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->''"[[OnceAnEpisode My name is Lizzie Bennet]], and this is my VlogSeries SettingUpdate of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice''!"''

Lizzie Bennet is a normal young woman, pursuing a Master's degree in communications and desiring nothing more than to be her own person. This is in clear contrast to her mom, who just wants to get Lizzie and her two sisters married off to someone rich as soon as possible. She even got them all shirts saying [[SignatureLine "It's a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife."]] Lizzie doesn't buy it, and is going to explain exactly why to the whole internet in the form of video blogs.

When the handsome and rich Bing Lee moves into town, with his infuriatingly snobby and even-richer friend William Darcy in tow, Lizzie's life is thrown into disarray as her entire family starts clamouring for his attention. Thankfully, armed with a camera, her friend Charlotte's editing expertise and a healthy dose of snark, Lizzie is ready to document this social catastrophe as it unfolds.

If you haven't realized yet, this is a modernized VlogSeries [[SettingUpdate adaptation]] of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'', written by Bernie Su and produced in part by [[Music/HankGreen Hank]] [[WebVideo/VlogBrothers Green]]. Though it's scarcely the only update of ''P&P'', what was surprising was the exciting and devoted fan reaction: the show boasts close to 200,000 YouTube subscribers and its DVD release raised 500% of its goal on Kickstarter within just one week of its month-long fundraising drive. It can be found [[http://www.youtube.com/user/LizzieBennet on YouTube]] or [[http://www.lizziebennet.com/ at its own website]]. Oh, and then it won an Emmy for "Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media - Original Interactive Program," which is pretty darn impressive.

There is also a [[RecursiveAdaptation novelization]] of the series called ''The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet'', which consists of her written diary from the same time period. It serves partly as a novelization and partly as a companion piece to the videos, often expanding in greater details upon subjects that for practical reasons are only hinted at in the videos.

It has started a trend of Setting Updates diaries appearing on YouTube, both professional and fan made. ''WebVideo/TheAutobiographyOfJaneEyre'' referenced the [=LBDs=] in its first episode and its authors cite it as their inspiration. Meanwhile, it's been followed by its own {{Spinoff}}s: ''WebVideo/WelcomeToSanditon'' follows Gigi Darcy in her adventure to a beach resort Sanditon, beta-testing the "Domino" application, which records, auto-edits and auto-uploads video monologues and dialogues, and covering Austen's unfinished last novel ''Sandition''. Another spinoff, ''WebVideo/EmmaApproved'', launched in October 2013, chronicling through Domino the adventures of Professional ShipperOnDeck [[Literature/{{Emma}} Emma Woodhouse]]. And they have branched out of the world of Austen with ''WebVideo/FrankensteinMD'', following the career of the bioethically-challenged [[GenderFlip Victoria]] [[Literature/{{Frankenstein}} Frankenstein]]; and with ''WebVideo/TheMarchFamilyLetters'' concerning the daily shenanigans of the [[Literature/LittleWomen March Sisters]]. As of 2017, ''Lizzie'' and at least two of its spinoffs (''Emma Approved'' and ''Frankenstein MD'') can be seen in compilations on the digital subchannel TBD.
!!''The Lizzie Bennet Diaries'' provide examples of:
* AcCENTUpontheWrongSylLABle: Catherine de Bourgh.
* AdaptationalAngstUpgrade: The books didn't portray Lydia particularly sympathetically and would have probably been criticized if they did. In this series, [[spoiler:we get to see a heartbroken Lydia sobbing in Lizzie's arms]] in episode 87.
* AdaptationalAttractiveness: Charlotte and Mary. Both described as plain women in the book, both very pretty in this vlog.
* AdaptationDistillation: Kitty and Mary Bennet are cut from the sisterhood to better focus on the contrasts between the three more prominent sisters. It's later revealed that Kitty is actually a cat and Mary is a cousin that Lizzie "always forgets about".
* AdaptationNameChange: Several.
** Charlotte Lucas becomes Charlotte Lu as part of her RaceLift.
** Charles Bingley becomes Bing Lee, getting a race lift in the process. By extension, his sister Caroline Bingley becomes Caroline Lee.
** Fitzwilliam Darcy is updated to William Darcy.
** Probably to avoid confusion with Darcy, William Collins has become Ricky Collins, short for Richard. Charlotte refers to him as such in the "Without Reservation" video on Maria Lu's spin-off vlogs. Mostly though, insists on being referred to as "Mr Collins."
** Darcy's sister's full name is still Georgiana, but most people call her Gigi.
** Colonel Fitzwilliam is now Fitz Williams.
* AddedAlliterativeAppeal: Some episode titles are alliterative.
** "Friends Forever"
** "Convertible Carpool"
** "Swimming with Scissors"
** "Staff Spirit"
** "Sisterly Support"
* {{Adorkable}}: Gigi, Mary, and Maria. Darcy and Bing also show flashes of this. Many think Mr. Collins is this too. And Lizzie herself.
* AdultFear: A large part of the story revolves around the Bennets' financial troubles and fears of losing their house. After [[spoiler: Wickham announces he intends to release a tape of him having sex with Lydia]], the sisters have to tell their father about what's been happening. Lizzie's account of it is heartbreaking. They somehow chose [[PlotHole not to involve police]] and it's implied that they can't afford legal action and take it to the court.
* AerithAndBob: The central characters of the show are Lizzie, Jane, Lydia, Charlotte, William (who tends to be called [[LastNameBasis "Darcy"]]), Caroline and... ''Bing''. Especially noticeable since Darcy's first name is changed from "Fitzwilliam" to the far more common "William."
* AgeLift: The series' modern setting wouldn't fit with [[ValuesDissonance 15-year old Lydia or 16-year old Georgiana]]. Lizzie and Jane are several years older than their book counterparts as well. Inverted with Charlotte, who was 27 in the book, but is Lizzie's age, 24-years-old, in the adaptation.
* AmbiguouslyJewish: There's a passing reference to Mr. and Mrs. Bennet going to Uncle Phil's Hannukah party. However, the Bennets also explicitly celebrate Christmas, so who knows.
** The novel makes it more clear that Uncle Phil married one of Mr. and Mrs. Bennet's siblings.
* {{Angrish}}: Lizzie, when confronted to Mr. Collins.
* AnguishedDeclarationOfLove: What, you didn't see this one coming?
* AnnoyingYoungerSibling: Lydia. Some of Gigi's antics could make her one as well.
