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[[caption-width-right:230:God bless new roomies...?]]

->'''Yvan:''' I'll be honest, Gary. You seem to have quite the dating life.\\
'''Gary:''' Well ... it's mostly just a string of improbable-sounding coincidences --

''Ménage à 3'' is a webcomic created and drawn by "Giz" (Creator/GiseleLagace), and co-written by Giz and "Dave [=Zero1=]" (David Lumsdon). It started on May 17, 2008. ''Ménage à 3'' centers around the life of Gary, UsefulNotes/{{Montreal}} resident and (initially) 29-year-old virgin. Upon losing his old roommates Matt and Dillon at short notice (when they decide to become an official gay couple), Gary is desperate to find a couple of new roomies to pay the rent.

Things change drastically for Gary when two girls, [[ManicPixieDreamGirl Zii]] and [[HelloNurse [=DiDi=]]], suddenly start sharing his apartment. Zii, obviously perplexed by Gary's (unwanted) purity, declares that her goal is to make him more confident and help him lose his virginity. But life proves full of distractions for all three of them, as other characters and objectives come and go through the story.

The comic is a RoommateCom in SexComedy mode; hence it has a {{sitcom}} atmosphere overlaid with lewder-than-most jokes, with a touch of SliceOfLife style at low-key moments. Almost all the main characters, [[MrFanservice males included]], get their naked shots, and many of the storylines revolve around characters' sexuality or relationships. MenActWomenAre is averted, and even inverted; the female characters may nearly all be MsFanservice types, but they're generally proactive, whereas the male lead is a bit of a nebbish.

In short, it's ''Series/ManAboutTheHouse''/''Series/ThreesCompany'', just with more nakedness, and no Creator/DonKnotts (too much comedy of errors as it is--plus, this is 21st-century Montreal, so even the crankiest landlord is unlikely to object to shenanigans so long as they don't interfere with rent payments). Or, ''Film/TheFortyYearOldVirgin'' in webcomic form. The writers themselves describe it as an "Creator/{{HBO}}-style {{rom com}}," which, if you take "HBO-style" to mean "unabashed nudity," is approximately accurate. Most of the characters embody various tropes familiar from American comics or Japanese manga, though sometimes with personal twists; see [[Characters/MenageA3 the Characters page]] for lists of identifiable tropes specific to individual cast members.

Incidentally, this is constructed as a very traditional four-panel strip (the western equivalent of a {{Yonkoma}}); there are always four panels, or occasionally some double panels, but as the print collections are printed in a [=2x2=] layout, these are always located in positions 1 and 2 or 3 and 4. Also, the great majority of strips end with some kind of comedy punchline, despite the fact that there is a continuing story.

[[RRatedOpening Even the first page]] [[EstablishingSeriesMoment is NSFW]], but the site does include a [[http://www.ma3comic.com/strips-ma3/for_new_readers warning about that]] before it. '''The trope pages below should not have direct NSFW links.'''

''Ménage a 3'' now has two {{spinoff}}s: ''Webcomic/StickyDillyBuns'', featuring former side-characters Dillon, Amber, and Chanelle; and ''Webcomic/SandraOnTheRocks'', featuring [=DiDi=]'s ex-colleague Sandra.

!!''Ménage à 3'' contains examples of:
* MenageA3/TropesAToF
* MenageA3/TropesGToL
* MenageA3/TropesMToR
* MenageA3/TropesSToZ