[[caption-width-right:348:The VGA cast, cosplaying as WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons]]

''"Hello and welcome to ''Video Games Awesome!''!"''

''Video Games Awesome!'' is an online show centered around five friends who sit on (and behind) a couch and play video games, offering their opinions, cracking jokes, and sometimes just hanging out. It began in June 2009 as a spin-off of ''WebVideo/AwesomeVideoGames'', as a way for the creative team behind that series to release content and stay visible between updates of AVG. Since then it has more or less overtaken its show of origin in terms of content and popularity. Hosted by Fraser Agar and co-hosted by Kyle Huinink, Deacon Publicover, Becky Blow and Ben Taylor (who temporarily left the show to attend college but has since returned).

Much of the show’s appeal stems from its casual and laid-back atmosphere. The show is unscripted and intentionally does not focus on hardcore gaming, instead emphasizing fun above all. Many installments are designed to provide the perspective of gamers approaching a game for the first time; to that end, most of the games played are current at the time of the episode's release (though they have occasionally dabbled in retro gaming with titles like Earthbound and Doom), and usually some or all of the cast has not played the game before, allowing for genuine first impressions and reactions.

Featured on Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses affiliate Blistered Thumbs [[http://www.blisteredthumbs.net/show/show-video-games-awesome here]], on Website/YouTube [[http://www.youtube.com/user/farfromsubtle here]], and livestreamed on Website/{{Twitch}} [[http://www.twitch.tv/ffstv here.]]

In May 2012, the Adsense on their [=YouTube=] account was disabled, cutting off the VGA's income. As a result, they have since started uploading their videos to Blip again and primarily hosted on the still-under-construction [[http://videogamesawesome.com Video Games Awesome! website]]. The [=YouTube=] revenue returned in June, but Fraser decided to put videos on both Blip and [=YouTube=] in case a situation like this occurs again.
!This show provides examples of:

* AbnormalAmmo: They beat a boss in ''VideoGame/LittleBigPlanet 2'' by throwing Deacon's and Becky's characters at it.
* AbusiveParents:
** While playing ''[[VideoGame/CookingMama Babysitting Mama]]'', due to the game chastising them for "shaking the baby" too often due to touchy Wii controls, the group eventually lapse towards this out of frustration.
** Fraser was also a pretty crappy parent during the ''HeavyRain'' playthrough.
* AccidentalInnuendo: Basically ''any'' time restoring PP or running out of PP is mentioned in ''VideoGame/EarthBound'', the group hear "peepee". [[invoked]]
* AcquiredPoisonImmunity: "I read Youtube comments for a living."
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal:
** "Couple's Catherine Co-op!"
** In ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'', while Ben's team was seriously losing, Fraser claimed that he'd be "feebly and forlornly flogging [his] flaccid phallus" that night.
* AdorableAbomination: Fraser, Becky, and Ben all decide that [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword the Imprisoned]] is one after seeing its feet. They are not happy to learn how to go about defeating him.
-->'''Fraser:''' That would be like cutting off a kitty's pads!
* AndThatLittleGirlWasMe: When they played ''VideoGame/TheBindingOfIsaac'', they started telling stories about awful things that happened to them as kids. It became a running gag, any time the story involved another boy, to add "And that boy... was Ben/Deacon."
* AnythingThatMoves:
** Ben frequently plays this up for laughs. He often makes lewd comments at things such as the potentially underaged characters in ''Let's Play Ballerina'', his cat/girl/boy/whatever "fiancee" Nekoevangeline on Minecraft Awesome, inanimate objects and even [[FanficFuel his fellow co-host Fraser]].
** Fraser and the others are also guilty of this from time to time, from the [[RefugeInAudacity corpsefucker joke]] in HeavyRain to gangbanging an NPC in [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaFourSwordsAdventures Four Swords Adventures]].
** Datura was an especially (and unusually) erotic episode, from Fraser groping a statue of a woman to wanting to slap a pig's ass.
* TheArtifact: Fraser still introduces the show as "Video Games Awesome Live", even though they haven't done an episode that wasn't live since early 2011.
* AsideGlance: During ''TheLastOfUs Left Behind'', Becky makes use of this trope when she and Fraser discuss a person they knew from their hometown.
-->'''Becky''': He's the one who taught me what "69" meant.
-->'''Fraser''': Nice. Taught you or ''told'' you?
-->'''Becky''': ''(AsideGlance)'' ...''Told'' me.
* AttentionDeficitOohShiny: Fraser has trouble being distracted too much by ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' maps.
-->''All right, I'm gonna continue with aughts. I'm not gonna get sidetracked. [Less than a minute later] Sorry guys, I got sidetracked. Is aughts yelling at me?''
* BatDeduction:
** Invoked several times during a playthrough of ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamAsylum'', as Fraser tries to solve the Riddler's puzzles by way of the TropeNamer:
-->'''Riddler:''' Don't ''cut'' yourself on this ''sharp''ly observed portrait.\\
'''Fraser:''' Portraits... [[LeonardoDaVinci the Mona Lisa]]... [[WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons Lisa Simpson]]... [[{{FOX}} FOX Broadcasting]]... foxes... the fur shop!!
** They also do it in the ''VideoGame/HeavyRain'' video.
** And in ''VideoGame/LANoire''.
-->'''Gun shop owner''': Said he worked at Hartfield's, jewelery store just up on Broadway.\\
''Kyle gasps''\\
'''Fraser''': What's that mean?\\
'''Kyle''': The jewelery store...no wait, that's a shoe store. Nothing.\\
'''Fraser''': But the jewelery store...pearl earrings...layaway...LC...bank...shoes...woman? Police...\\
'''Kyle''': Cops...''Police Cops''.\\
'''Fraser''': Investigation. Murder investigation! The murder was in the jewelery store!\\
'''Kyle''': (overlapping) Sea...it happened by the sea...C is for Catwoman!
** And [[Franchise/AceAttorney Phoenix Wright]] on multiple occasions.
*** The "Turnabout Big Top" case, on the other hand, displeased Fraser specifically because it required such massive leaps of logic.