* ArmorPiercingQuestion:
** Maria asks Charlotte why she always calls Ricky "Mr. Collins." Charlotte can only reply with a series of facial expressions.
** Jane asks Lizzie what she plans to do with herself after her degree, and (on a greater level) what she wants from her life. The normally-voluble Lizzie is pretty quiet afterwards.
* AscendedExtra:
** Charlotte is much more important than her book counterpart ever was.
** Caroline has been expanded as well and is arguably a secondary antagonist.
** In the novel, Colonel Fitzwilliam sort of drops off after his big scene. The Fitz character was playing matchmaker.
** Charlotte's sister Maria is a minor character in the novel, so unimportant she's left out of most adaptations. In LBD she gets a short spin-off thaf helps reconcile Charlotte and Lizzie.
** Gigi is much more prominent. She plays matchmaker to Lizzie and Darcy, along with Fitz, reveals what happened between her and Wickham on her own, and gets her own spin-off.
* BadBadActing: Whenever one of the characters steps in to play a different one, this happens to some degree. Their acting styles also say a lot about themselves:
** Lizzie caricatures and exaggerates, at least partially.
** Lydia overacts. [[LargeHam Flamboyantly]].
** Jane starts out as a DeerInTheHeadlights every time the camera lands on her, but as she becomes more comfortable in her skin, she starts to show the wilder side that she normally represses.
** Charlotte gives realistic but emotionally cold and uninterested performances.
** Mary's attempt at costume theatre is {{melodrama}}tic, she breaks character twice, and you can see her mouthing along with Lizzie's lines.
** And the one exception to all of this is when any of the above do impressions of each other, which are typically spot-on. Which you'd expect from, you know, sisters (or as-good-as, in Charlotte's case). In a similar vein, Darcy is unable imitate his sister but is excellent as his best friend Fitz.
%% * BelligerentSexualTension: Lizzie and Darcy, at least at first.
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%% * BigDamnKiss:
%% ** [[spoiler:Between Lydia and Wickham]] in episode 24 of Lydia's spin-off.
%% ** Aaand, much more awaited, [[spoiler:Jane and Bing]] in episode 92.
%% ** [[spoiler:And the ForegoneConclusion that we've been waiting for, Lizzie and Darcy in episode 98. ''Thrice''.]]
* BigNo: Lizzie lets out a Big NO in episode 30, upon finding out it'll take more time than expected to remodel the house.
* BigWhat: Gigi's reaction on Twitter upon discovering that [[spoiler:Darcy's surprise appearance at Lizzie's house.]]
* BlackBestFriend: African-American Fitz (the former Col. Fitzwilliam in the book) is best friend to Darcy. He gets well on with Lizze as well when they meet during Lizzie's intership at Mr Collins' company.
* BookWorm:
** The only thing Lizzie does with her time, by her own admission, is make vlogs, read and study.
** Mary Bennet as well, the first time we see her she's reading through all of Lydia's antics.
* BreatherEpisode: Episode 65 and onward, coinciding with the Thanksgiving holidays, take us away from the plot for awhile. Culminates in Episode 69, starring Lydia, Lydia-as-Lizzie and Jane-as-Lydia.
** Episode 83, in which Darcy and Lizzie flirt cutely and he praises her work. It sits between Episode 82, in which [[spoiler:Gigi reveals the truth about Wickham and herself]], and Episode 84, which then reveals [[spoiler:that Wickham intends to publish a sex tape of himself and Lydia]].
%% * BrickJoke: In episdoe 30: "[Darcy]'s very, uh... He's... um... very..." "Tall?" "What?" "Never mind."
* ButtMonkey:
** Lizzie makes fun of Mr. Collins in her vlogs, for being anvilicious, self-important, blunt ''and'' not unspontaneous (because he is socially awkward, career-driven to a fault and slightly self-involved).
** Initially, Mary was the butt of jokes in Lydia's vlog. [[spoiler:It Got Better]].
%% ** Darcy.
* BouquetToss: Lizzie suspects that Mrs Bennet paid off Ellen Gibson to throw the bouquet directly at her. And Darcy was thrown at the garter. These events lead to what according to Lizzie was ''the most awkward dance ever''.
* CatchPhrase:
** Each episode before the intro tune has Lizzie saying: "My name is Lizzie Bennet, and ..."
** Lizzie's "I forget nothing!" She says it whenever somebody is baffled by her extraordinary memory. She remembers every word of every conversation.
** Jane's "Hi, it's so good to see you." She greets viewers with this line, and Charlotte claims that's how she greets her friends, mortal enemies and the mail-man alike.
** Lydia's "Whaaaaaaaat!"
* CelebrityParadox:
** Lizzie is apparently a fan of the movie ''Literature/BridgetJones' Diary'' despite it being based off ''PrideAndPrejudice'', too.
** Charlotte and Lizzie mention that their mothers read ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility'' for a book club.
** Lizzie, Charlotte, and Lydia (characters in a Hank Green-produced webshow) attending VidCon (a convention organized by Hank Green).
** Lizzie includes a clip of herself meeting with Hank, who compliments her on her webshow while she says she likes all of his shows.
* CerebusSyndrome: Starting at Episode 40 or so, the plot ''really'' takes off.
* CharacterBlog: Obviously the show is Lizzie's personal vlog. Butmon top of that, most characters have social media accounts, giving the story more dimension and allowing the audience to be privy to information we don't get to see in Lizzie's videos.
** While the Wickham tape drama was going on, there was an actual website you could visit and subscribe to. The website still exists, but now only displays a message saying: "sorry, we are no longer able to offer this product."
* CreatorCameo: Lizzie meets Hank at Vidcon.
* CharacterDevelopment: As they go through their trials and tribulations, Lizzie and Lydia in particular are growing more aware of the mistakes they've made and the potential problems in their judgement and attitudes towards others.
* CharacterExaggeration: In the source material Lizzie is a pretty good judge of character, with the exception of Wickham and Darcy. In the vlog Lizzie is a lot more prone to being a a bad judge of character because of her personal biases. This forces more CharacterDevelopment.
* CompositeCharacter:
** Mr Bingley originally had ''two'' sisters. Obviously, just one is fine. Caroline also fufills the role of Anne de Bourgh (who is now Catherine's pet dog).
** Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner have been combined into Dr. Gardiner, Lizzie's Mass Communications professor, who arranges for her to shadow at Pemberley. Fitz and Gigi also seem to be partly fulfilling the Gardiner's roles.
