'''[[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Angry German Kid]]''', also known as '''Crazy German Kid''', '''Crazy German Guy''', '''PC Lunatic''', '''Keyboard Crusher''', and a myriad of other names depending on the version, is amongst the most well-known videos on the internet.

The video depicts a German teenager (ostensibly named Leopold Slikk) throwing a massive tantrum whilst playing ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament2004'' on his computer. He starts out by shoving aside the clutter on the desk, and then pounds the keyboard & mouse and yells at the computer to start, because he wants "''TO PLAY THIS FUCKING GAME!!!!!''". When it does start, he cackles insanely, before screaming as he embarks on a shooting rampage, and then picks up the keyboard and bashes it against the desk when he wins. Suffice to say, several keys disconnect and he fumbles around trying to stick them back in. During this, he gets killed, prompting him to [[RageQuit howl with rage, pick the keyboard up and bash it against the desk again, before finally throwing it down, getting out of his chair and leaving.]]

Has to be seen to be believed. Everyone should watch it at least once. Chances are, if you're on this wiki, that you've already seen it, but if not, [[ here's one version]].

The video was confirmed to be a StealthParody (as shown [[ here]] by Website/{{Cracked}}). "Leopold" was simply an actor, parodying that video games cause outrages similar to the ones in the video.

There are countless versions of it; some with English subtitles, some without; some with [[GagSub Gag Subs]]; plus many, many parodies.
!!This video provides examples of:

* AbusiveParents: AGK's parents are usually portrayed as this in the parodies and gag subs.
* {{Angrish}}: Portions of it are untranslatable due to this.
* AntiHero: jumps between UnscrupulousHero, NominalHero and VillainProtagonist in the parodies.
* AuthorAppeal: AngryGermanKid82 often puts various references to ''Earthbound'' and ''Final Fantasy'' in his AGK videos.
* BerserkButton: Getting killed. But ''everything'', really.
* ClusterFBomb
* DisproportionateRetribution: Smash that keyboard because he ''WANTS TO PLAY UNREAL TOURNAMENT''!!!
** in the parodies, he usually bombs the school with all the innocent people inside after being mistreated by the teachers.
* DramaQueen
* EvilLaugh: When he finally starts the game.
* FunWithSubtitles: How the parodies are made.
* FollowTheLeader: Angry Dominician Kid, Angry Sims Kid and Angry Japanese Kid.
* GagSub: Zillions of versions.
* GodwinsLaw: Internet comments on this video are usually [[AllGermansAreNazis littered with Hitler references.]]
* HairTriggerTemper
* HotBlooded
* LargeHam
* NoIndoorVoice
* PoesLaw: Whenever a TV station in Germany does a feature about how video games (supposedly) make you violent, expect to be shown clips from this video without being told it is a parody, even if the feature was made after the StealthParody origins have been discovered.
* PoliticalCorrectnessGoneMad: What the video was supposed to be responding to, specifically censorship of video games in Germany.
* PsychopathicManchild
* PunctuatedForEmphasis: Translated: "Start! The! Game you son-of-a-bitch, I WANNA [[CarefulWithThatAxe PLAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!]]
* RageQuit
* SirSwearsALot
* StealthParody
* StupidStatementDanceMix: '''''Tons.'''''
* TrademarkFavoriteFood: Sausage eggs.
* UnstoppableRage
* WebAnimation/YouTubePoop: A frequent source.