserkButton.
* MySignificanceSenseIsTingling: Parodied in Poltergeist Report Abridged. Yusuke and Kuwabara hear a scream, and Kuwabara says that his "useless character senses are tingling".
* NoCelebritiesWereHarmed: The Blue Collar Comedy Beasts.
** To elaborate, Genbu is essentially Larry the Cable Guy, Byakko seems to be Billy Bob Thornton's character from ''Film/SlingBlade'', Seriyuu is a flat out {{expy}} for [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]], and Suzaku sounds like Jim Varney's Ernest character, right down to calling everyone "Vern."
** Fred Tennedy of the Black Black club is Ted Kennedy.
--> "Err um uh, hiya."
* NonSequiturThud: In TheMovie, Yusuke gets knocked through one of Genkai's walls and states the following:
--> '''Yusuke:''' I swear to ass I'm gonna kick your God.
* OhGodWithTheVerbing: Yusuke in episode 2. (flying)
* OnlyAFleshWound: Lampshaded in Kurama's case after the fight with Hiei. It ''was'' just a flesh wound in the original series... not so much for this one.
* OnlySaneMan: Kurama and Kazamaru.
* PassThePopcorn: These are Yusuke's sentiments after finding out [[DistressedDamsel Yukina]] is Hiei's sister.
--> '''Yusuke''': This is a train wreck I need to see for myself!
* PrecisionFStrike: "Git-er-done, motherfucker."
* PrettyFlyForAWhiteGuy: Rando.
* QuoteSwearUnquote: Kurama quoting "Git-er-done, motherfucker."
* TheReasonYouSuckSpeech: Hiei is about to start one of these, but Yusuke takes the opportunity to attack him.
* RightBehindMe: Occurs in the remastered episode 1 with a student who stole Pokemon cards.
* RunningGag: Kuwabara's not gay; The Neighborhood Watch Committee; Yusuke's "[[AttentionDeficitOohShiny Ooh, shiny]]."
* SarcasmBlind: Tarukune never notices that many of [[DeadpanSnarker Giles']] lines are insults.
* SelfDeprecation: The end of the new episode 17 has TheStinger where the YYH gang wonders if Kuwabara can hold on to that platform for a year. Might also count as a CrowningMomentOfFunny.
* ServileSnarker: Tarukune's butler Giles.
* ShirtlessScene: According to Kurama, another clause of Anime Law states that when a male {{Shonen|Demographic}} hero removes his shirt, his attributes increase exponentially.
* ShoutOut:
** One to ''WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries'': "Believe it!"
** "[[WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries Even in this series, the log is unbeatable!"]]
** Also the renaming of the Rei-Gun, "Finger bang," is a ShoutOut to ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark''.
** The Shotgun attack was renamed the Boom Stick, after ''Film/ArmyOfDarkness''.
** "[[WebVideo/NarutoTheAbridgedSeries OF THE FUNK!]]"
** [[WebVideo/ChrisCrocker LEAVE HINAGESHI ALONE!]]
** [[Anime/DragonBallZ It's over 100!!!]]
*** While Kuwabara is determining what Kibano's [[Anime/DragonBallZ power level]] is, "Watch ''WebVideo/BerserkAbridged''" flashes across the screen.
** When Chien Po goes wandering, the piano music from ''Series/TheIncredibleHulk'' plays as he walks away.
** Kuwabara's last-ditch attack on Byakko in episode 17 has a strangely familiar [[WebVideo/TheSpoonyExperiment Warning Screen...]] Besides, the ''Yor'' music was a dead giveaway.
** Guess what plays while [[WesternAnimation/ThunderCats Byakko powers up in Episode 17...]]
** Suzaku's mind controlled humans mutter "[[WesternAnimation/SouthPark They took our jobs]]!"
** [[VideoGame/{{Portal}} "That's where you come in."]]
** The hermaphrodite demon Myuki has the voice of [[WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers Dr. Girlfriend]].
** Baldok's voice sounds a lot like a [[Film/ThePhantomMenace Jar Jar Binks]].
*** And Kuwabara's sword makes a lightsaber noise.
* ShowWithinAShow: ''Poems With Hiei'' on DTV. Canceled to make room for ''Rhymes with Rando'', which in turn was cancelled to make room for ''The Blue Collar Comedy Beasts''. However, Hiei has to wait until the Dark Tournament to get his show back on the air.