** After episode 87, [[spoiler:Lydia's]] storyline and future prospects are closer to [[spoiler:book-Kitty's, rather than book-Lydia's]].
* ChekhovsGun: Gigi proudly describes Domino, Pemberley's latest prototype, as being able to auto-edit and auto-upload anything it captures. [[spoiler: George Wickham downloads Domino without thinking]] in the 5th demo video, [[spoiler:making himself traceable...]]
* ContinuityCameo:
** Kitty Bennet in Lydia's spin-off.
** Lydia's friend Denny gets a passing mention in the spin-off as well.
** The name Carter's Bar is a reference to Captain Carter, a minor character in the original novel.
* ContinuityNod:
** Lydia takes over the videos for episode 69 and she has Jane portray her. Jane enters wearing the same clothes Lydia wore in episode 20, the last episode Lydia took over.
** Lydia wears Jane and Lizzie's birthday necklace in several videos.
* CoolBigSis: Jane for Lizzie and Lydia, Charlotte for Maria. Occasionally Lizzie shows flashes of this, but for the most part she's [[AnnoyingYoungerSibling annoyed by Lydia]].
* CoordinatedClothes: In episode 59 "Staff Spirit", Charlotte Lu wears a Ketchup costume for Halloween work event, while her direct supervisor Ricky Collins is dressed in a Mustard outfit.
* CouldSayItBut: Lizzie does not wish to reveal private information concerning Darcy's treatment of Wickham, so she tells a story about [[LastSecondWordSwap "Dar...vid"]] and "Batman" instead.
-->'''Darcy:'''If I knew a Darvid, perhaps he would feel differently.
* CurseCutShort:
** Episode 10 "Cats and Chinchillas" ends with Lizzie's fff[bleeeeeep].
** Episode 53 "Annie Kins" starts with "What the [cut to the opening theme]".
* DamnedByFaintPraise:
** The only compliment Jane has in regards to Darcy is that he is "very tall".
---> '''Lizzie''': Okay! For the record, when the nicest thing [[TheMessiah Jane Bennet]] has to say about you is "tall", you have personality problems.
** Lizzie herself feels like Darcy is employing this trope on her. Evidently she's "decent enough" for him.
** Fitz accidentally employs this on ''himself.''
---> '''Fitz''': ... I taught Darcy everything he knows about living life. Truth! (Beat) No, wait.
* ADayInTheLimelight: Though Lizzie is the main character, she doesn't show up in every video:
** Charlotte and Jane take over Episode 15.
** Lydia takes over Episode 20 and Episode 69.
** Ricky Collins first shows up in-person in Episode 25 by crashing the Vidcon filming.
** Caroline Lee shows up in Episode 27, and reveals that she's been aware of the diaries.
** Bing and Jane finally share an episode together (Episode 28). {{Squee}} ensues.
** Mary shows up when Lydia does her own spin-off videos during the Netherfield arc.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-65brfdH0qc&feature=g-u-u Kitty Bennet]] gets a day in the limelight on Lydia's blog.
** Lydia and Mr. Collins have an episode to themselves after Lizzie storms out.
** Charlotte and Mr. Collins do Episode 41. The result is, surprisingly, a DramaBomb.
** Lydia and Jane solo while Lizzie writes a paper.
** Mary hides in Lizzie's video.
* DeadpanSnarker:
** Lizzie herself.
** [[spoiler: Darcy]] as well. From episode 80:
--->[[spoiler:"Well, that will certainly make the costumes easier to obtain."]]
* DeathGlare: Lydia gives Lizzie an especially long and angry one after realising that they're not going out partying like she thought.
* DeerInTheHeadlights:
** Lizzie has this look when Lydia sneaks up behind her and wraps her hands around Lizzie's neck with very big, sharp scissors.
** Lizzie in episode 60, after she inadvertently told Darcy about her videos.
** In the first episode of the Maria Lu spin-off series, Charlotte Lu warns her younger sister not to do this in a vlog.
%% ** Lizzie, in episode 78. (NO ZERO CONTEXT EXAMPLES)
* DemotedToExtra: Kitty Bennet, who was the fourth Bennet sister, has been adapted into an actual cat named Kitty, while Mary has been turned into a cousin seen mainly in Lydia's spin-off videos (although she has appeared in Lizzie's videos).
* DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment: Lizzie in episode 33, talking about Darcy: "The only thing he wanted was for me to say that I liked popular music so that he could mock me with his mocking words, [[PunctuatedForEmphasis and his mocking face and BEADY little mocking eyes]]."
* DistractedByTheSexy: Lizzie, walking in on Wickham [[ShirtlessScene with no shirt on]], forgets to castigate Lydia for "accidentally" spilling water on his shirt (hence the no-shirt-on thing) and instead gives a series of [[LaughingMad disjointed giggles]]. Well, it's either this or HeroicBSOD at the realization of what she let Lydia do.
* DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything: Lydia says she felt sorry for the youngest boy she babysat. The older boys were so mean to him, and he seemed so lonely.
* DramaBomb: Episode 41 (Collins' proposal to Charlotte) and 42 (fallout thereof).
** Episode 47 (Bing leaves town) and 48 (Jane breaks down before announcing she too is leaving).
** Episode 60: Darcy first appears on the videos to declare his love for Lizzie. Lizzie shuts him down.
** Episode 73: Lydia has her 21st birthday and Lizzie accidentally reveals her opinion that Lydia could stand to act more grown-up. [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgment Regardless of whether she was right or not]], Lydia doesn't take it well.
** Episode 84: Darcy asks Lizzie out on a date but before she can answer she finds out that Lydia has been dating George Wickham and he has been advertising a sex tape of the two of them and Lizzie has to return home.
* DropInCharacter: Initially, Jane and Lydia but they got great staples of the show in later episodes. Definitely the case for Mr. Collins, Caroline and Bing. Bing doesn't even know about the vlog he's appearing on until episode 81.
* EarlyBirdCameo: In the ''Secret Diaries'' book, Lizzie mentions in her report from Vidcon that she attended a talk on multi-communication platforms from "a designer and app company called Pemberly Digital."
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The makeup is much more conspicuous in the first eight or so episodes, particularly the absolute first. It can be jarring to go back to them.
* EatingTheEyeCandy: Both Lizzie and Lydia thoroughly enjoyed shirtless Wickham.
