->''"A media criticism site with a deliberately vague name."''
-->-- One of the changing site headers

Launched in early 2013 but significantly longer in planning, [[http://chezapocalypse.com/ Chez Apocalypse]] was originally envisaged as a dedicated site for Team [=NChick=], intended to give them an identity separate to Website/{{That Guy With the Glasses}}. When the time came to actually create the site, however, Lindsay Ellis decided to expand its focus and make it a gathering place for the more analytical [[{{Video Review Show}} Internet reviewers]].
Series currently hosted include:
* Webvideo/{{The Nostalgia Chick}} (headliner, original purpose of the site)
* Webvideo/{{Vampire Reviews}}
* Webvideo/{{Folding Ideas}}
* Webvideo/{{Todd in the Shadows}}
* WebVideo/{{Needs More Gay}}
* Webvideo/{{Brows Held High}}
* {{PawDugan}}'s Music Movies
* Webvideo/{{Stuff You Like}}

Series formerly hosted:
* Webvideo/{{The Bunny Perspective}}