** In Episode 3 of ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead''.
-->'''Ben''': X...X marks the spot...\\
'''Fraser''': Spots are on leopards...Leopards live in zoos...Zoo starts with a Z...Xenophobia! We have a racist on our hands!
* BellisariosMaxim: From a sign inside the Popsicle Stick Skyscraper in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' map. [[invoked]]
-->''Please no smoking. Also, no pointing out the folly of lighting a wooden building with torches. Thank You''
* BerserkButton:
** Don't mention Canadian Bacon. Don't bring it up. Don't make fun of it. You have been warned.
** Fraser can get really ticked off when the others move off of the green screen.
** Fraser hates the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toronto_Transit_Commission_buses TTC]], both in ''[[VideoGame/ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld Scott Pilgrim]]'' and real life.
** Glitches (see GameBreakingBug below). But if the glitch is entertaining and doesn't break the game, they usually give it a pass.
** {{Ephebophile}}s. Fraser really doesn't like it when characters in the game don't find a grown man dating someone underage disturbing, regional differences in age of consent be damned.
** Don't tell him he's playing a game wrong. This goes for both the game itself and the audience (unless he's asking for hints).
** He hates spoilers more than most. The mods will block you if you get anywhere near a spoiler and he complained about the Walking Dead's next episode previews. Justified because his show is built around letting you see his and Becky's initial reactions to games.
** He hates being pinned in by [=NPCs=]
** Do not call him a sociopath because of the way he chooses to play games.
** Illogical solutions in games that are supposed to be based on logic really annoy him; this frequently happens in the Franchise/AceAttorney series.
** Games dicking around with whether or not they are downloaded or installed properly so that the player can continue. Given the nature of the show, this is very much justified.
* BlackComedy:
** The team sometimes veer into this. In particular, their playthrough of infamously dark and depressing game ''Heavy Rain'' is pretty much nothing but this.
** Fraser and the chat's pitch for a horror-themed ''Film/HomeAlone'' remake in ''VideoGame/{{Limbo}}''.
* BlackComedyRape: The VGA crew is the only crew which can make [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YbOa4KuYuRM gang rape seem hilarious]].
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DubDKtT_TH8 The group makes fun of the time]] a old man asked Ben for a blowjob. Faser than makes up a story about how Ben came home shaking and held his knees in the shower.
* BlackSheep: Of the Duck family, Lucifeather from ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'' is the only one who isn't a ruthless murderer.
* BondOneLiner:
** After drilling a bad guy in the heart in ''VideoGame/HeavyRain'', Fraser comes up with a ton of them:
-->'''Fraser''': Part two! Drill to the heart! [...] I guess ''you're'' the one who got screwed, or, look out for those heart-holes...I hear they're catching! Looks like [[DiagnosisMurder the diagonosis is...murder]]! [...] [''reading Kshade's comment''] This is not a drill...and then make some reference to the painter who made ''This is not a pipe''. [...] C'est n'est pas drill [''sic'']. [...] I'm a regular René Magritte!
** Not too long after, when a character's clothing is caught on some caterpillar tracks and crushed:
-->'''Ben''': [[XDaysSince Days without an accident]]: Zero.
-->'''Fraser''': [[LampshadeHanging You should be an action hero, Ben]].
* BootstrappedTheme: ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUNS8pxZWNw Ya Burnt]]'' by Starship Amazing has become the de-facto theme to the show after it (and the rest of the album, ''Ya’ll Stop Bloggin’'') was played on the show.
* CanadaEh: The all-Canadian team really loves it when any game features Canada as a setting, such as ''VideoGame/ScottPilgrim'' (Toronto),''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'' (Montreal, where the developers are from) or ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' (which begins with the destruction of Vancouver, where the team lives).
* CatchPhrase: Fraser's "EM EL GEEEEEEEEEEEE!" and Becky's "Yeah dude."
* {{Cliffhanger}}
** The Future ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Build was split into two segments, with the first ending on a cliffhanger of the Doctor from ''Series/DoctorWho'' escaping in a [=DeLorean=] after his TARDIS broke down.
** The Adventure Build ends on a wall that would take several weeks to break through to save [=NekoEvangeline=].
* ClusterFBomb:
** The opening to the ''VideoGame/{{Bulletstorm}}'' video.
-->'''Fraser''': Fuuuuuuuuuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuck! Dicktits! Fucking dicktits. Son of dick...it's ''Bulletstorm''!
** When [[spoiler:Larry punches Lee in an attempt to have him killed by zombies]] in ''[[VideoGame/TheWalkingDead The Walking Dead: Episode 1]]'', all three start yelling f-bombs at the game in rage and planning his death. The same happens later when [[spoiler:Lilly kills Carley]].
* CollectiveGroan:
** During the Microsoft Press Conference at E3 2011, the gang find out there is a new ''Star Wars'' game...on the Kinect.
** Several times during the ''Duke Nukem Forever'' gameplay, when they think Duke will finally get a chance to go outside and kick some ass, only to be stymied by yet another obstacle. [[http://youtu.be/VtZquwTXIX4?t=24m Like this.]]
** A number of Fraser's [[Creator/DrSeuss Seussian]] rhymes are reacted to this way.
** And a double when playing ''NBAJam'':
-->'''Fraser''': So that was our first regular match, Lakers vs Beastie Boys. Looks like they let the beat...''mmmDROP''.
-->'''Others''': Oooh...({{Beat}})...oooh...
-->'''Fraser''': You can only groan once to a bad joke.
* {{Cosplay}}: They usually dress up like characters from the game they play that day, with costumes made by Becky herself. Some examples [[http://ffsfan.wikia.com/wiki/Costumes here]].
* CouchGag: Literally, when the gang enters and exits the screen in a manner befitting the game they're playing. For example, with ''Harley-Davidson Roadtrip'', they "rode" the couch in like a motorcycle.
* CountryMatters: They go to town absolutely abusing this during a VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition segment. They also briefly discuss how much it offends people living in the U.S. while the Canadians (or at least they) don't care so much.