* FatalFlaw: Lizzie's pride and inability to change her mind once it's made up, especially against Darcy and Lydia, has caused misunderstandings and problems for many of the involved. Fortunately CharacterDevelopment helps her to learn from those flaws.
%% * FieryRedhead: All three sisters are red-heads, but only Lydia fits the trope.
* FistPump: According to Lizzie, Mrs Bennet kept pumping her fist at Ellen Gibson's wedding when she was enjoying her success as a matchmaker when her daughter Jane and Bing danced together song after song. Let's hope Lizzie meant it metaphorically.
* FlowerInHerHair: Jane and Gigi get a pink flower for their costume theatre and it accurately captures their femininity. However, they don't seem to be wearing flowers in hair in real life.
* {{Foreshadowing}}: "Keeping someone ignorant isn't protecting them. It can actually endanger them, you know?"
* FourGirlEnsemble: Jane is definite the "sweet, naive" one, and Lydia is definitely the "sexy" one (of the ReallyGetsAround type). Charlotte's mostly the DeadpanSnarker, which leaves Lizzie as the WildCard, which fits her accurately, to a point.
* FourthWallMailSlot: Lizzie would sometimes answer comments at the video, and she would ask her viewers to send her questions through Twitter, Facebook or Youtube, and those that were interesting for the story or characters got answered in-universe. In addition, the creative team was always eager to communicate with fans at the official page or various social networks.
* FreudianExcuse: The Lydia vlogs heavily imply that Lydia acts out and is obnoxious at least in part because she feels jealous of Jane and Lizzie's bond and ignored by her parents. Interestingly, the writers seem to take this less seriously than the vast majority of the Lydia fanbase.
* FreudianSlip:
** If we ever doubted that Lizzie's impersonation of her mother was close from her, we can rely on it now.
---> '''Jane''': No, Mom ! Mom... ahem... Lizzie !
** Quite possibly this, from episode 46:
--->'''Wickham''': [[spoiler: I've got people to do and things to see. ''([[ThatCameOutWrong looks ill-at-ease]])'' ]]
** "I would never do that. I can't stand that jerk." Oh, Lydia.
** Lizzie's "what if we missed our chance?" from Episode 91. The previous rhetorical questions refer to Bing and Jane as "they", but the wording of the last one implies that she's thinking about Darcy.
* GilliganCut: Becomes somewhat of a RunningGag in ''The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet.'' quite often, Lizzie will end her diary entries with some statement about how [X] will never happen or [Y] should go off without a hitch -- only for her to open the next diary entry describing how [X] did indeed happen or [Y] ran into unforeseen problems. She catches onto it after a while, at one point telling herself that she has to stop making such predictions in her diary when the universe is so determined to prove her wrong... but then she goes right back to doing it.
* TheGloriousWarOfSisterlyRivalry: A tame version exists between Lizzie and Lydia. For the most part, the get along and they are kept in check by Jane. Plus, it's obvious that they really care about each other. The Lizzie-Lydia feud finally erupted in episodes 73 and 74.
* {{Goth}}: Mary is a [[DownplayedTrope downplayed]] example of the "Gloomy Goth" variety, mixed with EmoTeen.
* GoodLuckGesture: Lizzie crosses fingers on both hands rather intensely in "Q&A 1" when she says she hopes her younger sister Lydia will soon become a responsible woman.
* HairTriggerTemper: Lydia. Lizzie sometimes, usually when it relates to Collins and Darcy.
* HeartbreakAndIcecream: Charlotte brings cheesy movies and ice-cream to Lizzie who is a bit depressed over a guy. They weren't dating, but there are other love problems than a break-up.
* HeroesWantRedheads: It is certain this is where the story is going to end up, as all three sisters have varying shades of red hair.
* HeroicBSOD: Lizzie has one in the 8th episode, complete with an editorial aside by Charlotte {{lampshading}} and/or {{foreshadowing}} Lizzie's FatalFlaw and the entire plot that results from it:
-->'''Charlotte:''' "Hey, everyone. Lizzie is having a bit of a crisis because her sister Jane actually ''likes'' the guy her mother wants her to marry. A guy who, it turns out, is actually pleasant, and nice, and funny, but that Lizzie had already made up her mind to hate. And Lizzie ''hates'' changing her mind."
%%** Lydia has one in Episode 85.
* HorribleJudgeOfCharacter: Lizzie thinks that a lot of other people fit this trope: "And yet ''another'' example of lively, outgoing people inexplicably being friends with Darcy!" The truth, of course, is that ''she'' fits the trope; Episode 61 revolves around nothing else, with both Charlotte and [[spoiler:Darcy himself]] dropping in to debunk her assumptions on Darcy. In Lizzie's defense, episode 81 makes it clear that Darcy is unusually stiff when he's around her.
* IconicOutfit: Used in-universe for Costume Theater whenever someone is standing in for someone else.
** Darcy's bowtie and newsie cap.
** Lizzie's plaid shirt.
** Jane is represented by a pink flower worn in someone's hair.
** Bing is represented by one of those [[DressedToHeal stereotypical-head-mirror thingies]] that doctors have.
** Caroline is represented by CoolShades and a black scarf.
** Wickham is represented with swimming goggles.
** Mr. Bennet has a pipe and short-brimmed hat. Once he had a model of a train.
** Mrs. Bennet has a rainbow scarf, chandelier earrings and a large floppy garden hat.
** Gigi is represented by Darcy's newsie cap plus Jane's pink flower.
** Fitz is represented by a big poufy wig provided by Darcy.
** Charlotte has a knit purple hat, pig tails and a book that says "Charlotte costume" on it. Lizzie had to improvise. Charlotte {{lampshades}} the StylisticSuck the very next episode:
-->"You had ''ninety-six episodes'' to think up a costume for me, and you came up with... pigtails and a book?"
* ILikeMyXLikeILikeMyY: Who else?
-->'''Mary:''' How about you? If you're so keen on [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmpgLT4B3Cc oversharing people's personal lives on the Internet]], why don't we talk about ''your'' LoveInterest?
-->'''Lydia:''' Love interest? HaHaHaNo. That's ''way'' too boring. I like my boys like I like my data plans: readily available, unlimited, and something I never signed a contract for.
