[[caption-width-right:350:From left to right: Kaito, Natsuki, Emiko, and Mina.]]

Silk After Gallantry is an ongoing YouTube {{Fanime}} series centering around the mishaps of four teenagers, each with supernatural abilities enabling them to transform into one of the physical states of matter. The show specifically focuses on main character Mina Plasma as she deals with the strange and mysterious happenings around her.

!!''Silk After Gallantry contains examples of:''

* {{All Girls Want Bad Boys}}: Seemingly everyone has a thing for Kaito.
* {{Animesque}}
* {{Anime Theme Song}}: Both the OP and the ED.
* {{Blush Sticker}}: A permanent part of Mina’s character design.
* {{Cool Shades}}: Kaito wears a pair of sunglasses 24/7.
* {{Cross Dressing Voices}}: Presumably the anonymous voice actor for Kaito, as well as Willard Zenni as Natsuki.
* {{Friendship Moment}}: Mina and Emiko have this constantly.
* {{Love Hungry}}: Emiko really, really wants Mina’s undivided love and attention.
* {{Morning Routine}}: The very first moment of the series is Mina getting ready for school; however, it's immediately interrupted by Emiko.
* {{Noblewomans Laugh}}: Natsuki has a tendency to launch into one of these on occasion.
* {{Running Gag}}: “I LOVE YOU, MINA!”
* {{Screw The Rules I Have Money}}: Natsuki prides herself on her position as an aristocrat in society.
* {{Third Eye}}: Kaito’s got one.
* {{Vagueness Is Coming}}: Things shown in the background, as well as some cryptic musings from the characters, contribute to the mysterious foreshadowing that something will happen (or already has).
* {{You Gotta Have Blue Hair}}: Emiko and Natsuki.