->''"I'm Funky Monkey. Welcome to my House of Love!"''
-->--'''Simon J "Funky Monkey" Broome'''.

[[http://blip.tv/Hol-hot House of Love]] is a Video Review Show about the great, the good and the overlooked in entertainment culture. Featuring a mismatched array of movies, anime and occasional video games. Also comprises "Isn't it Time?", where movies with bad reputations are re-examined. Mostly this means a short Synopsis of the plot, interspersed with jokes, interesting facts, and other random Nonsense. The "second series" also features an opening title sequence.

Hosted By "Funky Monkey" (in reality a community theatre nerd named Simon), and Inspired by the work of DougWalker and Derek Alexander.

* VideoReviewShow
* CatchPhrase: "But oh dear..."
* MassivelyMultiplayerCrossover: The "Annual" Crossover, which can usually take place anytime from late January to early April. To date, only Transformers: The Movie has been done.
* MomentOfSilence: Whenever someone important to the review subject's plot dies.