* IncompatibleOrientation:
** Lydia and her friend Denny. When Mary speculates about the two of them, Lydia retorts that he has a boyfriend.
** Lizzie and Fitz. Lizzie tells the audience not to expect a romance between them because Fitz is gay.
* INeverSaidItWasPoison: Lizzie realizes Caroline is full of shit, and has, in fact, been watching her videos and keeping up with all the drama, despite her attempts at playing innocent. She accuses Caroline of just wanting to know what's in Darcy's letter. Caroline quickly denies that she cares about the letter--but Lizzie immediately points out, if Caroline ''really'' hadn't seen the videos, her response would've been, "What letter?" [[OhCrap Caroline quickly excuses herself]].
* IronicEcho: In Episode 2, Lizzie uses the comment "Argh, Lydia's being a stupid whorey slut again!" as an hypothetical example of what she might say in a future videos. In Episode 87, [[spoiler:Lydia says sincerely that "None of this would've happened if I wasn't acting like ''a stupid whorey slut again'', right?"]]
* IsThisThingOn:
** When Lizzie was shooting her video blog entries, her sisters and other characters would occasionally come into her room. She once assured her sister Jane that she would edit it out later, but their conversation turned out useful for the entry, so Lizzie kept it. In later stories, Lizzie would state that she had the person's permission to post it online.
** Later in the story, Darcy's company Pemberley Digital developed a story-telling application that automatically recorded and edited phone calls and conversations, with automatic up-load to the channel. That explains how some of the private moments got into Gigi Darcy's spin-off and viewers could see it. Darcy was smart and when Gigi called him, he immediately asked whether she was using Domino demo, and ended the call when she said she did.
* ItsAllAboutMe: Mr. Ricky Collins, when not being obsessed with Catherine de Bourgh.
* JerkAss:
** Darcy, of course. [[spoiler:...but he is a JerkWithAHeartOfGold]].
** [[spoiler:George Wickham]], albeit of a more subtle and deeply heinous variety.
* JerkassRealization:
** Lizzie thinks she has one in episode 43. However, it is made clear at the same time that Lizzie didn't know Charlotte was unhappy with her taking most of the credit for the vlog, making the moment rather moving and redeeming.
** Lizzie has a major one in episode 87.
* KarmaHoudini: [[spoiler: Unlike the original novel, George Wickham doesn't seem to receive ''any'' comeuppance whatsoever for emotionally abusing Lydia, betraying her trust and nearly ruining her reputation for a quick buck. Lizzie worries that he'll be trying to pull this scam again on another innocent person in the future - although hopefully, thanks to the publicity of what nearly happened, people will be more suspicious of him.]]
* KickTheDog:
** Lizzie, without realizing the extent of it, towards all the characters whose private lives she reveals. It divides as follows:
*** Cases ending with MyGodWhatHaveIDone: Caroline Lee, Bing Lee.
*** Cases beginning with serious provocation or indifference towards her well-being: Darcy, her mother, the Team Swimmers, [[NoSocialSkills Mr.]] [[InnocentlyInsensitive Co]][[ItsAllAboutMe llins]].
** Lydia does the same as a part of her SiblingRivalry with Lizzie, but at least, she is very affectuous towards her. She does the same to Mary but wants to help her and they finally end up being friends.
** Darcy's statements are demeaning to about 80% of the base. Those who haven't read the book have a hard time to see him being redeemed (unless they think Lizzie's exaggerating).
* KnowNothingKnowItAll: Collins may talk a good game, but it is quite fair to say that he has zero understanding of what the "point" of social media is.
%% * LargeHam: Lydia
* LaughingMad: Lizzie, upon getting a look at [[MrFanservice George Wickham's abs]].
* LeaningOnTheFourthWall:
** Charlotte saying that people like the DIY look. "It makes the video feel more authentic if it's not too polished."
** Lizzie and Charlotte:
--->'''Charlotte:''' "Could you get back on-script? No one cares about my aunt."\\
'''Lizzie:''' "Yeah... We seem super-authentic now."
** Mr. Collins: "I find [your vlog] inherently unique, perhaps it's the complex narrative you're telling."
** Lydia winks at the camera in Episode 24 when she explains to Lizzie and Charlotte that she got into Vid Con because she "has friends in high places"...
** Lizzie is aware that her viewers ship her and Darcy and she makes comments about not wanting any crazy fan fictions. Cue commentators claiming that one chick named Jane Austen wrote a fan fic in historical setting and that it's pretty good.
* LoveYouAndEverybody: Jane is super-sweet and nice to absolutely everybody. Darcy interprets her behaviour as someone who is not ready to commit.
* MetaTwist: Episode 87, the biggest DramaBomb of the series, does not play the cheery theme tune over the ending panel.
* {{Mockbuster}}: InUniverse. One of the shows produced by Collins & Collins is [[Series/GameOfThrones Game Of Gourds]]. {{Tagline}}s include "[[AStormIsComing Winter squash is coming]]" and [[ArcWords You win or you're gourd]]."
* MoodWhiplash:
** One episode 48, where Jane comes in with an embroidery for Lizzie, and [[spoiler:when re-enacting a scene between Lizzy and Wickham, suddenly breaks down remembering how Bing never called to explain why he left town]].
** The Care Package episode. [[spoiler:Fitz brings up how caring Darcy is by talking about how Darcy intervened between Jane and Bing, not realizing that Jane was the girl Darcy warned Bing about and that Lizzy is sending a care package partly because of the entire situation]].
** Episode 84. Lizzie is gleefully showing off her new phone and Darcy is on the verge of asking her out on a date when [[spoiler:Lizzie learns from Charlotte that Wickham intends to publish a sex tape featuring himself and Lydia]].
* MyGirlIsASlut: Lizzie opinion of Lydia is that she's a "Whorey Slut". When she is called out about slut shaming her sister by fans she modifies this to say that there is nothing wrong with responsible women doing whatever they like in the bedroom she just wishes that Lydia would be that responsible.
* MyGreatestFailure: Lizzie has this reaction in Episode 84 that shows the depth of her remorse over the gulf that has opened between herself and Lydia.
* MythologyGag:
** In the first Q&A episode, Lydia shows Lizzie her fake ID with the name "Mary Crawford," a character from another Creator/JaneAusten novel, ''Literature/MansfieldPark''.
** Charlotte and Lizzie's mothers went into labor while reading ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility''.
** The "[[SignatureLine Truth universally acknowledged...]]" T-shirts, which Mrs. Bennet takes completely seriously.
** [[PunnyName Kitty Bennet]] was originally one of the Bennet sisters. Here, she's a literal kitty.
** Lizzie jokes that Annie Kins the dog is a perfect match for Darcy. In the original novel, Darcy and Anne were intended to be betrothed by their mothers.
