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->''"It's a fucking exploitation film! '''EXPLOIT''' something!!"''
-->---Snob reviewing ''Elsa Fraulein SS''

Brad Jones is ''[[http://www.thecinemasnob.com/ The Cinema Snob]]'', a parody of [[TheMovieBuff snotty art-film lovers]] who hates every movie that isn't TrueArt. He naturally reviews mostly {{exploitation film}}s and obscure foreign [[TheMockbuster knockoff films]].

He also produces and hosts several other series on his website, including:
* ''Kung Tai Ted'' - Where he dissects classic martial-arts B-movie fight scenes as the titular martial artist wannabe.
* ''The Big Box'' - In which Brad plays Vic Dealio, a sleazy infomercial host hawking [[TheEighties eighties]] movies from the era when VHS tapes came in big plastic clamshell cases, co-hosted by the well-endowed Big Box Model (played by his ex-wife Jillian).
* ''The Bruno Mattei Show'' - A series of roundtable discussions on one of Italy's more infamous exploitation directors.
* ''Softly From Cable'' - So far his only show where he himself does not have a starring role, showcasing classic late-night skinemax films from TheNineties.
* ''Brad Tries...'' - An impromptu series where Brad (as himself) samples various novelty foods, particularly long-since-discontinued soft drinks, often with his wife and friends.
** ''Flaming Brian's Kitchen'' - Brad, Brian Lewis, and various others try hot sauces.
** ''Drunk Brian Tries'' - Brian Lewis gets drunk off his ass as the the rest of Team Snob push bizarre alcoholic beverages on him.
* ''WebVideo/TheHookerWithAHeartOfGold'' - A mini series that takes the [[HookerWithAHeartOfGold trope of the same name]] literally as it follows a well meaning prostitute who is brought back to life by a lonely doctor with a revolutionary robotic heart.
* ''WebVideo/EightiesDan'' - A sitcom parody where Brad, as the title character, reviews obscure shows and products from TheEighties with his roommate and neighbors, and a [[NintendoEntertainmentSystem ROB]] robot who has a crush on the neighbor's wife.
* ''Brad and Jerrid'' - Fictionalized versions of Brad and friend Jerrid do random things.
** ''Brad and Irving'' - Same as above, but with Brian Irving replacing Jerrid Foiles after they had a falling out.
*** Brad and Jerrid appear to have patched up their differences, as Jerrid has started appearing on Cinema Snob episodes since October 2012.
* ''DVD-R Hell'' - Where Brad (as himself) reviews failed pilots, educational films and TV specials that are available only on bootlegged [=DVDs=].
* ''WebVideo/MidnightScreenings'' - In which Brad and his friends[[note]]Occasionally dubbed "Team Snob". They also appear in most videos which Brad hosts as himself, like ''Brad Tries''[[/note]] go to see the midnight screenings of various new movies and review them immediately after seeing them.
* ''Podcast/{{Radiodrome}}'' - A pop culture opinion podcast hosted by Josh Hadley, featuring Brad and friends. Brad left in 2013, and started a new series, called...
* ''Snobcast'' (formerly ''The Random Button''), a podcast where Brad and (usually) one of the persons from his team (who also participate in the ''Midnight Screenings'') review a random movie found on Netflix or other formats.

He is also co-starring in ''WebVideo/NinjaTheMissionForce'', a series by DarkMazeStudios which parodies the [[GodfreyHoNinjaMovies ninja films of Godfrey Ho]] and other 80s "ninjasploitation" films. He wrote and starred in a number of independent films, including ''Film/{{Paranoia|2011}}''. ''Film/TheCinemaSnobMovie'', an origin story co-starring Glaser and [[TheSpoonyExperiment Noah Antwiler]] (along with most of Team Snob) was released on September 27th, 2012.

Man has the voice of a young JackNicholson, and is a featured contributor on Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses.
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