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->''"The Wiki/TVTropes QC page is every single idiotic comment from my forums distilled into one HTML document."''
-->-- '''[[http://twitter.com/jephjacques/status/3756326459 Jeph Jacques]]''', the webcomic's author

''[[http://questionablecontent.net/ Questionable Content]]'' ("QC") is a webcomic starring protagonist Marten Reed, an indie-rock fan living in Northampton, Massachusetts, with an [[ComedicSociopathy adorably sociopathic]] [[RobotBuddy little robot]]. He runs into a girl at a bar, Faye Whitaker, a barista who's just moved from Savannah and needs a friend, but adamantly [[JustFriends no more than a friend]]. She then accidentally burns down her apartment building while making toast and needs a place to live -- namely, Marten's couch. Before long, he meets Faye's sultry, gothy boss Dora Bianchi, and they have fun, hang out, and joke around.

Then, beginning at strip 500, [[WhamEpisode everything changes]]. The fallout of a tense moment leads to a cascade of plot developments that defines the rest of the strip and helps start a gradual shift from having Marten and Faye as the main protagonists to having a full-fledged EnsembleCast. And then just when you thought everything was safe, there's [[WhamEpisode another major shakeup]] at strip 1800, after which the comic's science fiction elements, which had always been present, really begin to move to the foreground.

One of the most prolific and [[WebcomicsLongRunners longest running webcomics]] out there, with over 3500 installments over 14 years and counting, QC has evolved into a humorous ongoing chronicle of the lives of a group of twenty-somethings, as they deal with life, fall in and out of love, and maintain a healthy level of sarcasm. It would almost be a SliceOfLife comic if the cast didn't include a handful of robot sidekicks.

QC updates every weekday, with remarkable consistency considering that Jacques very rarely has a buffer and usually draws the comic--on live webcast--that night. Also has a [[Characters/QuestionableContent character sheet]].

Six print collections are currently out, featuring re-lettered and sometimes re-drawn (as the art has gotten remarkably better over time) versions of the first arcs.

Loosely connected to ''Webcomic/DieselSweeties'' by way of Faye's sister Amanda's brief fling with Li'l Sis and a couple of maybe-canon[[note]]Jeph Jacques refused to say whether they were canon or not, explicitly messing with readers.[[/note]] guest strips by [[Webcomic/SomethingPositive Randy Milholland]]. [[Webcomic/ScaryGoRound Shelly Winters and Amy Chilton]] have been spotted [[http://www.questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=519 on holiday in Northampton]] as well. Also, the AIs may have something to do with it, somewhere. Some occasional appearances of the cast in Webcomic/{{Shortpacked}} also occur.

Jeph has, as of September 25th 2014, started a second comic, ''Webcomic/AliceGrove'', which he sometimes advertises under the QC strips. During October and November of 2015 he also did a comic called ''[[http://dord.horse DORD]]'' which seems to have been abandoned.

!!''Questionable Content'' contains examples of:

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* QuestionableContent/TropesIToL
* QuestionableContent/TropesMToP
* QuestionableContent/TropesQToT
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->''"[[http://twitter.com/#!/jephjacques/status/73196546786729985 Okay]], I like one thing about Wiki/TVTropes, and that is the quote at the top of the page for QC."''
-->-- '''Jeph Jacques'''