** Jane: "I'm moving to Los Angeles, not London." London is where she moved in the novel.
** Jane prepares tea and scones for Lizzie, to which Lizzie says: "Did we turn British?"
** Lizzie stated that she always felt drawn to England and she cyber-shadowed a company in London.
** Fitz and Gigi's close relationship is a nod to the novel where Col. Fitzwilliam, along with Mr. Darcy, was Georgiana's guardian.
** In one of the question videos, Lizzie says the past version of her would enjoy walking and probably have a lot of muddy dresses.
** She tells the Darcys that she likes to walk, despite the difficulty in the city.
** Lizzie and Gigi are both mystified at how people always assume they play the piano. ElegantClassicalMusician was a thing to take very seriously in Regency England.
** Pemberly Digital is named after the Darcys' ancestral estate of a BigFancyHouse Pemberley in England.
** In the second episode, Lizzie mentions that she likes films starring Creator/ColinFirth; Firth played the role of Mr. Darcy in the BBC miniseries adaptation of P&P.
** In the last episode of Gigi's spin-off, Gigi tells Darcy to go and have a swim. This brings to mind the famous dive scene with SexySoakedShirt in the 1995 BBC adaptation.
** In a [[http://www.lizziebennet.com/no-more-videos/ Twitter post]], Fitz mentions going to Italy for "Brandon's bday". Colonel Brandon is a prominent character in ''Literature/SenseAndSensibility''.
** Lydia mentions her grade-school friend Harriet, who may or may not be Harriet Smith from ''Emma''.
*** It's more likely to be Harriet Forster. In the novel, Lydia stayed with Mrs and Colonel Forster in Brighton.
** During an episode where everyone seems to be leaving town at the same time, Lizzie asks, "What's going on? Is it the [[Literature/PrideAndPrejudiceAndZombies zombie apocolypse]]?"
* NoNameGiven: Despite the modern setting, Mr and Mrs Bennet are called Mr and Mrs Bennet. The girls refer to them as "Mom and Dad", the other characters as "your mother and your father" and they call themselves pet names in the costume theater sequences. The book reveals Mrs Bennet is called Marilyn.
* NoSocialSkills:
** Darcy and Gigi have troubles interacting normally with people they have just met, leading to Lizzie wondering if it's a family trait.
** Ricky Collins as well, and as a {{Foil}} to boot: while Darcy knows what to say [[BrutalHonesty but not how to say it]], Collins talks a lot [[KnowNothingKnowItAll and says very little]].
* NotSoDifferent:
** Episode 55 revolves around this. Charlotte compares Lizzie to her mother (see the next trope down for her response), and Lizzie [[SelectiveObliviousness quite innocently]] compares herself to Mr. Collins ("I wonder where Charlotte learned her PolitenessJudo?") and then, more subtly, to Darcy (taking note of the friends they both have, which by her calculations shouldn't be true).
** Jane points out that Lizzie and Lydia are not so different, being incredibly stubborn and more willing to talk to the internet than to each other.
* OhCrap:
** Lizzie's reaction to finding out Caroline Lee watches her vlog in episode 27.
** Her expression when she lets slip about her blog to Darcy.
** When she discovers that her "tour guide" in Pemberley Digital is really ''Gigi Darcy'' and that she not only knows about the videos, she ''watches and loves'' them.
-->'''Lizzie''': Bye, Gigi...[to camera] otherwise known as Darcy's sister... who watches my videos. Why do I feel like I'm in ''major trouble'' right now?
** Charlotte, when Lizzie gets an assignment to shadow Pemberly Digital and has trouble figuring out why that name is familiar.
* OneDialogueTwoConversations: In episode 85, Lydia thought Lizzie was expressing her disapproval about Lydia seeing George but Lizzie was really talking about [[spoiler: the sex tape that George was going to post online.]]
* OneHeadTaller: Darcy is a tall guy and Lizzie is fairly petite compared to him.
* OneHourWorkWeek: Bing's ''very'' flexible med school schedule is lampshaded by Lizzie. An explanation is offered in Episode 92: [[spoiler:He quit med school after realising he needs to live his own life for himself]].
* OneLinerNameOneLiner: Lizzie to Charlotte in Episode 55: "Low blow, Lu. Low blow."
* [[OnlySaneMan Only Sane Woman]]: Lizzie sees herself as the only reasonable one in the family, especially in relation to her sisters, but [[UnreliableNarrator the plot dents this perception somewhat]]. The ''real'' source of wisdom is Charlotte, who knows enough about everyone to {{foreshadow}} their CharacterDevelopment.
* OppositesAttract: Lizzie's view of her parents's marriage.
* ParentsAsPeople: Lizzie admits that her mother has good intentions and is only trying to look out for her daughters, but is doing so in a very obnoxious and humiliating way that doesn't take her daughters' feelings and thoughts into consideration. Also her father, according to Lizzie, is loving and supportive but more often than not enjoys a good laugh on his daughters' accounts.
* PetTheDog:
** Without her kindness to Jane, her friendship with Charlotte, her concern with her viewers, her feminist opinions, and her AngerBornOfWorry towards Lydia, Lizzie's harshness towards her overbearing mother, Darcy, Mr. Collins and (originally) Caroline would be much harder to forgive.
** Lydia has moments with Mary which make them more sympathetic. Lydia in the book was never this friendly and nice.
** In Episode 61, ''Darcy apologizes for upsetting Lizzie'', unprompted and of his own will.
* [[invoked]] PortmanteauCoupleName: Lydia dubs Jane and Bing "Jing".
* PragmaticAdaptation:
** Due to budget and storytelling constraints, only a few members of the cast appear onscreen. Lizzie's extra sisters Mary and Kitty have been transformed into a cousin and an actual cat (respectively), and Bing's two sisters have been condensed into one.
** In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKrqAsEQLwU amusing behind-the-scenes facts]]: Lizzie's room is producer Jenni Powell's actual apartment, and the lead actresses costume themselves out of their personal wardrobes.
--->'''Ashley Clements:''' "At this point I own very, very little that has not been on the show. Basically if I wanted to wear something that I ''haven't'' worn as Lizzie, I could wear pajamas or a bridesmaid's dress."
