A webcomic about the AnthropomorphicPersonification of several periodic elements, hand-drawn and then editted so that it looks less like crap. Some strips are of mundane life in the 3-income household that still manages to have budget problems, and others are about fantastic events that need resolving, presumably with the abilities of the elements. Oh yeah, and there are supposed to be jokes here and there. You can find Periodus [[http://Periodus.webcomic.ws/ here]]. This comic is part of ComicFury.¬
!!''Periodus'' provides examples of the following tropes:¬
*AllTakeandNoGive: Astatine (giver) and Gold (taker). Neither of them can stand each other, but stay in the household anyway.¬
*BigScrewedUpFamily: The household only functions because there's rarely more than three or so people in the same room together.¬
*CoolShades: Beryllium's oversized shades.¬
*EmotionlessGirl: Unbihexium.¬
*FacePalm: Hydrogen does this a lot.¬
*FunctionalMagic: The radioactive elements can levitate an amount of weight that increases as their half-life lowers.¬
*HookerWithAHeartOfGold: Astatine.¬
*JerkAss: ''Everyone''.¬
*JerkWithAHeartOfGold: Averted with Gold, despite the name, ironically.¬
*MadeOfExplodium: A pack of plutonium that was supposed to be used to test a nuclear reactor. Then Plutonium the person shows up, and, well...¬
*MeaningfulName: Duh.¬
*NerdGlasses: Vanadium.¬
*FiveManBand: Averted. Three of the roles are filled (H = Hero, At = TheChick, V = TheSmartGuy), but there is no [[TheLancer Lancer]] or [[TheBigGuy Big Guy]].¬
*ScheduleSlip: The creator actually revoked schedule on account of following it extremely poorly.¬
*ShorterMeansSmarter: Vanadium, the nerd, is inexplicably child-size.¬
*StandardizedLeader: Hydrogen, on account of being Element 1.¬
*{{Stripperrific}}: Astatine, considering she's a hooker.¬