* SpannerInTheWorks: Kuwabara, to Kurama's plans.
* SpecialGuest: Hiei's Creator/FUNimation dub VA, Chuck Huber, voices the villain who battles Hiei (who's voiced by Lanipator in the Abridged series) in Part 3 of TheMovie.
* StalkerWithACrush: Keiko has quite the obsession with Yusuke. Unfortunately for him, he has a hard time getting rid of her.
* StealthInsult: Yusuke, to Rando.
--> '''Yusuke:''' Just tell me something: are your fighting skills as good as your rapping skills?\\
'''Rando:''' Hell yeah!\\
'''Yusuke:''' Oh, thank God.
* TheStoner: Lord Koenma.
--> '''George''': Uh, sir...what are you on?\\
'''Koenma''': I don't even ''know'' anymore, dude.
* StupidStatementDanceMix: [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ko_QTN-wbdQ&t=5:23# For the movie.]]
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: Hiei in part three of the movie. It is, of course, {{lampshade|Hanging}}d by Kurama.
--> '''Hiei:''' Well I didn't float here downriver if that's what you're asking.\\
'''Kurama:''' Nobody insinuated that, Hiei.\\
'''Hiei:''' Good, because that's ''not'' what happened!
** Episode 'Rescue Yukina' as well (Hiei again)
--> '''Yusuke''': What are you doing this for, anyway? Isn't this supposed to be Botan's thing?\\
'''Hiei:''' I'm not hurting for work, I don't know what you're talking about.\\
'''Yusuke:''' ...good to hear, I guess...
* TechnologyMarchesOn: Played with. Obviously, at the time of the original episode's airing, a VHS tape would be a commonplace thing for Spirit World to use, but much fun is made of the fact that they're now practically obsolete.
** FridgeBrilliance when you realize that the best way to keep humans from watching something that you feel the need to have recorded is to, you know, keep it in a format that almost nobody would even know how to operate in a decade or three.
* ThematicThemeTune: "Karate" by Music/TenaciousD, and occasionally the ''Franchise/MortalKombat'' theme, remixed.
** And as of Episode 17, "Asterisk", the first ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'' opening. Oddly fitting despite the different series.
* ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill: Referenced by name when Suzaku first clones himself.
* TotallyRadical: Koenma has shades of this. He tends to overuse the words "dude" and "man". Of course this fits his character, being TheStoner.
* UnsoundEffect: '''Dagoon!!'''
* VerbalTic: Suzaku has a tendency of calling everyone "Vern", Vern.
* [[CelebrityImpersonator Voice Acting Impersonator]]: Lani does impeccable Creator/JustinCook (Yusuke, [[WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged the first Raditz]]), Creator/ChristopherSabat (Kuwabara, [[WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged Piccolo, Vegeta]]), Kurama, [[WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo Shaggy]] (as Koenma) and [[WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill Hank Hill]] impersonations.
** It should be noted that the Justin Cook voice is his natural speaking voice. It's amazing if you listen to them back to back.
* WeDoNotKnowEachOther: After Sakyo and Toguro exchange greetings, they claim that they've never seen each other before in their life. At the same time.
* WouldntHitAGirl: Kuwabara. Being attacked by a woman is no reason to hit back, though it's alright once Yusuke informs him their opponent was [[UnsettlingGenderReveal actually a dude]].
* WrongGenreSavvy: Kibano thinks he's in ''Film/ThreeHundred''.
** And after being beaten by Yusuke, he thinks he's in ''Film/{{Superbad}}''.
*** "[=McLOVIN!=]"
* {{Yandere}}: Keiko doesn't react well to Botan spending time with Yusuke. ''At all''.
* YaoiFangirl: Botan.
* YouAreAlreadyDead: Hiei pretty much says this to Seriyuu, bordering on a PreMortemOneLiner:
--> "You've been dead for 20 seconds."
* YouHaveGOTToBeKiddingMe:
-->'''Tarukune''': ''[[TemptingFate This'll be easy]]. I'm the only one who knows the Torguro's power. There's no way he'll-''\\
'''Sakyo''': 66 trillion, 200 million, on the intruders.\\
'''Tarukune''': ...you're just f***ing with me now, aren't you?