* PregnancyScare: ''The Secret Diary of Lizzie Bennet'' reveals the real reason why Jane was acting "strange" towards the end of her and Lizzie's stay at Netherfield. In the videos, Lizzie just says it's homesickness; in her private diary she reveals that Jane was actually worried because her period was late and she was afraid she'd gotten pregnant. She swore Lizzie to absolute secrecy, which is why the topic doesn't come up in the videos.
* PromotedToLoveInterest: Inverted by Mr. Collins, who goes from proposing marriage to Elizabeth (and later, Charlotte) to offering Lizzie (and later, Charlotte) a job.
* PunnyName: Kitty Bennet. Catherine "Kitty" Bennet was a fourth sister in the novel, while here she is literally a kitty.
* RaceLift:
** The Lucas family are English in the book, but Americans of Chinese descent in the vlog. Charlotte Lucas is Charlotte Lu.
** Mr Bingley has been re-imagined as Bing Lee, so he went from white English guy to Asian American. Caroline Bingley becomes Caroline Lee as a result.
** Colonel Fitzwilliam is black in this version, being known as simply Fitz.
* RapePortrayedAsRedemption: [[spoiler:Lydia gets the support of her sisters that she always wanted, and sheds the "energetic, adorbs" persona for a more "mature, responsible" one, after George Wickham coerces her into making a sex tape that he then puts online.]]
* RealityEnsues: In episode 90, Lizzie wonders [[spoiler: what kind of med school allows Bing to take so much time off so that he can swan around the country like he's been doing. Turns out, no sane med school ''does'' - the whole reason Bing set up camp near the Bennets at the start of the series was that he'd dropped out and Caroline and Darcy were trying to help him get sorted out. Part of the reason Caroline is so mad at the Bennet girls is, after she got Bing away from Jane and back into med school, he dropped out ''again'' to be with her.]]
* ReallyGetsAround: Lydia ([[InformedFlaw by reputation]], as such exploits are unlikely to be captured in-vlog)... until the 84th episode of Lizzie's vlog, when it's revealed that [[spoiler:George Wickham made a sex tape]].
* RedHerring: The videos concerning Lydia's trip to Las Vegas all drop heavy foreshadowing that she might have some sort of AccidentalMarriage there, as in the source material. Even Lydia teases it in her first video of 2013. But it never happens. (The actual way it plays out is even more horrifying.)
* RightBehindMe: After accidentally revealing her vlogs to Darcy, Lizzie panics over the thought that he could sue her for some of the things she said about him. As she was saying this, Darcy appears at the doorway behind her.
* RomanticRain: Spoofed. Viewers might have expected a certain guy, but it was Charlotte who appeared on Lizzie's doorstep to cheer her up rain or no rain. Charlotte remarks it barely drizzled.
* RunningGag:
** Lydia's list of why Lizzie is perpetually single, and Lizzie's confusion over whether it's real or not.
** Whenever someone questions the veracity of Lizzie's recollections, Lizzie responds, "I forget nothing."
** Whenever Darcy is introduced (back) into the story line, he'll either spend the first minute or so of the video mostly out of shot with his head left out of the frame, or off screen altogether.
* SettingUpdate: P&P in modern America, as a vlog. The Bennet sisters are now university students who are probably going need a man in possession of a good fortune to dig them out of the debts their family has. Mr Bingley is now a medical student with huge family money and Darcy is a media mogul's son and a hipster. Many plot points focus on the women's careers rather than on their love life and marriage prospects.
* SexySoakedShirt:
** Part of Mrs. Bennet's [[BatmanGambit "convoluted plan"]] is to ''stage'' one. It's supposed to rain and the jelly from a disgusting cake-thing would dissolve and it would stain Jane's dress...
** Lydia stages one with [[MrFanservice George Wickham]] when she spills water on his T-shirt, leading to him going actually shirtless ''on-camera''.
%% * ShrinkingViolet:
%% ** Jane
%% ** Darcy.
* ShipTease: Quite possibly the 2nd video of Maria's spinoff, for [[spoiler:Mr Collins and Charlotte]].
* ShipperOnDeck: Naturally, Gigi and Fitz for Lizzie and Darcy, judging by their tweets and Gigi's conversations with Lizzie. In episode 78, Gigi [[spoiler:orchestrates the infamous awkward Pemberley scene by unceremoniously shoving Darcy into the room and sitting Lizzie and Darcy in front of the camera]]. Her tweets with Fitz show that they were both in on it. They were using ''SpySpeak''.
* ShirtlessScene: Episode 45 courtesy of George Wickham. Invoked by Lydia. She spilled water on his shirt and persuaded him to take it off. He gladly obliged.
* ShoutOut:
** Lizzie describes Jane as [[MaryPoppins Practically Perfect in every way!]]
** In episode 10, Lizzie has to scrutinize Jane's face for more information. When this proves insufficient, she uses a [[Franchise/StarTrek Vulcan mind-meld]].
** In episode 11, Lizzie compares Darcy and Caroline Lee to [[Franchise/TheMuppets Statler & Waldorf]].
** In the Q&A, one of the names Lizzie suggested for the session was "Lizzie explains it all". This is perhaps inadvertently a shoutout to a website called [[http://www.lissaexplains.com/index.shtml Lissa Explains it All]], which teaches children about HTML and which has been around for over 10 years. (The website may have originally been called "Lizzy Explains it All"), or the tv show ''Series/ClarissaExplainsItAll''.
** In Episode 29, Lizzie bemoans her fate of [[Series/SaturdayNightLive living in a van down by the river]].
** Additionally in Episode 29, Lizzie advises Bing on movies. She declares the [[PrideAndPrejudice period drama]] a good call, but warns against the one with [[Literature/PrideAndPrejudiceAndZombies zombies]].
** In Episode 5 of Lydia Bennet's vlog, she tells about babysitting for the [[Creator/PeterJackson Jacksons]], who have three sons named [[Creator/ElijahWood Elijah]], Dom and Billy. Elijah likes playing "orcs and little people".
** Lydia describes herself as [[Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical "super-mega-foxy-awesome-hot"]].
* SilentCredits: Used in Episode 87, when the usual upbeat theme music would have seemed utterly inappropriate after watching [[spoiler:Lydia break down sobbing in Lizzie's arms.]]
%% * ShutUpKiss: Episode 98.
* SoundEffectBleep : Hilariously used in episode 8, when Jane lets Lizzie know that she will have to chaperone Lydia.
-->'''Lizzie:''' F...