* CutenessProximity:
** The ''Kinectimals'' tiger for Ben ("His name is Skittles!"), and the ''Let's Play Ballerina'' outfits for all the guys ("She looks darling!").
** Gaepora's pet remlit in ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyward Sword]]'' was apparently adorable enough that Fraser absolutely refused to attack it when it [[KillerRabbit went feral on them.]]
* CrossesTheLineTwice During their Heavy Rain Playthrough, Becky comments her dislike of the word Corpse Fucker, the boys respond thusly
--> Fraser: Remember Becky? If you bring that you don't like something, we'll beat it like a dead horse
--> Ben: And then we'll fuck it
* DelayedReaction:
** It takes the boys a few seconds to catch on to "[[IncrediblyLamePun Twilightning Round]]".
** The chatroom, at best, has a four-second delay, so back-and-forth between the chat and gang tends to get messy.
** Fraser occasionally takes a second to process the rest of the group's jokes.
*** Pretty much inevitable given that he's trying to play the game, provide commentary (and he's quite the talker) react to Becky and Ben and sneak glances at chat.
* DescriptionCut: At the start of ''{{Uncharted}} 3'', Nathan's deal starts to go bad:
-->'''Fraser''': They wouldn't have walked into this situation. They have a plan.
-->''[Nathan grabs a pool cue and attacks the closest man.]''
-->'''Fraser''': That's the plan!
* {{Dissimile}}/{{Metaphorgotten}}: Fraser sees a model of a bridge in an office conference room and says it's probably just there as an illustration for the boss's motivational speeches. His attempt at demonstrating this veers off-course when he realizes it doesn't quite make sense, and manages to turn it back around into a functional metaphor that means the ''exact opposite'' of what he was originally going to say:
--> '''Fraser''' ''(in a mocking tone)''''':''' "You see, the company is like a bridge. And every person is like a part of that bridge. You take away part of the bridge... well, it mostly stays the same... I been takin' pieces off ''this'' bridge all day. Sometimes for toothpicks... sometimes to wedge up a wobbly chair--
--> '''Deacon:''' Bridges are stronger than you think.
--> '''Fraser:''' You know, we don't need ''most of you'', is what I'm trying to say. Sure, it may make the bridge a little bit weaker, but... we can deal with that."
--> '''Deacon:''' "Long story short, you're all fired."
* DoesNotLikeShoes: Becky usually goes barefoot.
* DontExplainTheJoke:
** "Get it? She shit everywhere!" "She just had to leave the room to take a big shit!"
** "He made a joke about your masculinity."
** "Join us next week on ''Crocodile Tears''! 'Cause he cries, and the croc."
* DoubleEntendre: They all use them, but Becky LOVES them.
* DoubleStandardAbuseFemaleOnMale:
** During a Phoenix Wright playthrough, Becky messed up the intro by clicking on the wrong game in the Wii menu and Fraser relentlessly made fun of her for it (for the record, he did apologize, though it was hard to hear through his laughter). She was most displeased. Later, when they came back from a commercial break, Fraser had put on a pair of sunglasses and Becky was smiling.
--> '''Becky''': Welcome back to ''Phoenix Wright''!
--> '''Fraser''': ...I fell down some stairs.
--> '''Ben''': Into a bag of doorknobs.
** Subverted in one of the LegoCityUndercover episodes where Becky wants to make the exact same joke as above but Fraser refuses, saying that "[[HypocriticalHumor domestic abuse is not a laughing matter]]".
* DownerEnding:
** The ''VideoGame/DukeNukemForever'' episode. The gradual drop of excitement to outright depression amongst the crew as they progress through the game is heartbreaking.
** The ''EpicMickey 2'' episode turned out similarly, culminating in a puzzle Fraser nearly gave up on because he had no idea how he was supposed to activate the move he needed to do. After concluding the game must be broken but insisting on trying one last time, and then finally figuring out the move and powering through the puzzle, he declared that the game "has some serious design flaws" and quit in disgust.
* DudeLooksLikeALady: "Okay, [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Link]] is one step away from being full-on girl."
* DudeNotFunny: Fraser's [[{{in-universe}} reaction]] during {{Catherine}} to the chat trolling him on the time left in the game.
* EasyModeMockery: Averted, they always play on the easiest setting and call it 'Super Fraser mode'. Played straight in ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'' where Frasher set the game into Hardcore mode partially in response to chat mocking him.
* ElmuhFuddSyndwome: Fraser's voice for [[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney Gumshoe]].
* EpicFail: For one of the ''You Don't Know Jack'' questions, all four of them chose the wrong answer, but to their surprise, it was the Wrong Answer of the Game, giving them all a huge bonus.
* EverythingsBetterWithDinosaurs: When Frasier sees the lighthouses that act as the doorways to the multiverse in Videogame/BioshockInfinite, he immediately demands to be taken to one with dinosaurs.
* FarEast: The "Frasia" build in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'', mixing ancient and medieval Japan, China and one Korean turtle boat. [[MyFriendsAndZoidberg And]] [[MightyMorphinPowerRangers a Megazord]]. Also, the non-build challenge area Shiro Shiro.
* FiveManBand:
** TheHero: Fraser
** TheLancer: Ben
** TheBigGuy: Kyle
** TheSmartGuy: Deacon
** TheChick: Becky
* ForcedMeme: Fraser hates Yogscast.
* ForInconveniencePressOne: "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3XcE-Q4CEEU Tech Support AWESOME!]]" has the gang waiting on the line for someone to fix their Internet connection.
* GagPenis:
** Just how many giant cocks did their original ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' server have?
** And the first structures built in the second one were giant cocks.
** In ''VideoGame/DukeNukemForever'', Duke is given a chance to draw up a battle strategy on a dry-erase board. Fraser spends five minutes drawing an army of giant cocks attacking the monster. Later, a kid asks for Duke's autograph, so Fraser draws cocks in his book.
-->'''Kyle''': I feel that Duke ''would'' autograph with a cock.
** As part of the Minecraft Awesome Anniversary episode, Fraser had all the builders create a field of cocks, with one massive diamond cock to tower over them.
