->''"Thanks for your question! I look forward to killing you soon!"''

''Ask a Ninja'' is a WebOriginal series that takes a look at the image of the {{Ninja}} in popular culture. It was created by Kent Nichols and Douglas Sarine in November 2005. Since then, it has gone on to win several Vloggie awards and released several [=DVDs=] and books.

The premise borrows from the [[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner Strong Bad Emails]], and the creators name it in particular as one of their influences...though there's a distinctly ninja spin on it. There's no shortage of words that have the prefix "ninja-", and the Ninja will sometimes answer questions in a way the question wasn't meant to be answered.

You can find ''Ask a Ninja'' [[http://askaninja.com/ right here]].
This work provides examples of:
* AmbiguouslyJewish: The Ninja's grandmother.
* AxCrazy: And he looks forward to killing us soon!
* BadassSanta - Santa is a ninja and that is the explanation to how he goes to every house in the world over night. However because of the ninja code he is also...
* BadSanta - The Ninja says Santa kills children who see him which makes his clothes red.
* BloodKnight: Oh yes.
* BreadEggsBreadedEggs
-->'''Q''': Have you ever done any of the following: A. Ride on the wing of a 747. B. Use a boiling hot burrito as a weapon. C. Fight with an alien.
-->'''A''': Yes. All of them at the same time.
* {{Cloudcuckoolander}} - The Ninja himself; you often wonder what goes on in his head.
* DiscriminateAndSwitch- The Black Friday episode, he brings [[BlackBestFriend Al Thompson]] to explain black Friday and is [[WhatTheHellHero reprimanded]] for choosing him because he's a shopping addict.
* EarlyInstallmentWeirdness: The first episode was much more slow paced, with very little cutting, and the ninja being more ominous and stoic. In the second episode, the pace amped up more and the show became wackier like today. Also, initially the Ninja just wore a black t-shirt and a mask that was also a black t-shirt, but by episode 17 he had upgraded to a full ninja outfit.
* FourthWallMailSlot - The premise of the show.
* IceCreamKoan
-->''Question'': If a ninja kills a man in the forest and there's no one else there, does he make a sound?\\
''Answer'': If a ninja does anything, ''anywhere'', he doesn't make a sound. And if he ''does'' make a sound, it's probably going to be the last sound you ever hear.
* ImprovisedWeapon - Many examples; Gift cards, playing cards (sorry, ''working cards''), folded flags, a boiling hot burrito, [[NoodleImplements two cowboy hats and a walnut]]... Ninjas have a saying, "if you can't kill it with paper you cannot kill it with steel".
* IThoughtItMeant - Questions ≠ answers
* KilledMidSentence - "Can a ninja kill me before I finish this-" [[http://www.askaninja.com/video/4978180-ask-a-ninja-11-09-10 "Yes."]]
* LargeHam - Skewered with kunai and pelted with shuriken, the Ninja is indeed a Large Ham.
* LostInTransmission - [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IR68W56DCBU This]] episode, explaining how to kill a ninja.
* MathematiciansAnswer: "I'm a ninja."
* MajorGeneralSong - Modern Major Ninja.
** "Did not see the song coming, did ya? Well it's here, and it's here to stay."
* {{Metaphorgotten}}
---> '''Ninja:''' A ninja is not a one trick pony, we are an infinite trick pony. And it's not regular pony hair, it's like little snakes. And it's not even a real pony, it's a ninja inside a pony. And then we sneak out one of the oversized ears and we punch you while you're feeding the pony bacon. Ponies love bacon, not a lot of people know that
* MotorMouth - The Ninja
* {{Ninja}} - Well, ''duh''.
* NinjaPirateZombieRobot: [[http://askaninja.com/moviepitch Episode 47]] is built on this.
* OffscreenMomentOfAwesome: See SignatureStyle.
* OneSteveLimit: Throughly averted in "Omnijeff", where the Ninja only answered questions from fans named Jeff.
* PerfectlyCromulentWord - Anything that has a "ninja-" prefix. Bet you didn't know "ninja-" could be a prefix, too, didn't you?
** "Kickassery! That is a real word! You can look it up in the dicinjiary. If you can find it."
* PintsizedPowerhouse: Minja! Ninja so small they can throw a shuriken, and then jump on the shuriken, so they can punch you in the face while the shuriken hits you in the throat!
* RapidFireComedy: Very much so.
* SeriousBusiness - The creators reported they make roughly US$100,000 per month.
* ShoutOut: To the equally funny [[Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja Dr. McNinja webcomic]], when he recieves a letter saying, "I heard that if I light myself on fire, ninjas can't get me." The response was a sarcastic "Yes" and as an aside, the ninja whispered into a voice recorder, "Don't bother killing Dave, he's taking care of that himself."
** ''[[WebAnimation/HomestarRunner How do you speak so clearly with that mask on?]]''
* ShroudedInMyth/ MemeticBadass: PlayedForLaughs. Ninja often makes ridiculously hyperbolic statements about himself and other ninjas. He also claims that ChuckNorris is an ally of them.
* SignatureStyle: The videos are shot with a series of rapid, abrupt cuts and shifts of angle and position on the Ninja's part. This is explained in one video as being because ninja and other badguys are constantly trying to kill the Ninja while filming, so they have to piece together the videos from interrupted takes.
-->'''Ninja''': "Otherwise the show would be nothing but a series of thrilling fight scenes, and nobody wants to see that!"
* StronglyWordedLetter: This question in Episode 17, "Ninja Omnibus".
-->'''Q''': What is the best way to begin a strongly worded message to a retailer who has wronged you?
-->'''A''': "I'm a ninja."
* SuspiciouslySpecificDenial
-->'''Q''': "Do ninjas ever get lonely?"
-->'''A''': "You mean are there nights when I sit alone in a cave, eating Cheez-Whiz out of a can, naming my weapons and making little costumes for them, so we can put on elaborate theatric productions? (beat) No, I don't know what you're talking about. I've got friends."
* WeirdTradeUnion: Ninjas don't employ rabid squirrels because they're unionized and too expensive. Unfortunately, [[ZombieAnimal zombie chipmunks]] have proven to be a poor substitute.
* WhatCouldHaveBeen - ''Ask a Ninja'' was originally supposed to be an animated show about two Ninjas living in Orange County.
* WhyDidItHaveToBeSnakes: The Ninja hates robots. They have no splatter, aren't fun to kill, and electrocute him as he stabs them.
Thank you for reading this page, and I look forward to killing you soon!