--> ''(cut to chinchilla and kitty picture Lizzie had planned to show and a big beep sound)''
%% * SouthernBelle: Mrs. Bennet
* SpinOff: There have been three spin-offs, all run by the baby sisters of the show. They were all part of the same narrative and had different levels of drama and relevance to the backbone of the story, which are Lizzie's entries.
** Lydia gets her own Website/YouTube channel and creates [[http://www.youtube.com/user/TheLydiaBennet her own video diaries]] featuring her and her cousin Mary and their bonding, and later George Wickham. It's confirmed that Lizzie doesn't always watch Lydia's video the moment she uploads them.
** Charlotte's sister Maria's got [[http://www.youtube.com/user/MariaOfTheLu one]] as well thanks to an intership at Mr Collins.
** Gigi [[https://www.youtube.com/user/PemberleyDigital has one]] where she is demonstrating the Domino app -- a story-telling application with auto-editing and auto-uploading feature. This is happening while Fitz and Darcy are trying to find [[spoiler: George]], and despite being told not to, Gigi keeps trying to get involved. It eventually becomes plot relevant when [[spoiler: George accepts a Domino call, meaning he accepted the terms of service that allow Pemberley Digital to figure out where he is so Darcy can track him down and buy out his company holding the sex tape]]
* SpotOfTea: Jane keeps bringing Lizzie tea when she's distressed. When she brings also scones, Lizzie lampshades the trope by asking whether they have turned British with a nod to the original novel.
%% * TheStinger:
%% ** Episode [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45q4cggTil8 20]] involving Lydia.
%% ** Episode [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SjxwyaGB-pY 37]] involving Lydia.
%% ** Episode 100: [[spoiler: ''Mrs. Bennet'' shows up.]]
* SueDonym: When Wickham and Lizzie are recounting the story of Darcy and Wickham's past, Lizzie refers to the obvious Darcy stand-in as "Darvid."
* TemptingFate:
** Episode 59, when Lizzie angrily says that she never wants to see Darcy's face again and that it'll be too soon if she does. Ten seconds later, we see Darcy's torso in the doorway.
** Gigi proudly describes in her Domino demonstration that the app can auto-edit and auto-upload anything it captures whenever she uses it. The second demo video shows that Darcy is not pleased that she's talking about personal matters on the demo.
* TextileWorkIsFeminine: Jane Bennet works in fashion industry, often with fabric. In her first appearance, she brings Lizzie a blouse which she fixed for her.
%% * UndyingLoyalty: Darcy, as vouched for by Fitz and Gigi.
* TheUnfavourite: Lydia is mostly ignored by her parents who appear to be more focused on Jane and Lizzie.
* UnreliableNarrator: Lizzie claims her mom dressed her up as a spinster for Halloween once. Charlotte has to point out that in fact she was dressed as a witch.
-->'''Lydia:''' Rule number one about Lizzie's diaries? They're LIZZIE'S diaries. She sees what she wants to see.
* UnrevealAngle:
** The audience had to wait for William Darcy to appear for 59 episode, despite the fact that he was mentioned nearly all the time throughout the web series. When he first showed up, they revealed his torso at the end of the episode as a teaser.
** The fans were curious to see the ever embarrassing Mrs Bennet and compare her real personality to Lizzie's impersonation. Mrs Bennet walked in on Lizzie's filming in the last episode. Lizzie's imitation of her accent was accurate and the choice of generic outfit was spot on, but the viewers got to see only Mrs Bennet's back.
%% * ValleyGirl: Lydia.
* ViewersAreMorons: Or more like customers are morons. How else do you explain Collins & Collins's minute-long tutorial video on light switches?
* WHAMEpisode:
** Episode 42. [[spoiler:Charlotte accepts a job from Mr Collins and she and Lizzie get into a rather heated argument over it]].
** Episode 58 through 64 are the real DramaBomb, coinciding with the apex of the story. [[spoiler:First we learn from Fitz that Darcy orchestrated Bing's breakup with Jane. In the next, Darcy ''himself'' breaks into the series. In 60, he sits down with Lizzie and delivers his AnguishedDeclarationOfLove. In 61, having watched her video diaries, he ''apologizes'' for his actions and gives her a letter. As she relates in 62, this letter contains his motivation for breaking up Jane and Bing, and--because his actions actually make sense given the information he had available--Lizzie's opinion of him begins to change. Finally, 63 and 64 have Caroline return, get called out on lying, and be firmly planted as an antagonist in Charlotte and Lizzie's mind. No more false friends here]].
%%** Episode 73.
** Episode 82. Gigi reveals the truth about what went down between Wickham and herself. [[spoiler:Wickham was using Gigi for Darcy's money]].
** Followed almost immediately by the revelation that [[spoiler:Wickham is ''publishing a sex tape of himself and Lydia'']].
** Episode 97: Darcy shows up at ''Lizzie's house''.
-->'''Darcy''': Excuse me, Lizzie.
%% * WhamLine: Two almost right after each other: [[spoiler: "I'm in love with you"]] is followed very closely by [[spoiler:"...what videos?"]].
* WhatHappenedToTheMouse?: [[spoiler: After Gigi tricks George into revealing his details we eventually learn that Darcy managed to buy the website and prevent the sex tape from being realeased - but it's never revealed what happens to George, or whether he was charged with anything.]]
* WhatTheHellHero:
** Charlotte to Lizzie in Episode 42, according to some viewers. Though others would place Lizzie as the one chastizing the other one.
** When Lizzie finds out about Lydia's [[spoiler:sex tape she leaves her job shadowing gig to come home to ask Lydia why she did it (but then she finds out that Lydia didn't know about it)]].
** Episode 2 on the Pemberley Digital channel has Gigi call out Darcy when [[spoiler:it seems like he either won't be helping the Bennet family in their crisis, or will leave her out of the loop when he does]].
** Lizzie confronts Bing about his leaving Jane in episode 90.
* WhereTheHellIsSpringfield: Somewhere in California, evidently:
** Bing and Co exit to Los Angeles, pursued by a bear. Err, Jane.
** Pemberley Digital is in UsefulNotes/SanFrancisco. Fitz claims to have "a corner office in the city, overlooking the bay," and can see "two bridges" from his office, suggesting he works in the same city.
** The Collins & Collins [[http://www.collinsncollins.com/about.html website]] claims it's based in [[MythologyGag Hunsford]], California.
** Mr. and Mrs. Bennet go off to a Chanukah party in Sacramento.