* GameBreakingBug: Fraser seems to be a magnet for these.
** In ''Harley-Davidson Roadtrip'', the game stopped accepting controller input, twice.
** In ''VideoGame/DeadIsland'', he got his truck stuck on a wall, and stepping out of the vehicle killed him, twice.
** In ''VideoGame/AmnesiaTheDarkDescent'', essential puzzle pieces glitched themselves out of existence, [[RuleOfThree twice]].
** In ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', they get stuck in place twice and have to save and reload. The first time, when he's boxed in by a couple of {{NPC}}s, they all find it pretty funny. The second time, when they encounter a well-known glitch in the Normandy cockpit that they thought had been patched, they find it less funny, and it prompts Fraser to speak at length about gamer complacency towards glitches and not holding game companies accountable for them.
** They also get stuck behind two {{NPC}}s in ''VideoGame/CostumeQuest: Grubbins On Ice''.
** ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'' was a particularly bad offender; they had to restart the game more than once because the system froze or they suddenly became unable to move.
** Of all games, even ''VideoGame/LittleBigPlanet Karting'' had one: the game just up and froze in-between races and they had to restart the system.
** In one level of ''VideoGame/SonicGenerations'', the camera gets stuck in a disorienting position, making it almost impossible to get through.
** The camera also goes nuts in an episode of ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'', falling through the world and making progression impossible.
** In ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'', Fraser and Ben start a co-op playthrough, and only a few minutes in they lose their connection to each other. The result: Fraser's screen freezes, while on Ben's screen the vehicle flies through the air in a straight line until it -- and his character -- collides with a buliding.
** During their ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands 2}}'' playthrough, Fraser remarked that a separate save he had been playing in his free time became completely corrupted and he had to abandon all the progress he'd made with that character.
* TheGhost: The Doctor (from ''Series/DoctorWho'', frequently just called "[[IAmNotShazam Doctor Who]]" by Fraser) in the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Future build, who creates diversions for Fraser-as-the Master and only just escapes in his TARDIS through various eras in history. Finally appeared in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' build.
* GoldTooth: Fraser brings us his "new rap", ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9IBBbYIiw8 Gold in Mah Teeth]]''. [[labelnote:explanation]] While discussing gold in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' ([[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAdenyr4d40&t=1m55s here]]), Fraser mentioned how the metal is useless outside of technology and dentistry. "You know, like Hip-hop dentists!" This led him to make up a short parody song about gold teeth. The fans took this and made it into a full song. [[/labelnote]]
* GoodBadBugs: [[invoked]] In ''DeadIsland'', Fraser somehow got stuck in rage mode for about ten minutes, with all all the experience bonuses that came with it. The downside was that it made the game scream at him for the entire time.
* HeroicBSOD: In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7SHBV_5q_4k&list=SPGxCL8JAojAO0W_WIw6aOKTAtKcdHKUJ_&index=61 this GTA V playthrough]], Fraser [[spoiler: mistakes a Labrador Retriever for a deer and runs it over with a hearty cry of "Venison!"]]. Ten seconds of OhCrap later (complete with BigOMG, he [[DrivenToSuicide pulls out his grenade launcher]] [[RunningGag and fires it at his feet.]] [[StuffBlowingUp BOOM.]]
* HoistByHisOwnPetard: Fraser had the guys play ''Scene It: Twilight'', thinking the joke would be on them. He then started to regret it.
* HypocriticalHumour:
** In the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' live build.
-->'''Fraser''': So, yeah, you guys may think I'm vengeful and fickle god, but I know the names of all my subordinates. I take time to know each of them. ''(turns to a Minecraft player)'' Who the hell are you?!
** And in ''VideoGame/MarioParty 2'', after Fraser concedes a loss due to his carpel tunnel making him worse at button mashing.
-->'''Fraser''': Way to make fun of my impediment, you dyslexic fuck!
* IdiosyncraticEpisodeNaming: "[name of game] is AWESOME!" Even that one time that the game turned out to be so ''un''-awesome that Fraser RageQuit.
** Averted in the cases of "DeadIsland Co-Op is...Derped" and "Duke Nukem is AWESOME!...but [[DukeNukemForever his game]] is AWFUL!"
* IKnowYouKnowIKnow: The group's method of out-trolling Deacon during one of the Buddy Quiz questions in ''VideoGame/WiiParty''.
-->'''Fraser''': Oh, man. Now, what's he gonna choose? The one that he knows I'm not going to choose? [...] We've discussed it so much, he's gonna troll and say "seahorse" [as a cooler creature than the blue whale], I think.
-->''Deacon picks "blue whale" as an answer, which Kyle and Fraser correctly answer.''
-->'''Fraser''': I knew he'd thought I'd think that, so I went with what he didn't think I'd think.
-->'''Kyle''': I went with the opposite of what I didn't think he would think that I did think that I thought I thought that Deacon thought.
* IncrediblyLamePun:
** The guys love these.
** Therefore turning the chat room into a HurricaneOfPuns.
* INeedAFreakingDrink: [[http://www.blisteredthumbs.net/2013/05/xbox-one-reveal-show-and-trailer/ The Xbox One Reveal]] caused this reaction in Fraser.
* ItMakesSenseInContext: The chat loves taking things Fraser says that sound bizarre out of context and repeating them as quotes attributed to "Fraser, 20XX".
* ItsAWonderfulPlot: Briefly seen in the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Christmas build.
* KnockKnockJoke: During the ''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'' fanfest. It really didn't go over well with the others.
-->'''Fraser''': Received the [=NokNok=] Shell.\\
'''Ben''': [=NokNok=].\\
'''Deacon''': Who's there?\\
'''Ben''': Mario. [[note]]pronounced as Marry-o[[/note]]\\
'''Deacon''': Mario who?\\
'''Ben''': Mario......won't you Mario me?
* KnowNothingKnowItAll:
** You could essentially play a drinking game with how much game trivia the team gets completely wrong - even when they're right in the middle of playing the relevant game.
