-->[-Squid-]...aaaaand '''FROOOOOG!'''

Creator/AmyWinfrey's most recent and probably least popular flash series. Squid and Frog follows the adventures of a soft-spoken red squid and a dopey, deep-voiced orange frog.

In their songs and poems, they often learn [[SpoofAesop bizarre lessons]] such as "Don't use butter sticks as skates when you're at the mall."

!!Provides examples of...
* ArtShift: The episodes start off with the title characters as puppets, then go into [[UsefulNotes/AdobeFlash flash animation]] when the song starts.
* BearsAreBadNews: In "Cave", the titular characters wander into the title with plans of sitting by the fire and roasting a hotdog or two... only to end up in a bear's stomach.
* BeeAfraid: See the Haiku of Regret episode, "Pets."
* CarnivoreConfusion: In "Japan", Squid is horrified to see that the [[ForeignQueasine Japanese eat squid.]]
* {{Cyclops}}: Squid
* ADogNamedDog: Or rather, a squid named Squid and a frog named Frog.
* EverythingsSquishierWithCephalopods: Squid.
* NameAndName: Squid and Frog.
* ReusedCharacterDesign: Squid's design has been used in ''WesternAnimation/MakingFiends'' twice: in the 18th episode of the web series as "Janet", and at the end of the TV episode "Toupee".