->''"Someday, I'm going to be rich, and I'm going to buy a fourth wall."''

''Triangle and Robert'' is a [[LongRunner long-running]] {{webcomic}} by Patrick Shaughnessy about the antics of a band of geometric shapes. It is [[StylisticSuck deliberately poorly drawn]] and utterly [[WorldOfWeirdness absurd]]. Due to its length, LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters and use of TwoLinesNoWaiting, there are numerous plotlines, but it has a central arc focusing on the heroes' struggle to SaveTheWorld.

Among the cast of characters:
* [[AuthorAvatar The Cartoonist]]: The narrator, and a terrible artist. (And he whines about the fact often, file that either under SelfDeprecation or LampshadeHanging.) Despite his apparent status as the creator of the comic, the characters often refuse to listen to him, and several of them insist that everything was better before the Cartoonist showed up and started poorly drawing everything. Needless to say, there is NoFourthWall in the comic.
* Triangle: TheChosenOne ([[RefusalOfTheCall he's not happy about it]]) and the OnlySaneMan. Later, his status as the Chosen One grants him ChefOfIron powers.
* Robert: A rhombus, BunnyEarsLawyer and {{Cloudcuckoolander}}. He has an amazing amount of MediumAwareness (his feats include starting a fire with his ''speech lines''), and can accomplish impossible feats by RuleOfFunny. He and Triangle are Wacky Scheme Consultants for hire. If you need to do something wacky, absurd, or impossible, give them a call.
* Cube: A cube (or a 2D image of one, anyway), and a secretive AdventurerArchaeologist. His subplots either uncover the history of the world before polygons became the dominant life-form, or parody spy dramas.
* The Cornersheep: A sheep (Or rather, a box labeled "insert super-intelligent telepathic sheep" mutated by electromagnetic radiation (Robert tried to hotwire it and steal it) who gained intelligence and telepathy. He employs various MadScience gadgets in his quest to TakeOverTheWorld.
* Orpuddex, the Pudding-Watcher: A ghost of pudding from beyond time and space, tasked with keeping lumps from forming in the pudding that makes up the universe (it's a long story). Triangle is supposedly tasked with destroying him, but he couldn't care less. A HarmlessVillain with occasional flashes of competence.
* The Sentries of Food: [[ChefOfIron Chefs Of Iron]] who embody the powers of the food groups (Vegetables, Meat, Grain, etc.). They [[WeAREStrugglingTogether tend to bicker a lot]] and [[LetsSplitUpGang go on sidequests]], but they can be devastating when they team up.

...and many more supporting characters.

The comic began in 1999 and finished in 2007, running for 2,513 strips (and 31 ending pages of 12 panels each). It can be found [[http://home.comcast.net/~pshaughn/tandr.html here]].
!!This show provides examples of:
* AdventureDuo: Triangle and Robert
* AlienGeometries: The Tater Fizz plant has a very strange corridor.
* AIIsACrapshoot: The Memphis Barbecue Massacre.
* AmusingInjuries.
* ATankardOfMooseUrine: Tater Fizz is the soda version.
* CerebusSyndrome: The strip went from jokes about how a geometrical shape can eat to an epic fight to stop the universe from turning into pudding. Or something like that.
* ChefOfIron: Cusine-magic, in any form.
* CookingDuel: Cusine-magic sometimes involves these.
* DeusExMachina: Invoked by the Cartoonist a few times.
* [[RunningGag Ducks?:]] Thanks.
* FightUnscene: Since the Cartoonist can't draw, most of the fights happen off-panel.
* HumongousMecha: One at the Memphis Barbecue Massacre, and another at the Tater Fizz plant.
* MediumAwareness: Everyone knows whether or not they're on-panel (and some plans hinge on the Cartoonist not looking). Robert takes this UpToEleven.
* NoFourthWall
* NoodleImplements: An essential component of any of Robert's wacky schemes.
* OddCouple: Triangle and Robert. Sane and crazy.
* OneWingedAngel: Orpuddex's Galactic Form. Naturally, it's always off-panel.
* RecapEpisode: The Recapulon
* ShoutOut: Numerous.
* TheSmurfettePrinciple: Linda Concarne is the only female regular.
* SeriousBusiness: Anything to do with cooking.
* SpotlightStealingSquad: Discussed In-Universe with "Prozac the Setting".
* StealthPun: One of the plotlines involves Triangle fighting things to recover a series of "Dragon Circles", which are lettered A, B, C, etc. When he gets to the 25th one, Dragon Circle Y, he discovers that's the end of them, there are only 25. "Somehow, avoiding the pun makes it even worse."
* StylisticSuck: In-universe too. You think that isn't possible with this series? Enter "Dot and Another Dot".
* ThunderboltIron: The Starham.
* WallOfText: At one point, an expository Wall of Text fills up an entire panel, driving out all the air and resulting in a character's death of suffocation.
* WorldShapes: Triangle and Robert's world is not a sphere, but a four-dimensional hypertaco.
* ZanyScheme: Robert's speciality.