** While playing ''Catherine'', Fraser ignored the items tutorial, thought the chat room was lying when they said he could use items, despite an instruction to do so sitting in the bottom right corner of the screen, and then criticized the game for not explaining this feature to him.
** Intentionally invoked from time to time, when Fraser confidently describes things incorrectly, such as combining the plots of several movies. This is done mostly to troll the chat and Ben.
** Sometimes, the chat. With so many people in chat, it's inevitable that some people will believe incorrect information about a game.
* LanternJawOfJustice: Chinderella from the ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' play through.
* LarynxDissonance: Fraser decided to give 8-year old girl [[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney Pearl Fey]] a BadassBaritone.
** And then for ''Trials and Tribulations'', Fraser gives Desiree [=DeLite=] a gravelly tough-guy voice, likely to complement Becky's girly voice for Ron. It actually manages to make Ron/Dessie's relationship appear [[{{Squick}} even more disturbing]].
* LeaveNoWitnesses: Fraser claims to do this in one of his ''VideoGame/RedDeadRedemption'' rampages.
* LeftHanging:
** The Future ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' build doesn't really resolve the Doctor/Master story.
** Mellisbaker's trip back to the land of the living in the Sky Build sort of just stopped in [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword Skyloft]].
* LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters: Fraser, Becky, Ben, Kyle, Deacon, The Mods, and The Turbos in the Chat Room. Particularly during episodes when Fraser plays with The Mods and Turbo Members online during the show.
* LostInTranslation: During their play though of ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney: Justice For All'', Fraser notes that how the adjective "uppity" is often used in reference for the ''very'' effeminate magician they're trying to defend, and how it was likely used in place of a term that would be considered rather offensive and homophobic in the west.
* LoveItOrHateIt: Fraser notes ''VideoGame/HeavyRain'' as this. The gang fall clearly into the "love it" side. [[invoked]]
* MacroZone: The "Benormous" build in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'', featuring a room with a couch and TV, and a giant-sized garden.
* ManlyTears: Shed by Fraser at the end of ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'' [[spoiler:when Lee dies.]]
* MathematiciansAnswer:
--> '''Fraser''': 'Is ''inflammable'' unable to be put on fire or resistant to fire?'\\
'''Ben''': 'Uhm... yes?'
* MegaCrossover: While a few pop cultural references appeared in prior ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' builds, the future-themed one has a continuing story arc of the Master from ''Series/DoctorWho'' (portrayed by Fraser) chasing the Doctor, and ending up in a soundstage filled with a multiple-franchise space battle centred on ''Franchise/StarTrek'''s Borg. Later, Fraser discovers [[DisneyThemeParks Tomorrowland]], an unmanned Franchise/{{Gundam}}, InvaderZim's house, Cogswell Cogs from ''TheJetsons'', Film/TheMatrix, 2015 Hill Valley from ''Film/BackToTheFuture Part II'', Planet Zebes from ''{{Metroid}}'', New New York from ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' and others.
* {{Megane}} / {{Meganekko}}: Becky and Ben sometimes wear glasses.
* {{Metaphorgotten}}: While playing ''VideoGame/MassEffect3'', complaining about the lack of romance (specifically, sex scenes) with Liara:
--> '''Fraser''': The whole point of having the cow at home is that you get the milk for free whenever you want...unless it has mastitis, and then you have to disinfect it, and probably disinfect the suction thing that gets the milk, what do they call that?
* MetaphorIsMyMiddleName: While Ben plays ''VideoGame/{{Limbo}}'' poorly, Fraser states that his middle name should be "Reckless Abandon". Fraser later uses the phrase to describe himself.
* MissingStepsPlan:
** On a mission board in the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Frasia Build.
-->''Avenge Drift's Parents''\\
** Mellisbaker's sign in the Eden Temple section of Frasia.
-->''Step 1: Build Temple''\\
''Step 2: Show Live''\\
''Step 3: ????''\\
''Step 4: Profit''
** And near an "interactive" giant Lazuli ore block in the Benormous build.
-->''Get that pick [sign points towards chest]''\\
''1. Hit button''\\
''2. ????''\\
''3. Profit!''
** Used as part of a riddle in the adventure map build. Apparently question marks is actually what comes before profit.
* MoodWhiplash:
** The endgame of ''VideoGame/TheWalkingDead'' Episode 2 when the team finds [[spoiler: Mark with both his legs cut off]] the mood goes from the usual VGA show to a more intense show.
** Happens again in Episode 5 when [[spoiler: after barely escaping an infested street, the team immediately becomes much more sombre and quiet than usual as Lee finally passes away, with Fraser even fighting tears]].
* MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Fraser's reaction to running over a dog in ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' after mistaking it for a deer, after which he promptly [[DrivenToSuicide blows himself up with a grenade launcher]].
* NeverLiveItDown: Neither Fraser nor the server mods will forget Ben killing the wolf Ruddadog in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}''. [[invoked]]
* NoFourthWall: The team (especially Becky) constantly deliver lines directly to the camera/audience. Particularly lampshaded in episodes where they have to sort out settings on Xbox Kinetic games and thus have to show the (usually invisible due to greenscreen) studio on screen through the Kinetic's camera, causing Ben (or the chat) to cry out "No, the fourth wall!".
* NoHuggingNoKissing: Fraser and Becky refuse to kiss on camera, saying "we're not that kind of people", although Becky [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L63cuaLUDx4&feature=g-u-u isn't above hugging and flirting with Fraser]]. The rule was finally broken on the New Year's Minecraft episode, where Becky and Fraser give each other a customary midnight kiss [[spoiler:only for Becky to obscure it from the camera with her hand at the last second]].
* NoSympathy: Fraser towards Acro in ''Phoenix Wright: Justice For All'', to the point where he calls out the chat for being more swayed by Acro's FreudianExcuse by angrily telling them that it doesn't matter because Acro still tried to kill a little girl.
* NonIndicativeName[=/=]OddNameOut: The five ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' builds, named after each of the team, were called "Frasia", "Beckyni Bottom", "Benormous", "Deactor Seuss" and "Kyle".
