''Find Makarov'' is a series of WebOriginal {{Fan Film}}s based on the ''VideoGame/ModernWarfare'' series and notable for ''very'' high quality acting and special effects. Details Captain Price and "Soap" [=MacTavish=]'s quest to eliminate the [[spoiler:decoy]] BigBad of the second game (and [[spoiler:actual]] of the third), Vladimir Makarov.

So far, two films have been released:

* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLmsiaN5dZM Find Makarov]]'' is largely a live-action retelling of the ''[=MW2=]'' ending, followed by a teaser of Price and Soap paradropping in Moscow [[spoiler:during the US invasion of Russia]].
* ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YSSsMVJE2oo Operation Kingfish]]'' is an {{Interquel}} between two first games, made with Activision's blessing, that tells of the eponymous assassination attempt on Makarov gone bad. Shows [[spoiler:how Price was captured by the Russians]].

The films themselves aren't entirely canon [[note]](fans had previously assumed that Price had been captured after the end of ''[=MW1=]'', and there's a ContinuitySnarl with Soap having his pistol in ''[=MW2=]'')[[/note]] but they're still fun.
!!Tropes found in this series include:

* BraveScot: Soap.
* CallForward: Soap putting the knife into Makarov's eye at the end of ''Kingfish''.
* DeathFromAbove: Spectre.
* ForegoneConclusion: If you've played ''Modern Warfare 2'', you already know how ''Find Makarov'' and especially ''Op. Kingfish'' will end. Doesn't mean they are not worth watching, though.
* TooDumbToLive: Frankly, the AC-130 in Operation Kingfish deserved to be shot down for flying that low near enemies armed with [=MANPADs=]. Idiots.
* YouShallNotPass: Price in ''Kingfish''.