->Stupidity ahoy!
-->--Their channel's slogan

[[http://www.youtube.com/user/otakuascendedbackup Tsuki and the Video Master]]. They're a pair of nerds that review anime and episodes of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' on Website/YouTube. They're also been known to do [[AlternateDVDCommentary web commentaries]] they call "Let's Watch" for the latter, as well as episodes of the ''WesternAnimation/MegaMan'' cartoon, anime [[OriginalVideoAnimation OVAs]], ''WesternAnimation/FelixTheCatTheMovie'', ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTheMovie1986'', and ''WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite: The Movie''. They've also been known to run live stream for many varied reasons, whether to stream anime, wrestling, or video games.

Their usual style is VlogSeries, but they have been known to veer into (partially) scripted VideoReviewShow territory as well. Overall, the series is peppered with full-on silliness, nerdy references, nerdy jokes, and well...nerdy ''everything''. While their show has never been listed among the very best, they do possess their own unique charm that keep many viewers coming back.

The FIM fandom has sometimes likened them to Snips and Snails from that series. Whether you see any resemblance or not is entirely up to you.

At the very least, anyone looking for a break from the normal AccentuateTheNegative-style reviewer may find how positive these two guys can be very refreshing.

!! ''The Otaku Ascended'' provides examples of:

* [[ActuallyPrettyFunny Actually Pretty Funny and Actually Pretty Awesome]]:
** They will admit it when an intended moment of humor actually works in even the worst works they review or Let's Watch.
** They'll also point out moments intended to be awesome in otherwise lackluster works that are actually awesome.
* AlternateDVDCommentary: Their Let's Watches.
* AndStarring: [[http://www.youtube.com/user/BronyComms Brony Comms]], whenever they crossover with them. They've done this twice, once for the FIM episode, ''Best Night Ever'' and for a SonicTheHedgehog OVA, though that was just Shadrow.
* AuthorAppeal: Tons. For one thing, ''My Little Pony'' practically took over the show at one point because the creators just got ''that'' distracted by it.
* BadBadActing: Without even trying!
* BeautyEqualsGoodness: No, this has not escaped their notice, and they point it out anytime they see it, such as in FIM where villains will be designed ugly.
* BerserkButton: The Video Master is ''not'' a fan of the background pony known as "Daisy"
** Photo Finish makes his hatred for Daisy look like a crush.
* BookEnds: They begin and end each video with this introduction:
-->"I'm Tsuki."
-->"I'm the Video Master."
* BrokenAesop:
** Commented on in WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTheMovie1986, in which they point out that the witches are the ones who actually struggle and have to work together, whereas all the ponies had done up to that point was run Baby Lickity-Split out of town, so to speak.
** The moral of the movie was supposed to be "work together for a better future", or "buy our toys!".
* CausticCritic: Played straight and averted. Played straight whenever they watch something that frankly is just terrible. Anything good they watch though will receive appropriate amounts of praise.
* DarkerAndEdgier: Whenever the work they're reviewing or watching does something darker than expected, they will usually praise it for having the guts to do it.
* DidntWeUseThisJokeAlready: Frequently.
* DiscussedTrope: In the FIM episode, ''Griffon The Brush-Up'', where they talk about TheBully and how they tend to be lazily written characters designed only to receive their comeuppance. Neither one is particularly fond of the archetype.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: More recent fans may be used to Tsuki sitting to the left and Video Master on the right will notice right away their positioning was inverted early on. Also, they hadn't come up with any of their usual greetings or other slogans.
* FacePalm: Tsuki ''hates'' the pun ''Fillydelphia'' in FIM. He does it so hard, you can ''hear'' it in the Let's Watch it turns up in.
* FanFiction: They did an entire video about it. Pony FanFiction, no less!
