''Series/{{Scrubs}}'' + video game references.

Jared is a major nerd who has just began working in a game shop...his life's dream. It follows his time working with his best friend/roommate, Dom, and his badass boss, Josh.
!!This series provides examples of:
* AntiVillain: Josh, to an extent.
* AuthorAppeal: The show creators are obviously huge fans of ''Scrubs''.
* TheDanza: Josh, Jared & Dom
* {{Expy}}: Jared, Dom & Josh are basically [[Series/{{Scrubs}} J.D., Turk & Dr Cox]] [[RecycledInSpace working at GameStop]].
* FakeCrossOver: The time when Jared summarized at the beginning of "Life in a Game".
* {{Leitmotif}}: Whenever Josh does something badass[=/=]mean to Jared, the "Press Start" jingle from ''VideoGame/GuitarHero'' plays.
* TheStinger: The very last scene of the show is [[spoiler:Chad the Gramer applying for the now vacant job at the game store]].
* TakeThat: To the fandom constantly pestering Jared for a second season - The DVD release of the series (Packaged with Website/ScrewAttack's ''Too Hot For The Internet'' DVD) features the "first episode" of Season 2, following Jared as manager of his own store! [[spoiler:It's roughly 3 minutes of Jared sat at a computer doing admin work, before he gets up and leaves]]. The credits then play, ending with "And that's the end of ''Nametags''... Forever."