[[caption-width-right:275:Would you believe he's 27?]]

Otherwise known as '''Phil Lester'''. He's been making Website/YouTube videos since 2006, is intensely adorable, and also [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} possibly insane.]]

He also co-hosts a weekly radio show on BBC Radio 1 with fellow [=YouTuber=] and {{heterosexual life partner|s}} WebVideo/{{danisnotonfire}}.

!!Tropes used by Amazing Phil:
* {{Adorkable}}: Practically the epitome of the trope.
* AmericanAccents: Phil is quite good at imitating an American accent. Not so good with a Texan accent though.
* CatchPhrase: "Hey guys!" As of late, LessAmazingPhil's has become, "Try new things!"
* {{Celeb Crush}}: He has a bit of a thing for Buffy Summers/Sarah Michelle Gellar.
* {{Covert Pervert}}
* CreepyChild: Phil may have been this, if his stories from [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXSThYs6F3Q The Rabit iz comin to get youu]] are anything to judge by:
--->All that was left of Adam was a pool of [[YouMakeMeSic bludd]]. The police came, and said they couldn't find Adam's body [[YouMakeMeSic enywere]]. After that the school was shut down, and the monster that [[YouMakeMeSic kild]] Adam still lives under streets. One of the man in [[YouMakeMeSic seuwer]] got hold of monster [[YouMakeMeSic fayse]]. The face was a mask. Under the mask was Adam's [[YouMakeMeSic teecher]]. After that he went to [[YouMakeMeSic prisun]] for life.
--->One sunny day a little girl came up to the rabbit and patted it. The next thing she knew the rabbit bit a hole in her neck and she was dead. Then the police came to arrest the rabbit, but the rabbit bit a hole in every policeman's neck and they all died. One day because the rabbit had killed all those people, the army had to come with their big tanks and shoot him, and that was the end of the rabbit.
** Phil says when he was younger he would stare at his parents while they slept with an emotionless expression. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sSwnkVe9g4&feature=player_embedded He was definitely a creepy child.]]
* {{Crossover}}: With WebVideo/{{danisnotonfire}}. All. The. Time.
* {{Cute and Psycho}}: Older videos showcase a bit of Phil's... weirder side.
* [[CuteClumsyGirl Cute Clumsy Boy]]: Says so in several videos
* {{Keet}}: He's like a walking anime character.
* HeterosexualLifePartners: With WebVideo/{{danisnotonfire}}- although [[FanDumb many]] [[YaoiFangirl fans]] are determinedly blind to the "heterosexual" part.
* ManChild: While an actual 20-something adult, he retains an almost-innocent essence to his personality.
** [[Main/LampshadeHanging Lampshaded]] by Phil himself in his [[http://youtu.be/XbtaJ0ORhIo LOST AT THE MALL!]] video.
--->"Can Mr. and Mrs. Lester please collect their 6'2"-tall man child from the information centre as he has lost you."
* NerdGlasses
* OneOfUs: Enjoys anime, Pokemon, video games, and Adventure Time, among other things.
* OncePerEpisode: "Hi guys!" and Draw Phil Naked.
* {{Puppy Dog Eyes}}: His default state of existence.
* {{Real Person Shipping}}: Fans tend to ship Phil with Dan, despite their persistence on the two not being romantically involved. The issue of "Phan" is a bit of a [[BrokenBase hot topic]] on sites such as Tumblr.
* {{That Came Out Wrong}}: All. The. Time. Don't forget he's a {{Covert Pervert}}.
** "You've lost one of your ball sacks."
* WeirdnessMagnet: Phil appears to have a tendency to attract/encounter strange, possibly paranormal things wherever he goes, from his parents' house to his own apartment to anywhere on holiday.