** And yes, they have commented on both FanFic/{{Cupcakes}} and FanFic/{{Pattycakes}}. They don't like either one.
* FlatWhat: Frequently in the ''Debutante Detective Agency'' Let's Watch.
* FrivolousLawsuit: Most of their commentaries of FIM were flagged, despite the fact that the videos fall under Fair Use. Thankfully, they have a [[http://www.youtube.com/user/OtakuAscendedBackup back-up]].
** It was undoubtedly the work of trolls, since the two have also posted commentaries of earlier MyLittlePony works, but those were allowed to stay.
* GuiltyPleasure:
** They admit that WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite The Movie is actually kind of enjoyable.
** Tsuki watched MyLittlePony before it was cool. Crosses over with JustHereForGodzilla.
** Video Master loves the old Saturday Morning WesternAnimation/MegaMan cartoon, despite it's MindScrew and SoBadItsGood tendencies.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: Tsuki and Video Master.
* ImperialStormtrooperMarksmanshipAcademy: In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzMgcTGjFPU&feature=player_profilepage The Last Straw!]], Tsuki attempts to shoot Video Master dead. Despite being just a few feet away, he misses.
* {{Keet}}: Neither one is an extreme case, but they do have their moments.
* LampshadeHanging: In Baby Cakes,they Make fun of their tendency to focus on Voice actors
* LetsPlay: Tsuki ran one of a VideoGame/SuperMarioBros2 mod which replaced the Mario characters for pony characters on [[http://www.youtube.com/user/BronyTeamLP Brony Team LP's]] Website/YouTube channel.
** Now they are doing a real one and it's F3AR or FEAR 3 ,CO-OP of course.
* MindScrew: Pretty much ''all'' of ''WesternAnimation/FelixTheCatTheMovie'', and parts of ''WesternAnimation/RainbowBrite: The Movie''.
* NostalgiaFilter: Played straight and averted. Yes, they will point out that the ''Felix the Cat'' and ''Rainbow Brite'' movies aren't that great. It doesn't stop the two from enjoying them, though.
* OneOfUs: ''Both'' of them! They're as nerdy as it gets!
* OutOfOrder: The video for "Magical Mystery Cure" was filmed long before the two episodes before it, so it gets pretty weird when they suddenly know nothing about season 4.
* PlotHole: They love pointing these out.
* PrecisionFStrike: They're not as bad about swearing as a lot of internet reviewers are, but they will use this every now and again.
* PrincessesRule: Pointed out in FIM, ''Felix the Cat: The Movie'', and ''Rainbow Brite: The Movie''. They don't mind it, however.
* RedOniBlueOni: Tsuki tends to be Red while the Video Master tends to more reserved, relatively speaking. You could argue it's more of a case of Tsuki just being more {{Keet}} than Video Master.
* SanitySlippage: Apparently, if the Video Master spends too much time watching something, he'll end up ''thinking'' he's a character in it. As evidenced in one video when he spent all night watching old episodes of the Mega Man cartoon and ends up attacking someone ringing on his and Tsuki's doorbell.
* ScheduleSlip: While they're generally very good at gettig content released at a relatively even pace, they are sometimes prone to this. They do not have a set schedule, both have day jobs, and sometimes [[WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties their equipment just goes south]].
* SelfDeprecation: Their own logo says "''Stupidity Ahoy!''"
* SincerityMode: The mode most of their videos fall into, since they're a VlogSeries.
* SoBadItsGood: [[invoked]] How they view ''Felix the Cat: The Movie'' and some others.
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent: [[http://www.youtube.com/user/TheOtakuAscended#p/u/111/dej-gzpGmKU Let's Watch! Something Different!]]
* SoOkayItsAverage: InUniverse: What they thought of the WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyTVSpecials.
* ThoseTwoGuys: Tsuki and the Video Master, themselves.
* VideoReviewShow: Attempted a few times before they gave up and returned to being a VlogSeries.
* VlogSeries: Yep.
* WeAreExperiencingTechnicalDifficulties: The RealLife variety, which sometimes causes [[ScheduleSlip schedule slips]].

[-"Hi, I'm Tsuki."-]
[-"I'm the Video Master."-]