* NoodleIncident:
** Occasionally one of the gang might reference some past event without going into detail. Fraser apparently once shat on a train.
** During the [[VideoGame/LEGOAdaptationGame Lego City: Undercover]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zHAZQbhJ2ZA&t=2m14s playthrough]] Becky wore a fake muscle costume to dress up as Rex Fury, which led to this exchange.
-->'''Becky (replying to The Chat) :''' Totally, I went topless on a show.\\
'''Fraser:''' Yeah, this is Becky's first topless show.\\
'''Ben:''' No nipples...\\
'''Fraser:''' Bet you didn't know she was this ripped underneath — And, yeah. Not since that bacon accident.\\
'''Ben:''' Let's not talk about that.\\
'''Becky:''' I was hoping nobody brought it up.
* ObviouslyEvil: Invoked in the playthrough of Walking Dead Episode 2. [[spoiler: They immediately guess the diary farmers are going to be evil...and they're right.]]
* OffTheRails: Several parts of the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' adventure builds, but especially the one based on ''VideoGame/MonkeyIsland''.
* OhCrap:
** Despite his foggy memories of prior playthroughs of ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'' while playing the game on ''VGA'', Fraser instantly realises that Manfred van Karma means business just from his name being uttered.
** Likewise, the group was left unspoiled for [[spoiler:Groose's DynamicEntry]] in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword'', only told that there was going to be a very interesting cutscene coming up. Fraser's reaction was not unlike Link's.
--->'''Fraser:''' ... What? A cinematic instead of going all the way down... What the-'''HOLY SHIT!'''
* OnlySixFaces: Discussed in ''VideoGame/DeadIsland''.
-->'''Fraser''': He has a face tattoo so that you'll remember him.\\
'''Ben''': So that he won't look the same as everybody else?\\
'''Fraser''': The Japanese use different-coloured hair, Americans use face tattoos.
* OOCIsSeriousBusiness: As the chat was quick to point out, the guys all stop their usual witty commentary and stay ''completely silent'' when watching a trailer for ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises''.
* PetTheDog: Fraser still feels bad for 'Duck' from Videogame/TheWalkingDead despite all the vitriol he directed at him during the playthrough.
* PhraseCatcher: "That's our Frash-Frash!" Fraser tends to have his own lines repeated back at him by the chat as well.
* PokemonSpeak: In the final part of ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaFourSwordsAdventures Four Swords Adventures]]'', Fraser and Deacon started saying "Farshar" and "Steeeeve" like Pokémon.
* {{Pun}}: In the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Christmas build, there was a penis, but also a large chicken in the ice sculpture contest. The latter was disqualified because they "already had a giant cock".
* RageQuit: Fraser is not the most competent of players, but generally [[TheDeterminator refuses to let a game get the better of him]], even if it means asking the chat for help. But after dealing with one frustrating design flaw after another in ''EpicMickey 2'', he finally decided it wasn't worth continuing.
* ReadTheFreakingManual[=/=]FailedASpotCheck:
** Fraser will often skip, ignore, or misinterpret the game's instructions, onscreen or otherwise - the official stance is that they don't want to bog the episode down with them going through tutorials or reading manuals, but more often than not this results in Fraser and company asking the chat to walk them through the game. For example, in ''Catherine'', he thought the chat room was lying when they said he could create a block, even though the command to do so was highly visible in the corner of the screen.
** In ''Uncharted 2'', the old man sends Nathan and a guide to find the remain of his expedition:
-->'''Fraser''': Are we going to hunt a bear?
** Fraser talked over the "Dis or Dat" instructions in ''VideoGame/YouDontKnowJack'', and burned the rest of the round asking the others what he was supposed to do.
** They skipped a tutorial for ''Chick Chick Boom'' and were thus mystified by Corncobman.
** After the instructions for crouching in ''Dead Island'' flashed on and off, Fraser claimed that the game hadn't told him how to do it.
** And in ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'', the elevator code is mentioned (and displayed in captions) twice, but Ben and Fraser don't notice it.
** In Dead Rising 2: Off The Record, Fraser keeps making waypoints on the map, but puts them at the wrong place and then complains about being lead the wrong way. At the beginning he also completely ignores the icon indicating where he is on the map and thinks the waypoint THAT HE MADE HIMSELF TO KNOW WHERE TO GO is his current location.
* {{Retirony}}: The cactus trap Professor Frink built for Deacon in ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' build was said to have happened both on his birthday ''and'' one day before his retirement.
* RhymingWithItself: During their ''VideoGame/GodOfWar Ascension'' play through...
-->'''Frasher:''' Things that are gold, shimmy, and... gold.
* RunningGag:
** "Unsubbing." Fraser thinks it's hilarious when people go out of their way to announce that they're unsubscribing (usually because of too many/not enough ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' episodes), so they and their viewers like to come up with other vapid reasons for unsubscribing, usually in the format of "Not enough X, unsubbing".
** Mr./Mrs. X is Y. Started when Fraser started trolling one of his mods called mrchrismad, frequently calling him Mr. Chrisismad; ever since, the live chat applies this to anger or any other emotion any of the cast is feeling.
** Whenever Fraser changes a game's difficulty to Easy to play on, the chat room praises him in some variation, that he "Passed the game's stage on Hard Mode." In fact whenever Fraser changes the difficulty to Easy Mode, he and the Chat Room declare the game is on Super Fraser Mode, [[BlatantLies the hardest difficulty imaginable]].
** "...First try!"
** "We just beat the dragon!", an ''WebVideo/AwesomeVideoGames'' reference, and "We did it! We saved him!", apparently a ''WetHotAmericanSummer'' reference.
