''[[https://www.youtube.com/user/RewatchResetReplay RewatchResetReplay]]'' is a general humor channel. Started in July, 2013 by Kash, Max, and Zane, its creator-base has extended to include Stanley and Tyler. The main videos posted on the channel are [[DramaticReading Dramatic Readings]] (featuring fanfics such as ''Fanfic/PokemonAttackOfMewtwo'', ''[[Fanfic/TheSpiderses The Spiderses]]'', and some works by Creator/HansVonHozel) and LetsPlays (with games such as ''VideoGame/HaloCombatEvolved'' and ''VideoGame/{{Pikmin}}'' being subjected to general tomfoolery).

!Tropes Found in '''Rewatch Reset Replay'''

* {{Angrish}}: Zane, from sheer excitement, during his ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' and ''The Seventh Son'' trailer reviews.
* BearsAreBadNews: Mentioned by Zane in his ''The Seventh Son'' trailer review:
--> '''Zane:''' Bears are like, awesome.
* {{Beat}}: Used in various dramatic readings when there is a large quantity of ellipses, such as in ''Fanfic/PokemonAttackOfMewtwo'':
--> '''Zane:''' ................................CLONE!
* BigShutUp: Zane during the aptly titled Webkinz Blooper: Shut Up.
* BriefAccentImitation: Used repeatedly by Kash, his favorite imitation being that of Creator/ChristopherWalken.
* BuffySpeak: Used many times, most notably in the trailer reviews.
* {{Fanboy}}: Zane during his ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' and ''The Seventh Son'' trailer reviews.
--> '''Zane:''' Oh my god this game is so good it's making me, like, hyperventilate.
* FlatJoy: Kash, at the beginning of the ''Fanfic/PokemonAttackOfMewtwo'' reading:
--> '''Kash:''' Yay, awful fanfic...
* LargeHam: Zane, during the [[Music/{{Queen}} Bohemian Rhapsody]] Lip-Sync.
* PrecisionFStrike: Max, at the end of the ''VideoGame/HaloCombatEvolved'' Bloopers: Sound Test.
* PersonAsVerb: A version of this with the Dorito Blooper.
* RageQuit: Done by Kash at the end of the ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBrosTheLostLevels''.
* RunningGag: In the ''VideoGame/HaloCombatEvolved'' Let's Play, Zane's ''SgtPeppersLonelyHeartsClubBand'' Skype ringtone. Also Kash's Creator/ChristopherWalken impersonation in other videos.
* SmashCut: Unintentionally used in early fanfic readings due to problems with Bandicam.
* SubvertedKidsShow: ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'', according to Kash, due to it's inclusion of [[BuffySpeak "blood and stuff"]].
* TestosteronePoisoning: The ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoV'' trailer review, to the point where even yoga is only for "hardcore" people.