** "It takes a real kind of jerk/asshole..."
** The guys joke about Ben's dyslexia a lot. It also seems to be an inside joke among them that Ben is a pedophile.
** "You dyslexic fuck."
** "Did you hear the rumor?", a line from ''{{Catherine}}'''s highly repetitive dialogue.
** "...you cock."
** "She's already dead!"
** "...and that X was Ben's father." On one occasion, this shifted to Ben saying "and that boy was me".
** "Because she's a woman!"
** X is/isn't a good Y pilot.
** [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries TAS Batman]] 1992-1995. Do not touch the display!
** "And on my ''birthday''!"
** Fraser's trollface.
** "[[YouFool Fool]]." from ''AsurasWrath''.
** "Big ups!"
** Confusing ''StarWars'' with ''Franchise/StarTrek''.
--->'''Fraser''': (after a long tangent about [[ThePhantomMenace Jar Jar Binks]]) ''Star Trek Episode I: [[Film/StarTrekIIITheSearchForSpock The Search for Spock]]''.
** "Er, um, uh...you know the rest." ''(with liberally applied fake Australian accent)''
** "[[VideoGame/{{Catherine}} I have...really bad diarrhea!]]"
** "[[ThatMitchellAndWebbLook Oh, and that's a bad miss]]."
** Becky and Ben telegraphing obvious solutions to hacking puzzles in ''VideoGame/MassEffect2''.
-->''That one and that one. And those two...''
** "I'm gonna use my ''best confidence!!''"
** "Just leave."
** Fraser picking up and tossing aside whatever physics object was impeding his progress, saying "Get the hell outta here!"
** Somehow they managed to find enough opportunities to quote [[Film/TheEmpireStrikesBack "And I thought they smelled bad... on the outside!"]] (said in a wacky, mock one-liner tone) to qualify as a running gag.
** "Who are you calling a dummy, dummy?"
** "As is tradition..."
** To Fraser, almost anything sinister "looks like a kitty".
** "CheckPlease," either an invocation of the trope or perhaps a reference to a specific episode of WesternAnimation/AdventureTime.
** The series of "Duck" characters. When the game allows face customization, Fraser will try to give the character big lips that stick way out (as bill-like as possible), a sloping brow with no eyebrows and small ears in addition to whatever funny physical features he can manage. Started with Space Duck for Mass Effect. According to show canon, these characters are all somehow related.
*** Subverted when Fraser found the customization of ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' lacking, particularly in the lips department. So he created Egg Hawke, the adopted member of the Duck family. [[NoodleIncident In that she just showed up on the Duck estate one day and started working there.]]
* {{Scandalgate}}: In ''SidewayNewYork'' Fraser referred to his rap (used earlier in a ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' build) containing the word "niggaz" as being subject to Goldteethgate.
* SceneryGorn:
** The remains of the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Giant World after the giant Creeper explosion.
** Fraser putting TNT and lava in the troll part of the ''Minecraft'' server's first anniversary build.
* SceneryPorn: Every ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' build. Taken further by the "artistic" pull-away at the end of the first anniversary of the original server.
* SerialEscalation: They started off doing ten-minute segments weekly, which soon bloomed into multi-hour live shows daily. For the ''Skyrim'' release, they were live for ''nine hours straight''.
* SetRightWhatOnceWentWrong: The narrative of the Future build in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}''.
* ShesGotLegs: Becky, obviously.
** As Mrs. Claus in the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uuzNRs4KHG8&list=PLC3C658C8168F298F&index=1&feature=plpp_video Minecraft Christmas build]].
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EE1S5Pwkib4&feature=g-u-u As a sexy nun]] for Hitman Absolution.
* ShoutOut:
** The builders on their ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' servers make a lot of popular culture references. One build was based specifically on the works of Creator/DrSeuss.
** The gang quotes ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' so much, their April Fools joke revolved around them being sued by FOX for infringement.
** Fraser also noted that they made two unrelated ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'' references within the same hour playing ''VideoGame/DMCDevilMayCry''.
* SophisticatedAsHell: [[DiscussedTrope According to Ben,]] "It's really awesome when really intelligent people swear. Especially when they're in the middle of saying something very intelligent."
* SoundEffectBleep: Done with words. Early on, any swears would be removed from an episode in post and either blanked or replaced with inoffensive words from elsewhere in the episode (this was heavily and repeatedly [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] whenever it happened). This practice eventually fell by the wayside, especially as more and more of their shows were done live and they started doing M-rated games.
* SpitTake: After a [[OverlyLongGag long string of]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_zLdvkhxv6s&feature=player_embedded dick jokes]], Fraser couldn't hold his water in.
* SublimeRhyme: Their Creator/DrSeuss build in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' has the gang saying a lot of Dr. Seuss like rhymes, mostly from Fraser, [[PainfulRhyme with mixed results]]
-->'''Fraser''': What is this? My ''Minecraft'' just crashed.\\
What the frig rhymes with crashed?!
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial: One of the users (actually Cameralady) in the boys-only ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' video was called "Camera Man [Totally Not A Girl]".
* TakeThat:
** While watching an impromptu stage performance in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}''.
-->'''Fraser''': Oh, this is the most disorganised show I've ever seen. [mock shrugging] What is this, [[Theatre/SpiderManTurnOffTheDark Spider-Man on Broadway]]?
** From the ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'' playthrough after an anticipated sex scene being just a cut away. [[labelnote:context]]The first game's sex scene with Liara showed more, but after [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mass_Effect_%28video_game%29#Media_coverage_of_the_sex_scene conservative media, including Fox News complained...]][[/labelnote]]
-->'''Ben''': "FUCK YOU, Creator/{{FOX NEWS|Channel}}!
* TakeThatAudience: Fraser notes that Mallow from ''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'''s snivelling sounds just like the chat.
* TeamPet:
** The ''Babysitting Mama'' doll started to get used as a fill-in for absent party members, and now routinely gets included in videos, and gets it own costumes when the others dress up. They've since named it Hank.
** Becky's [[VideoGame/LittleBigPlanet Sackboy]] plushie has begun to make appearances as well.
* TeethClenchedTeamwork: Whenever the gang play multiplayer games.
* ThatsWhatSheSaid: One of their favorite go-to gags.
* ToiletHumor:
** Fraser ''really'' loves how ''LearningWithThePooYoos'' has red bubbles that fart and a "fart button". Fraser and Becky sign out the episode with handfarts.
** The gang are also amused when the blow-up boxer in ''VideoGame/RhythmHeaven Fever'' makes fart noises when inflated improperly.
** In the "Turnabout Goodbyes" case of ''VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney'', Fraser starts accompanying his Grossberg speech with fart noises.
* {{Tradesnark}}: Fraser got a lot of amusement out of finding the symbol selection in the [[HelloInsertNameHere name entry]] for ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword'', choosing Hank™ as Link's name for the game.
* TriviallyObvious: Becky sums up the Kinect avatar chat as "something to do".
* {{Troll}}:
** Pretty much all of Fraser's ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' builders are this, trolling Fraser with green couches, green "crouch rooms" and the occasional green comfy chair.
** During ''Arkham Asylum'', Fraser started trolling Ben by saying, [[TheEmpireStrikesBack "And I thought they smelled bad on the outside!"]] in out-of-context situations. Then they both started trolling Becky by saying it every few minutes. Then Becky trolled everyone by calling it a ''Franchise/StarTrek'' quote.
** Fraser trolled the others with an edited version of the ''Just Dance 2'' trailer, which showed the same clip of terrible dancing over and over. He also set them up to play a "mystery game", which turned out to be ''Scene It: Twilight''.
** Fraser did the same thing with a trailer for ''Dance Star Party'' the following year.
** SantaClaus trolled the ''Minecraft'' Christmas build at the end by [[{{Griefer}} griefing]] all the buildings.
** When they did the [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 "Meet the Pyro"]] show and Fraser revealed what the trailer's SugarBowl-y-ness, the expressions of everyone else was slack-jawed disbelief. Becky wrote in the comments that it took her a long time to believe it was the real trailer, since she's so used to him being a troll.
* TwoGamersOnACouch: ...and between one and three behind it.
* UnderwaterCity: The "[[SpongeBobSquarePants Beckyni Bottom]]" build in ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'', with a few {{Underwater Base}}s connected to it.
* VideoGameCrueltyPotential:
** The guys are put off by the brutal carnage Kirby unleashes during ''VideoGame/KirbysEpicYarn'', especially in light of the fact that the "enemies" don't attack him, can't even hurt him, and are just going about their business when you run across them.
** They (especially Fraser) got really pissed off at Kratos during the ''VideoGame/GodOfWar III'' playthrough because of his tendency to massacre innocent people, especially women, often in cruel ways. Fraser even said that [[spoiler: Kratos impaling himself]] was the best thing he'd ever done.
** In ''VideoGame/RedDeadRedemption'', with the "Diplomatic Immunity" cheat.
** Also in ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'' when Fraser spent over half of the show running around slaughtering non-player characters.
** The first two episodes of the ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedI'' playthrough are full of this. Despite spending the entire rest of the show stumbling into random people for kicks, Fraser kills ''anyone'' who approaches him, gets in his way, or runs into him, including ''beggars'' and ''insane people''.[[TooDumbToLive Even when he knows that it just causes]] [[VideoGameCrueltyPunishment hordes of guards to chase after him]].
** A less harsh example, but Fraser also makes a point of punching every pedestrian he sees in ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV''. It actually throws him off guard when he does it during a mission and the NPC he's paired with actually [[WhatTheHellHero calls him out on it]].
* VocalDissonance: Turns up now and then in the Ace Attorney videos. Most prevalent are giving Pearl Fey, a tiny little girl, a baritone and giving Regina, an innocent circus girl, deep Russian voice.
* WikiWalk: One of Fraser's explanations for the chronic [[ScheduleSlip delays]] on Show and Trailers is that he will start doing research on a particular topic, read someone's blog about it, read other articles written by the author to understand his background and other opinions, and before he knows it he's reading up on Wikipedia about "[[{{Mayincatec}} Montezuma and the Mayans]]".
* TheWildWest: The Old West ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' build.
* WhatTheHellIsThatAccent: Fraser's French-Italian-Spanish-Russian-Badly burned Albanian accent used for [[VisualNovel/PhoenixWrightAceAttorney Maya Fey]].
-->'''The Chatroom''': I want to say that's racist, but I don't know who it's racist to!
* WorstWhateverEver:
** Fraser's slow getaway in ''VideoGame/RedDeadRedemption''.
-->'''Fraser''': Worst. Getaway. Ever.
** And his Minecart ride in Old Port on the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' server.
-->'''Fraser''': Worst. Ride. Ever.
* XDaysSince:
** ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}''
*** The Creeper Testing Ground in the ''VideoGame/{{Minecraft}}'' Beckyni Bottom build had 0 Days without injuries.
*** In the Frasia build, a shrine to "Super Quiet Creepers" had a "0 Days since last explosion" sign.
*** The Mine all Mine Offices and bunkrooms in the adventure map build proudly declares a massive ''two'' days without an accident.
** In ''VideoGame/HeavyRain'', Ben uses this as a BondOneLiner when a bad guy's loose clothing is caught on some caterpillar tracks.
-->''Days without an accident: ''zero''.''
* YouFool: Fraser uses this speech pattern a lot while imitating the cast of ''AsurasWrath''.
-->'''Fraser''': FOOL! You cannot hurt me with my sword! That only makes me stronger!
* YouJustToldMe: During a session of ''VideoGame/RhythmHeaven Fever'', Ben often was a lot better at the games than Fraser, and the chat frequently cheered on Ben or a member of the gang that wasn't even present whenever Fraser ''did'' do well.
-->'''Fraser''': (reading the chat) Fraser "Ben is better than me in every way" 2012
-->'''Becky''': Well, you said it.
-->'''Fraser''': Must've been drunk.
-->'''Becky''': No, you just said it, just now.
-->'''Fraser''': I did? Wow...oh ''fuck''.
* YouSayTomato: The group's pronunciation of "Creator/DrSeuss" (like "Dr. Zeuss") was immediately called out by the entire chatroom.
* YourMom: When they encounter that one mopey guy who sits on the steps on [[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaTheWindWaker Windfall Island]], [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25kzXb9dmOw his request for a pictograph of something perfectly round and pale]] is met the response "OK, where's your mom?" Half the humor is in how immediately and deadpan Fraser delivers the retort.